Meet the 1,000-lb Sisters| TLC Season 1: Episode 1| Commentary |  I’m So Conflicted | Slaton Sisters
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Meet the 1,000-lb Sisters| TLC Season 1: Episode 1| Commentary | I’m So Conflicted | Slaton Sisters

what’s the t renee here and welcome back
to my channel if you’re new to my channel make sure you hit that red
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every time I perform video and welcome back welcome back welcome back so yes I
am in the car I’m actually meeting some friends for dinner and so I figured I
would pop on here and do my video real quick in terms of my response to the
slate and sisters 1000-pound sisters whatever y’all I’m gonna be honest like
I feel so bad like I’m not even joking like I felt kind of bad for them to a
certain extent now keep in mind prior to them getting this show I was not like a
subscriber of their channels not individually or collectively like like
at all and I’m still not a subscriber but I am an avid TLC watcher of most of
the shows on TLC and so when I saw that they had an actual show on me I was like
man let’s see what this is about right and I’m not gonna lie it was so very
interesting to me to see these sisters like live in action I mean I’ve seen
clips of them on YouTube here and there but I mean overall I have not seen like
the gamut of their channels the extent of their channels okay
and if y’all see me looking around it’s only because I’m in the car you know
people have a tendency to look at you weird when you’re talking in your car is
if you wouldn’t have a speakerphone or if you couldn’t vlog or whatever okay
anyway so yeah like okay first starting with this show and then basically giving
you know how all shows give bass introduction you know telling you about
you know what they plan to do so when Amy was talking just some things that
kind of stuck out to me one was that I can tell that she really loves her
sister and that she wants the best for her whether or not she actually shows
that you know all the time I don’t know per se and so I can I will
honestly say I can tell that she loves and cares for her sister which is an
awesome thing right secondly okay so Amy is married and you know at some point
she made a comment like you know I guess she was sad and she was saying that she
was afraid that one day she would be as big as Tammy which is her sister right
and that kind of struck a chord with me because it doesn’t matter which sister
is bigger if collectively between the two of you you are severely morbidly
obese you know in my mind I just feel like no one is greater than the other
they’re both pretty pretty much technically in the same boat so you know
I get her fear of not wanting to be bigger but I don’t think I would have
said my fear is that I’ll be as big as Tammy one day you know I don’t think
that was a great that was in poor taste also the level of food that they have in
their house I think really blew me as well like you know how they eat of
course is just typical of a person who is gorging on food and and has this
relationship with food unhealthy toxic relationship with food because all you
ever buy is junk food and things that contribute to your way so that was an
issue as well also I like really broke my heart to see that Tammy doesn’t go
out of the house or hasn’t been out of the house for like six years other than
the two go to the hospital or go to the like I think that blew my mind as well
because you know hey well I think that just really blew my mind I wasn’t
expecting that I was not expecting that she hadn’t been out of the house in six
years I can imagine that there are some mobility issues I can also imagine that
because of her long list of both of them actually long list of health issues that
it would be relatively sometimes embarrassing to go out in public you
know people do stare people will talk under their breath some people are
probably bold enough to just say it out loud and not really care those are
things that they can’t not change but it was very disheartening to see that it
was even more disheartening to witness them you know being not necessarily
excited but being gun ho about getting this weight-loss surgery and confiding
that in their mother who doesn’t really give them a leap of confidence you know
a burst of confidence she just immediately is like I think you’re
chicken out of this I think those are the words that she used and that really
hurt my heart too because nothing is harder when you’re going through a
weight loss journey than having your family not support you or having even
one person that you really look up to not support you so that really hurt my
heart to hear their mothers say that and I’m pretty sure I hope I don’t know them
but I really hope that she didn’t mean it the way that they edited it you know
cuz sometimes I know these shows reality so to speak will edit these clips so
much they’ll make you think that a person is so terrible and you know they
may not be even half of the way that you see them on the show so I really hope
her mother is not that forward you know I really hope that she would support her
daughters in you know this knowing that they want to live and I mean even hurt
herself she’s wheelchair ridden I mean she’s older it you know I just really
hope that there are they are getting stronger support than that because that
is disheartening that’ll make you quit before you even start
so um that was one thing that stood out also I’m noticing how everybody even
even though it might be edited this way but everybody has even less faith in
Tammy’s ability to lose weight and I guess because maybe she’s tried so many
times before and failed I don’t know which people do that every single day I
know I’ve done it and so they’re they’re not really being more so encouraging now
I did like to see how amy ordered a lot of stuff from Amazon for her sister you
know in terms of you know like weight exercise stuff right even though they’re
really clearly very silly uh-huh because a lot of the things you know her trying
them out it was really cute that was a cute little scene but um I was very
happy to see that amy was supporting Tammy in her you know efforts by buying
those things off of Amazon just supporting her sister but I think
hopefully she’ll use them as well herself even though she’s not like as
disabled I would say as Tammy is but I would just hope that they could work out
together and do things together now I am very interested in seeing this show
progressed mainly because it’s just one of those things where those types of
shows are very interesting to me knowing that you know I’m on my own weight loss
journey and I’ve even considered in the past you know weight loss surgery even
went through the program and everything and realized that it was not for me like
it I feel like if you don’t have all these underlying health issues don’t
even go through you could just lose it you know the natural way and a lot of
people do it for all the wrong reasons and it doesn’t turn out the way that
they anticipated and so forth so no I would just do it the natural way however
some individuals get to a point where they’re so morbidly obese that they
cannot do anything that is going to really be effective so they have to
resort to only weight loss surgery to give them that initial push to get this
weight off so I’m really hoping the best for the sisters I’m hoping that they’ll
be able to lose the amount of weight that they’re
supposed to lose so that they can get the weight-loss surgery and I guess
we’re gonna probably see how things are going to progress over time because the
show just started I think that was only like the first episode so this is gonna
be a show that I think I can actually tune into just like I do you know my
600-pound life and see what are gonna be the trials and the tribulations that
they actually go through what they’re gonna be dealing with you know what are
gonna be the hurdles that they’re gonna have to face and get over and so I’m
interested in that I also really hope that Amy’s husband continues to be
supportive and by supportive meaning not an enabler meaning not bringing bad food
in the house you know so that it will be easy for temptation to bring her down or
even bring Tami down I also really have higher hopes for Tami because that long
list of health complications that she has going on it’s very scary and to know
that you are a prisoner technically in your own body and it’s causing you so
much strife and so much stress that you can’t do basic things like you know
bathe yourself or walk from one place to the next without feeling like you’re
going to pass out or those types of things like I’m really really scared for
her just like I would be with anybody like Amber Lee and I’ve expressed this
before in other videos how that’s what I fear the most for her like she’s well
over 600 pounds and I don’t know if she’s really going through with looking
into weight-loss surgery but what I know is she keeps getting
bigger and bigger and bigger and you know after a while you have limited and
I think she has issues already with her legs maybe she suffered from some some
level of lymphedema or something like that
so I’m just really praying for Tami and Annie both but definitely Tami because
you could tell that this is hitting her heart I’m pretty sure there’s so many
emotions that she’s going through it really broke me as well to see where
they had to weigh themselves and to know that you know it was a wake-up call but
it was also one of those things for them where it’s like this is reality and
unfortunately this is my reality you know and I get there I get standing on
the scale and not seeing what you want to see and being frustrated about it and
not only being frustrated it was frustrating from the start because they
can’t get on regular scale so when you have to go to like a junkyard or
somewhere like that and weigh yourself that more than anything will have you
feeling defeated before you even get ready to get started so I really am
praying for these sisters hoping that this show is done going to show them
succeeding in their efforts of weight loss because I mean I am really
concerned about them I am really like hoping that they can stick to it you
know I would hold that because they’re on this show because they are looking
into the weight loss surgery that somebody will actually do it and not
give up on them I don’t really know what the season is you know going to show but
I can’t wait to see it because I really want to see this success story and I
really hope it’s going to be a success story um so yeah those are mine like
initial thoughts about my I think it’s 1,000 pound sisters I think that’s the
name of the show but following the slate and sisters that’s my initial thoughts
about it and so I’m looking forward to following it and seeing how that goes of
course as I said before I do not subscribe to Amber Lynn or Chantelle for
you know foodie Beauty or whatever I don’t subscribe to either of those
ladies mainly because those are some serious triggers for me so if I watch a
video it’s literally literally through somebody else’s reaction channel when I
watch their videos and I have not watched any like for a week at this
point since my last video so I you know these things kind of come and go but
during my weight loss journey I’m literally you know following these
things mainly because I want to stay accountable I can’t be
like these type of people not that I have that type of character anyway but
definitely I want to continue to follow it because I feel like it’s important
even when I’m going through my own weight loss journey to follow it and see
the struggles of other people so I can you know have some relative content to
look at you know sometimes that’s helpful you can have all the people
around you to sing oh you can lose weight you can do this whatever but it
helps for you to see people and I there are some positive channels that I watch
and I truly enjoy watching with their weight loss journeys as well so I’m just
following all of these weight loss content sharing my own content going
into 2020 you guys are gonna start seeing workouts for me from me you know
I have to take you guys inside of this cycling class since I’ve signed up for
cycling right now I am still in Atlanta and literally in like two or three days
I am headed to Hawaii for a few days and after Hawaii I’m gonna be back in
Detroit and you know I’m gonna get this started and I got some great news so I’m
gonna be moving back to Atlanta soon which is my home so you know I’m
overexcited and my goal is to come back with mass you know maximum weight loss
like if I can so you guys thank you for your support your beautiful comments
lord knows I just adore all of my subscribers you know I do I love you
so again if you’re not subscribed to my channel make sure you hit that red
subscribe button and the girl notifications so that you could be
notified every time I post a new video and as always tea squad out


  • Samah

    The mother is the main root of the problem! Absolutely no excuse for what she told her daughters, she should've raised them better and controlled the food in the house, they would've at least turned out to be more functional adults, but she does the bare minimum and does not care if her daughters died tomorrow.

  • Samah

    Best of luck with your weight loss journey! I'm supporting you now! Each of our bodies react differently to certain foods, so don't be too hard on yourself if something doesn't work!

    I have been doing intermittent fasting about 5 times a week (more in the beginning, sometimes more or less depending on life and my cycle) since February and mainly lift weights (escalating in amount and reps, not just lifting willy nilly) and people started noticing about 3 months in and now it's the first thing everyone notices and how my body's composition changed. I still need to incorporate more cardio, but all things considered, I feel healthier. Not saying this is for everyone, but I do not think one solution fits every body; this is just what is working for me, especially since I have always been overweight and have been diagnosed with lipeodema (I've never been morbidly obese, it's an issue that I've had since I was 15 and only discovered a few months ago).

    Splitting this so it's easier to read; partially for engagement, just subbed to your channel! Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous New Decade! 🎆🎉

  • MissLeo814

    I'm happy you mentioned amberlynn. It annoys me how people say she looks smaller. No. Like you said she keeps getting bigger and now we see she even got to higher than tammy even though she will deny it. She has not been the same weight for no year.

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