Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Fight Over Bloomberg
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Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Fight Over Bloomberg

>>Meghan McCain and Joy Behar sparred recently
on the topic of Mike Bloomberg. But while it’s unsurprising that they disagreed
with one another, what was surprising was to see that the person who typically has the
wrong opinion had the right opinion. Take a look. I think you can->>Throw it down and-
>>Find someone was less Oppo, because he’s been in public office so long. I am so glad he’s finally gonna have to man
up and be on the debate stage, because I wanna see how he performs against the other candidates. And so far, he’s sort of been getting by on
just doing ads Releasing statements and doing rallies which is I think it’s a cheap way
to run for president. Because he’s opted out of all the primaries,
however you feel about the process. I think the idea that Mike Bloomberg is just
gonna sail into this and land really easily, and he’s just gonna be the nominee, and all
of these activists on the far left.>>Who said that?>>Well, I think he and his supporters in
the media are acting like he’s just being anointed. He’s an easy billionaire and he’s gonna walk
right in, and it’s gonna be easy. And some of the stuff I saw over the weekend
and some of the comments he’s made and I don’t wanna I don’t want to get in your way Sunday,
but I believe you have a clip that I was shown that is particularly at least problematic,
I think for most Americans. I think this is gonna be a lot harder than
he thinks it is.>>So she’s 100% right about that. So she touched on. I know you dislike her, but you have to put
your feelings for her aside and judge her comments.>>That’s not in my contract, I don’t have
to.>>Okay, well, I’m going to to be fair. Because when someone’s right, you should call
them out as right.>>I know, obviously, yes. She’s right.>>But look, she touches on the money issue. But more importantly, she touches on all of
these vulnerabilities that Michael Bloomberg has as a candidate. The racism, the sexism, the sexual harassment
allegations, everything. It’s all there and she makes a good point. Remember Meghan McCain is not a fan of Donald
Trump, so it’s not like she’s been an apologist for Trump’s behavior while condemning the
same behavior on the democratic side. She says later in the segment that she is
not gonna vote for Trump, but I think that she’s right and calling out Bloomberg vulnerabilities. Go ahead.>>Yeah, I wanna give her exactly as much
credit she deserves and a bit more, because she’s just absolutely the worst.>>Well, okay.>>And she’s the poster child for unearned
success and mediocrity, and all that all the stuff that we’ve made clear, and other in
other cases. Yes, she’s right here. What made it most jarring was that Joy Behar
who look, I’m like Joy Behar fan or anything like that, but she can occasionally be reasonable
and some of her route values are in the right place.>>She use to be right about a lot.>>Yeah no, I agree. But from what I saw and understand, I don’t
watch the view. Articles and little clips like this and my
only taste of it seems to have just totally bought exactly what Bloomberg team wants you
to believe about who he is, why he’s the only one that could win. And it’s like normally, Meghan McCain is the
person who sits down without exercising a single second of critical thought before speaking. But I guess you’re only allowed to have one
person at the table that does that on any given day.>>It seems like it. In fact, to your point, let’s go to the next
clip where things get super spicy.>>There’s a lawsuit The Washington Post dug
up where he was sued for saying, there’s a woman who was having trouble finding a nanny
for her child and he said, it’s a blanking baby. It doesn’t know the difference between you
and anyone else. All you need is some black who doesn’t even
have to speak English to rescue it from a burning building. But I’m just saying, you want to go up against
Trump and you wanna take the moral high ground Democrats. I don’t know if this guy is going to be the
one->>Well, all I have to say is there are very
fine people on both sides that was in Charlottesville. He said that removing confederate monuments
was trying to take away our.>>The moral high ground.>>Belittled the Black Lives movement. He questioned whether Barack Obama-
>>I’m not defending Trump, because I’m attacking Bloomberg.>>What are you saying?>>I am saying that you are a shiny sparkly
guy who’s surging right now which, by the way, everybody surges in primary politics. Herman Cain did Another-
>>Because he’s a Central Park Five. He’s guilty.>>Cuz he’s a sparkly little, because you
know what? I just think it’s so interesting that you
have a problem that we are talking about a candidate the way we would any other candidate. He just happens to be at the top getting the
attention right now, which is why we’re talking about it right now. What I’m supposed to give Bloomberg a pass. Not on this show, not with this host.>>I’d like to know who you’re gonna vote
for.>>Who are you voting for?>>Who I vote for is none of your business,
but I’m not voting for Trump and I’m sure as hell not voting for Bloomberg.>>By the way, okay, so-
>>It’s 100%, you’re a political host on an advocacy opinion show. Yeah, it’s kind of your business, everyone’s
business.>>Sure, sure, okay, but that segment was
insane. Like what happened?>>Yes, it was insane.>>And look, honestly, I can’t believe I’m
saying this and I wanna be clear that this is a very unique time when talking about the
view. Joy Behar interrupting Meghan McCain was not
okay. Like did not care to listen to what she had
to say at all and was super annoying talking over her, and I watched the full segment. We can’t show you the full segment, because
it’s so long. And look, I get the knee jerk instinct to
like immediately ignore what she says or minimize what she said.>>McCain.>>McCain, yeah, because we’ve seen some of
her points in the past. But what she’s saying there actually makes
a lot of sense. How are you as the democratic party gonna
condemn the behavior of Donald Trump when Mike Bloomberg has done very similar things? You have no moral ground there. You have no leg to stand on and why would
Americans vote for Michael Bloomberg as Trump light when you already have Trump?>>Yeah, the fact that she interrupted was
annoying in its own way, but that’s the show, I guess. It’s the substance of what she thought she
was trying to say. Like I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but
she didn’t think at all about what she was actually saying. When Meghan McCain points out all of the terrible
things that Bloomberg brings to this race and you just respond by listing off Trump
controversies, yeah, Trump is terrible. We get that. We want better. You presumably want better Joy Behar. She’s been saying that for years, right?>>Right.>>So all of a sudden now, because you think
maybe he can beat him. All of the things that you hate about Trump,
you’re okay with or the vast majority, 90% or whatever number you wanna ascribe it to
that. Then suddenly, don’t care about those things
anymore. What a ridiculous dodge to start listing those
and also it was so crazy. The point that sort of frustrated me was at
the end where she’s like you expect me to give me to give him a pass which is perfectly
fine, but she went on. And said, not on this show, not with this
host.>>I know, I know.>>What a low bar that’s been set for you
only by the fact that no one else in that table would do the reasonable thing, which
is criticize Bloomberg. She gets to like, ascend into the heavens
as his arbiter of reasonableness.>>No, but I mean, look, they created-
>>Everyone should be doing what she is doing.>>You’re absolutely right. They created the environment for her to shine
and she’s right in what she said.>>But don’t do that, don’t.>>Look, I don’t care. I don’t care who’s making the point. The point needs to be made. And if it’s being made by someone on the right,
on a show like The View, it’s important and I wanna give her credit for that and I wanna
be fair, okay? And look, I have been pretty vicious toward
Behar.>>I’ve seen it.>>In the past. So it’s not like I’m soft on her, but in this
case she is right. And the way they dismissed her, I thought
was troubling.>>And by the way, you’re so write to point
out that if someone on the right is gonna make the case and people who are not on the
right, please pay attention to this. Because right now, Megan McCain is if he becomes
the nominee, they’re all going to do that. They’re all gonna point out the same things
Megan McCain is. She is supposed not doing it to help out Trump. Although she seems to be indicating pretty
heavily that she’s gonna sit out the election, because she’s perfectly fine with Trump still
being president. Let’s bear that in mind.>>Don’t give her too much credit, but Trump
can’t wait to run against Mike Bloomberg.>>Right.>>Because he gets to Bloomberg gives the
illusion that all the terrible things that Trump has said and done suddenly, I guess
everybody does them. Trump is not some sort of unique, horrible
threat. It’s just that’s politicians. Now, they’ve all sexually harassed a bunch
of women. They all say that wages should never go up. They’re all racist. They’re all homophobic and transphobic. Let’s not allow him to pretend that that’s
the case. It shouldn’t be the case. It isn’t the case. We have candidates like Bernie Sanders who
as far as I know has never been accused of sexual harassing literally anyone.>>Right, I mean, he’s been accused of sexism. But I mean, we all know how that goes, right? They’ve failed to provide any evidence of
that and it’s amazing, because the same people who are defending Michael Bloomberg and the
60 plus allegations against him from women are the same ones who will make horrible accusations
of sexism in regard to Bernie Sanders, but refuse to provide any evidence of that. It’s just because they don’t care. I think this whole Michael Bloomberg situation
has been illuminating and is really shown. I think voters who are paying attention, the
democratic establishment doesn’t actually care about the issues that they report to
care about, right? When they talk about sexism or racism or homophobia
or transphobia, they do so with political gain in mind. They don’t do it, because they actually care
about offering reforms or protections for disenfranchised groups. There’s don’t.>>Yeah.>>And it’s so depressing.>>I saw that Bernie’s Press Secretary Brown
has been on the show. She was quoted as saying, Bloomberg is facing
more than 60 accusations of sexual assault and a journalist was like that’s not true. That was the quote, because she meant harassment
she said assault. And Jennifer Rubin responded, the Washington
Post opinion writer responded, shockingly untrue. But like he is facing six accusations of sexual
harassment. Do you not care about that?>>Jennifer Rubin just today put out a tweet
saying that members of Bernie Sanders’s campaign staff on the high levels are engaging in abusive
behavior on social media. And I asked her, can you provide one example,
just one? Cuz I wanna see what they qualify as abusive
behavior. She fails to provide a single example of that. That’s all they have which tells me, look,
he’s message is so powerful and his record is so consistent that they’ve got nothing
against Sanders. The only thing they can do is cry about their
feelings getting hurt. Look, class wars isn’t called class war, because
it’s class Chuckie Cheese, right? It’s not fun and it’s not nice, but people
have been dealing with this rigged economic system for so long. And when you’re having difficulty putting
a roof over your children’s heads or put food on the table for your kids, you don’t really
care too much about being nice on Twitter. Okay, so I don’t know what else to tell you
about that.>>Yeah, it’s also frustrating. They’re also fake. Everybody is so fake. Nobody thinks before they say anything, because
the incentive is not to do so. The fan bases don’t care.>>They don’t.>>Fundamentally.>>They don’t.>>Jennifer Rubin like the 60 counts of sexual
hours. I know that it bothers you about Trump, right? I’m sure you’ve written op-eds about that. If it’s anyone other than Trump, does it bother
you? Presumably not. I didn’t say anything in that tweet about
it.>>Well, it bothers me and it bothers us regardless
of who’s doing it whether it’s a Democrat or Republican. This is what hyperpartisan politics is and
it’s disgusting. This type of behavior should be condemned
even if it’s a democrat doing it and he was a democrat, what? Two days ago, Republican before that.


  • pink pearl

    I can't with TYT anymore!!! They hold everyone to a purity test. Their is no perfect candidate not in the age of social media. Everyone at some point has said something that is offensive to someone else, not just in politics but everyone!!! I don't condone what MB said it was awful but if you want to hold everyone to a purity test we are doomed to fail. You know who's not worried about " purity standards " Trump and the Republicans!!! And if our side doesn't get its act together guess what we're gonna get 4 more years of……Trump!!!!

  • Steven Leonard

    I usually agree with John but he is wrong about whose business is it about who someone is going to vote for. It is no one's business but your own whether you agree with their position or not

  • Gee Gee

    Hate the show, The View, women spouting their opinions and scripted content to promote conflict. This does nothing to promote the development of equal rights for women.

  • pink pearl

    TYT you killing me with the false equivalencies. As far as I know Bloomberg never said grab the pu$$y, had multiple rape accusations, cheated on his pregnant wife with a playboy bunny and then cheated on her with a porn star, called all Mexicans drug addicts and rapists, put kids in cages, owns the entire justice department so we have no rule of law, won't show his taxes, wont stop election meddling, goes to foreign countries to cheat so he can win elections, profits off of his office, doesn't believe in co equal branches of government, oh and just this week pardons a bunch of criminals, so on and so on!! But yeah, I'm sure Bloomberg is just as bad!!

  • Fahamut

    This is why the “blue no matter who” argument is absurd on its face. When that “no matter who” makes Trump the lesser evil, you have crossed a line that can’t be uncrossed.

  • Edward Noguera

    No, John, who she wants to vote for was tangential to the conversation. Joy tried to pivot w Trump comments without addressing Bloomberg’s comments.

  • timinitiator

    That was staged to make it look 👀 like the Shrew is really against Trump and She has sense now! After all the dumbest stuff she said that is scripted!

  • crowded crow

    Idiots on MSNBC and CNN try to bring up Bernie's 'trouble' with the 2nd amendment, that he's switched his position. That's the only thing they hold onto like people drowning. I have to admit, I'm really worried that even if Bernie gets more delegates than any other candidate, once we get to the convention the DNC will claim he didn't get the majority and they'll contest it and throw him out of the running no matter what. Can someone tell me there's a way we can prevent this from happening?

  • timinitiator

    Anyone remember the political race between Neytenyue and Rabin? We are in the same situation as they were as the other side is being whipped up in a frenzy and Anna side is being passive and peaceful! What happen then Anna?

  • Monica Pettiford

    wow! this is the only way i watch the view, if Anna reports the good parts. i cannot stand M. Mccain, she couldve said i dont know who im voting for as of yet, or id rather not say, ….damn i dont like that chick.

  • Hedgehog4real

    it was weird because in that segment behar acted in the exact same way mccain usually does, which makes her so appalling and obnoxious. mccain always interrupts when the reps are being blasted, with her whataboutism, and in this instance behar did the exact same shit. i'm thinking they are all influencing each other negatively and slowly morphing into one big radioactive ball of willful elitist ignorance

  • Rick Blanton

    Bloomberg is the Republican plant by the DNC to offset the downfall of Joe Biden. I'm sure Miss Mckain who is a Republican, is having a difficult time in promoting a candidate these days. She is not supporting the cult leader of her party, and will not support any Dem.

  • SN Manor

    Not sure that I buy that McCain won't for for Trump. IMO she probably will vote for Trump with the mindset that 'I'm not voting for him, I'm voting for the Conservative agenda'. Why Joy felt the need to go on this soap box for Bloomberg I can't figure out for the life of me. Why won't she just change her dogs name to Bloomberg. McCain making sense for once, who knew.

  • Kenric Corbett

    This woman has chip on her shoulder simply because her father lost a d wasn't President and she wasn't the President daughter to me she's the racist young woman I've EVER seen and not at all smart just a brat raised by a corrupt war hero or war crimes either goes hand in hand but she should be fired from the show cause she has fact in site just on her opinion she was raised and really think that whites are the greatest we get to work on keeping the white from exstinction. CAUSE they'll be the first to go LOL you silly NOTHING of a person just selfish thinking the way she thinks lol

  • Bill Young

    I actually hate both of these shows TYT and The View but I will give the video a like because whether they know it or not they are pointing out the problem that a lot of people see and that is the political bias in the media. Poor Ana tries to keep this dude on point as far as sticking the topic of discussion and instead of answering he can't control his hatred. He's pathetic.

  • Iloveswedes

    For the record, Jennifer Rubin is a George W. Bush supporting neocon, idiot. Don't expect for her to have any kind of moral compass. She never apologized for her BS. She talked crap about Obama, and she's always been a nutty right-winger. All of a sudden with Trump, she realized that she was supporting craziness. She recognized that she was Jewish and shouldn't support white supremacist Republicans. Now, she's looking at Democrats and trying to push moderates from that direction since there's no chance Republicans will ever move to the left. She's trying to help screw up Democrats. She's nobody to listen to. She's pure trash.

  • Michael

    McCain was right here.
    BUT… a broken clock is right twice a day.
    Good on her for being right, but everyone is right every now and then.

  • From the Hip

    Keeping people like Meghan McCain on tv in a high profile show seriously reduces any respect i have for the USA. There are far better people out there that can offer a great deal more than what she can.

  • di C

    just wait until you watch the 2/19 show with AOC. this show is extremely anti-Bernie. somehow, it seems AOC handled the consistently attacking vitriol from ALL the hosts – they are so pro-establishment of both parties. AOC was a bit too diplomatic but gave them arguments they could not debate.

  • Brian Nonya

    Bloomberg's rise in the polls prove two things. One, it's the money that makes the successful campaign, not the candidate. Two, Democratic voters are not all the anti-racists the like to claim they are.

  • Peter Sullivan

    This could EASILY be nothing more then REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY !!!!!! Having the people we NORMALLY disagree with SAY THE ACTUAL TRUTH IN ORDER TO GET US TO THINK THAT IT IS BULLSHIT …………. Tucker Carlson has been saying some very reasonable things lately too…. I REALLY do think this is a LAST DITCH effort to MANIPULATE THE PUBLIC THROUGH CORPORATE MEDIA ……… THEY KNOW THEY ARE LOSING THEIR POWER TO THE POWER OF THE INTERNET … Hence why there are sooo many BULLSHIT stories put out BY THESE SAME CORPORATE STATIONS in order to "muddy the field" and get people to NOT believe the TRUTH WHEN THEY SEE IT …. it is a VERY easy leap to TRY and fool people on these shows by flopping who has the "right " opinion therefore confusing the HELL out of those that don't have the time to pay attention … As MOST times I REALLY hope I am wrong about this …… buuuuut it KEEPS HAPPENING …. Look into it DEEPLY and see what YOU think .. I think it is worth THROWING UP RED FLAGS if I am right ….. The ONLY way we take away their "power" is to EXPOSE THEIR CORRUPTION ON THE INTERNET …. Seems to be working VERY well so far .. just see what you think about my "reverse psychology" theory …
    It ALSO seems as if pretty much the ENTIRE democrat AND republican party are WORKING TOGETHER against Sanders and the few OTHER INCORRUPTIBLE POLITICIANS .. Like the ENTIRE democratic candidate list seems to be solely concerned with STOPPING Sanders and TAKING TURNS TO GANG UP ON HIM … AS LONG AS SOMEONE BESIDES HIM GETS IN THEY ACCOMPLISH THEIR GOAL BECAUSE ALL THE REST ARE BOUGHT AND SOLD….
    Prove me wrong…. PLEASE ..

  • Renegade2786

    The US MSM is f***ing stupid. You want Bloomberg to go against Trumpy for presidency? Really, have you clowns not learn from Hilary Clinton that you can't beat a racist with another racist. Black Americans or Africa Americans would simply not vote in large number which would again lead Trumpy to win again. Trumpy won first presidency election by a fluke and now the MSM wants Trumpy win this year presidency election again by another fluke. What does it take for the MSM to understand that folks don't trust centrists. Centrists are basically right wingers pretending to be leftists.

  • James t

    I think it was more about the trigger words for joy. McCain constantly says things like blanket statements are dangerous, don't lump all repubs together but then does it herself continuously. So saying all you dems like this dude all you dems are ok with him i maybe would've reacted in kind. But hey someone who is seemingly in 3rd place speaks for the vast majority of us Democrats…. yeah ok

  • edward Lewis

    1. F**k you for making me agree with Meghan McCain.
    2. Joy's response is a perfect example of how the general election will go if its Bloomberg. Just a F ton of whataboutisms, and the crumbling foundation of any moral high ground.

  • TheCosmopolitan21

    Joy Behar talking about Trump and so praising Bloomberg was absolute non-sense, pure stupidity. Both are unfit for president.

  • Aaron Proctor

    I can't stand megan McCain's but I have to give credit when credit is do she did a great job point those things out and stayed very calm when behar attacked her. And I am starting to have problems with behar because she did the same thing when sunny hostin interviewing kolbarch

  • sweetpepper13

    I watch The View every day and you have to understand the context with which Meghan makes her comments. She will never vote for any Democrat. Never! In a previous episode she all but came out and admitted that if you vote for a Democrat you can no longer be considered a Conservative. Hence every time a Democratic candidate is discussed she finds a reason that they should be disqualified. Her only role on the show is to bad-mouth Democrats and illustrate how each and every candidate is unfit for the presidency. Yes, what she's saying about Bloomberg is absolutely true but if Bernie or Warren were the topic she would find something similarly disqualifying about them too so don't be so quick to applaud her. True to form as a Republican she acts only in bad faith.

  • sijjiin sijjiin

    And damnit! WHOOPI ! WTF??? You're REALLY not going to take McCain's side on this one? But Hell, you been shitting on Progressives all this time so why not just join in with another corporatist?

  • Pat Powers

    What gets me is how weak the debating game is among these mainstream types. They wouldn't last ten minutes on a social media platform like Reddit where you get checked immediately if you come up with a whopper or a weak argument. If Behar had been on Reddit and she came up with that weak-ass drivel about all the awful things Trump has done in response to McCain's point that Trump can use Bloomberg's record to normalize his own rotten deeds, she would have gotten something like this: "What? All you got is that weak-ass WHATABOUTISM? That's all you've got, bitch? It won't work, it'll be falling right into Trump's trap, you stupid woman!" Which is exactly what McCain should have said, but like Behar, she's used to not getting bitch slapped when she says stupid shit. These MSM types need to go online and learn what it's all about. And not just he women, the guys are just as bad. Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews would get MUGGED in an online debate.

  • Drake Santiago

    Behar's behavior embodies exactly what is wrong with the "Vote Blue No Matter Who" crowd. These people are so utterly devoted to party over what is correct, they will defend any action or comment made by a candidate that belongs to their party, no matter how reprehensible that action or comment was. If you "Vote Blue No Matter Who", in my opinion, your brain has turned to doo-doo!

  • Merzetude Joseph

    I love joy, but this time, Meghan made her points , and she made it well ! Let me just say, I love everyone on the View !!!

  • Merzetude Joseph

    Bernie Sanders have walked , talked, protested , and arrested for none white people when none white was not popular ! He could have done what most white people did during the civil right movement which was see injustices, do nothing , said nothing while enjoying their privileges , but Bernie didn't ! He joined the movement , and walked among the civil right leathers while he had nothing to loose !! So Bernie Sanders is my candidate !!!

  • Jacob S

    At least Ana isn't being a political hack and staying objective. McCain was reasonable here, regardless of how much I vehemently disagree with her political ideology.

  • nagla r

    Tyt need to understand that criticising democrats competing with Sanders is not helping the goal of the party to get to office. The trump presidency is an unmitigated disaster and as long as he's out of office it shouldn't matter to most democrats who gets the job done. I wish Bernie is the candidate to get the job done but at the same time it's important to back whoever becomes the nominee. This is how republicans win elections

  • Evil Dildo

    Those two are soooo agains the view but almost every week there is a video that includes part from that show, and in the way you analyse it is total gossip. And each time u have this subject on u have to both repeat multiple times how you do NOT watch the view not care about it.
    Btw did this 1 minute part of the view really deserved a 12 minute tyt analyse?
    I miss old tyt and i miss Cenk.

  • Tiffany Hall

    I can't stand that show and the people on it. That said, kudos to Meghan for shutting that loud mouth retard down! Joy has NO clue…she's the worst one on there!

  • Navywxman

    One of the saddest things I have ever seen is Meghan McCain being the correct one among a table full of people. That a moronic, spoiled brat, entitled, talentless, trust fund baby showed them up should make those other ladies look very hard in the mirror. But it is the View after all so keep expectations near zero.

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