Meet Olya Misik, the teenager defying Putin’s rule | FT
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Meet Olya Misik, the teenager defying Putin’s rule | FT

Moscow has been
rocked this summer by the biggest
and most sustained mass protests since 2012
when Vladimir Putin returned to the Russian presidency. Opposition candidates
have been banned from running in Moscow’s
local elections in September. And while the city
council has little in the way of real authority,
such blatant abuse of power has turned these polls into
an unlikely political crisis. Olya Misik, a 17-year-old
journalism student, has caught international
attention this summer. She has become a
symbol of the movement after reading articles from
the Russian constitution to the heavily armed
riot police deployed to break up the rallies. Does it surprise
you that Mr Putin and the Kremlin and the FSB are
afraid of a 17-year-old girl? And they have batons. And you have the constitution. It’s not a fair fight. The protests and the
heavy-handed response from security officials
have snowballed from an initial gathering
of 1,000 people on July 15 to a mass demonstration of
60,000 people on August 10. Despite around 2,500 arrests and
attempts to ban demonstrations, protests have now been going
on for six consecutive weeks. In the past few weeks,
Moscow has increasingly seen scenes of police
violence and protesters beaten in the streets. So talking to other
young people and people that I’ve met at the
protests, I get a sense that it’s becoming cool. It’s becoming something
that young people want to be involved in. But if the government were
to allow these opposition politicians to run, then
surely their protests would have no more purpose. Activists have vowed to continue
protesting until the opposition candidates are allowed
on the September ballot. And many joining
the protest say they are angry at a broader
lack of democracy under President Vladimir
Putin’s two-decades long regime. With his trust ratings close
to decade lows and protests popping up in other cities,
Moscow’s summer of discontent shows few signs
of being crushed.


  • Opposite of poverty Is Glorious

    Western propaganda machine always bashing China and when China defends itself then the west will accuse it of communist propaganda. Hypocrisy at its finest. A few years back when Russia was constantly being criticized by the western media Putin out of frustration had said that western propaganda machine was astonishingly powerful and wonderful for brainwashing millions around the world. In the near future I see China and Russia with their own international alternative version of search machine and video websites to counter the western propaganda machine. That day will mark a day for a better world peace and stability or else all nations except the US are doomed.

  • Damon Salvatore

    it's so hard to believe any Western media now a days…… you guys can sink to any level just to further your propoganda……Let Russian decide their future… even a dictator need support of enough people to survive…let them decide what to do……i would not be surprised if this girl is financed and encouraged to go against her government but i hope she is doing it with her own free will and not because she is getting attention from west and she find it cool…..

  • xavier guipon

    The policemen are nice. Check the french policemen. They brooke the eyes and the hands of the people. France is not the country of the liberty

  • powerful mind body and soul

    This girl didn't grow in russia, i assume by her accent that she grew either in france or Germany or even maybe britain

  • Michal Matas

    Olga, what did you do for your country and for your self? What are you complaining about. You have free education, roof over your head and you do not look, that you are hungry. Before you were born, Russia was bankrupt, now is economically strong. You should be spanked on your bare butt. You should thank to Putin.

  • eli shmely

    You go girl..! Who knows better about country's problems then a seventeen year old " journalist" student..?
    She would do much better with her time by going to the speech therapist and a dermatologist

  • samwell tayrlor

    Hi just wanna know what’s really happening in Russia ? Without being biased. Where im from there’s alot of fake news so I just wanna know what’s the real issue. Why would Putin stay as a leader and is it maybe better for a president to have a longer term to keep up with adversaries? Sorry for all the questions

  • kan cm

    President Putin is very professional and good leader who has had successfully developed Russia as a powerful country again.

  • girum dereje

    Yea yea keep up your propaganda 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Putin make is country great and powerful. The terrorist is located in Washington protest there stupid.

  • Simon Conlaund

    First, the large protest was combined with a pop concert so not really a protest, second even in the west you need to have a permit to protest, official location etc. Route if march is intended …start to deviate from those permissions and you'll get arrested. Fake news… Russia doesn't need any so called Western values or systems. Putin had been great for the country and long may it continue..

  • Anton

    This girl is the real reason why everyone wants to leave Russia. Putin should imprison her and force her to watch RT News 24/7.

  • Free Energy Education International

    What this really shows is that you people obviously have an agenda and have no ability to prioritize what is or is not important news, feh!

  • JaWa7o7

    How much she's stuttering. It's very easy to brainwash the younger population. Most of the people who lived and survived the 90's, know how much Putin has done for the country for the last 20 years within the current framework of
    Russian Constitution, which was drafted with the help of USAID-funded Rule of Law implementers. This girl should blame USAID for low living standards, not the government.

  • SamianHQuazi

    This woman is a hero!!! I read about her in the BBC World News. Putin is a murderer who slaughters not only foreigners (he blew up the entire Polish government over Katyn), he ruthlessly executes his own people (e.g., Colonel Lebed, Anna Politkovskaya, Alexander Litvinenko, etc.) because he wants to be a Slavic Gaddhafi. Her and Alexander Navalny are the true heroes of Russian democracy.

  • Hyder Rasul Hossain

    These girls does not have any idea of the 90s. Do u want to go back. Being a foreigner I was sad and scared to see Russia in the 90s. Please be clever and not to fall in trap of the west again. That was bad. You have got the most patriotic and educated president in the world. To destroy a country is easy absolutely easy but Putin took the open bottom basket and changed to a reference of the tortured people across globe. Please dont break Russia it's like breaking the world. Use your intelligence for the government and not against it.

  • multisphere1

    Nervous, disturbed girl . Two policeman grabbing one person at a time , is very carefully thought trough way of detaining the most active protesters. It’s not a police violence, it’s avoiding escalating situations that can lead to violence. It’s dealing with situation just in time . Demonstrations were illegal. They didn’t had a permit. Police had every right to do what they did . And they did it accurately.

  • Тралл Тралл

    Ольга Мисик – ни мозгов, ни сисек. Такая же политическая педофилия, как и с Гретой Тунберг. Использование детей в политических целях.

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