Meghan McCain Is Just The Absolute WORST
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Meghan McCain Is Just The Absolute WORST

You know a couple of times every week there’s
some kind of headline about Megan McCain either going after the president or defending the
president or attacking liberals or defending liberal. Who cares what it is. Megan McCain, co-host to the view, has no
idea who she is, what she’s doing or why she’s even there. Megan McCain, to put it bluntly, it’s just
absolutely the worst kind of person there is. Let’s just be 100% on that. Megan McCain is just awful. She is riding a wave on her father’s name. She has no idea how she got there, why she’s
there and where she’s going, but damage. She’s going to write it to the very end and
that is the only reason that anybody in this country even knows who she is or how she even
has a job in the media. It’s because of her last name, but this past
week she went ahead and said something stupid again. She was on Ben Shapiro show and she made the
claim. In fact, I’ll just read the direct quote here,
quote. I tell women, conservative men have better
family values and they take dating and family and marriage more seriously. You know, these kind of blanket statements,
that one you cannot possibly verify in any way. This is not either. There’s data on this. It’s just such a BS line of attack against
liberals and it’s disgusting. Let’s not forget that would be 10 11 years
ago, Megan McCain herself was a registered Democrat, hated all things Republican except
for her father. And then suddenly once he started running
for president, she was like, Oh, I’m a Republican now. He’ll say, I hate all liberal things and conservative
men are so much better. She goes on to mention that she dated every
Dick in West Hollywood. She said in the interview, and then she started
dating this wonderful Christian man, conservative guy, cofounder of the Federalists. A, what’s the city? It’s name. Uh, Ben. Dominiqueh, I guess that’s how you pronounce
it. Honest to God, I don’t care. This is the guy who had been fired from the
Washington post for plagiarism. He had also a, was forced to apologize for
falsely identifying Supreme court justice. Elena Kagan as a lesbian and was exposed for
writing paid propaganda for the Malaysian government. And he’s a better family man than any liberal
that Megan McCain has ever met. Doesn’t he sound like a good family man? You know, when you come home and you find
that he bought you a new car. Oh, how’d you get me this sweetie? Well, I was writing propaganda for a foreign
government. I got fired for plagiarism the other day. Sorry about that. Yeah, real cool family guy, Megan. Great one that you found there. But this is absolutely ridiculous. I am tired of seeing headlines about Megan
McCain. You know, Trump says something bad about her
daddy and suddenly she hates Trump for about 30 minutes. Then the very next day she’s out there defending
everything Trump has ever done. Then the next day she’s out. They’re mad at him again. She doesn’t know who she is. Folks, to a degree. I feel sorry for her because I do firmly believe
that Megan McCain has been suffering from a very, uh, long identity crisis. I don’t think she is truly a conservative. I don’t, I don’t think she’s a liberal by
any stretch of the imagination, but she doesn’t know who she is, so she just goes out there
on the view every single day, says random bull crap, hoping that something sticks, hoping
that it keeps her name out there in the ether and probably in the back of her mind praying
that her husband doesn’t get popped for being a fraud yet again. And she of all people has the audacity to
say that conservative men are just so much better than liberal men. She needs help. That is what’s happening here. She is delusional and she still has no idea
who or what she really wants to be.


  • F. Bab

    her fathers name is bloody ISIS worst man ever , killed many innocents in iraq, Libya and syria . he was a tool for war machines , like bush or obama and trump .
    Meghan McCain is no different , she is a tool in evil' s hands

  • Lacresa Johnson - Brown

    I really don’t understand the statement Meghan McCain made. You see, that good old republican father of hers cheated on his first wife with Meghan’s mother, left the first wife then divorced her for Cindy (Meghan’s mother). It’s like the old saying, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.

  • Douglas Hogg

    I’ve watched the view a couple of times, Megan McCain strikes me as a person who doesn’t understand how privileged a life she has. She spouts every Republican talking point: on Medicare, Social Security, immigration, without one thought about it’s implications.

  • D E

    Republican Princess
    Never accomplished one thing by herself. “My father” this. “My father” that. She’s Ivanka with a better dad. But she’s no better than Ivanka. Horrid person.

  • Steven Sprouse

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that with the right make-up she would look identical to Divine (the transvestite) from John Waters "Pink Flamingos" ? Ouch. Give her some liver 😂😂

  • Jim Murph

    Honestly I don't know how you Yanks put up with it all, the world has to admire your resilience (after you wade through the stupid aspect of America.)

  • lnsflare1

    Didn't John McCain's daughter's father, John McCain, cheat on his wife while the latter was in the hospital for major injuries?

  • Free Thinker

    Does she mean like the conservatives we have in the white house now?! Like those corrupt, lying, treasonous, criminal, racist, conservatives their now! Like the conservatives supporting, enabling and defending Trump! Like all those conservative Christians kissing Trump's ass?! Like those conservatives attending the Trump Klan rallies? Like those conservative burning crosses in peoples front yards? Are those the conservatives she's talking about?! Satan would be a better choice than them!

  • Cindy Lloyd

    GOP would prefer only two types of women: unhinged bimbos and Stepford Wives. Her father-in-law, Doug Domenech, was being investigated on ethics charges. If conservative family values are represented by the men in her life, then she truly is an unhinged, Stepford bimbo.

  • tracieMac

    She's someone who doesn't want to pay taxes. That's all she is. She'll support and say whatever she needs to , to keep her grift and her money she didn't earn.

  • Fahim Ahmad

    Ann Coulter has rallied as a white supremacist and wailed against democrats & liberals & minority groups her entire career…and yet her dating history is full of democrats & liberal men…She's a deplorable phony; fake as a 3 dollar bill! I don't know what's worse – a lesbian pretending to be straight for the benefit of 'being normal', or a woman who pretends to be lesbian in public for the attention & hype…

  • kittens2 Veternick

    TRUMPY!!-Is-a DemocRAT+ Playing-Conservative!!!!-&- BAD-Men/Come-from/Everywhere/PPl–Some/R/Foreigner's-&-LOSER/BIMBO'S/TOO!!!!…

  • claude ghendrih

    That was the most honest and relevant take on poor Meghan I ever heard , the whole show is about females being somewhat pardonably and charmingly clueless and hence offering an easy redemptory " out" for the US male dominated culture , but she indeed is the only truly lost one on the panel .

  • Ana Villalta

    Most conservatives are not even conservatives whatsoever. They demand their mistresses to get abortions, some cheat of their wives while they're dying from cancer. Some very Christian conservatives rape kids

  • Maryanne Ratema

    meggie mack truck mccain is the most dumbest b***h on God's green earth, I use to watch the view all the time. I just can't be bothered now because she's on it. Producers must be really desperate to have meggie still blabbering on. The rest of the panel are cool, keep giving meggie a hard time joy, luv ya to bits😂😁😂

  • Smoky Mountain Modeler

    I used to be a fan of Ms. Goldberg. But she has gone round the bend by hiring Meghan. She is the epitome of the proverbial ditsy blonde.

  • Stu_Lopher

    I'm English, thousands of miles away on the other side of the Pond (with our own shit going on) but whilst abhorrent, Meghan McCain is far less politically and morally toxic than the likes of Jeanine Pirro and Laura Ingraham; purely BECAUSE she doesn't have a consistent message. She's more benign – annoying as f*ck, granted, but more like a fruit fly than a malaria-carrying mosquito.

  • Brad king

    Conservative men like Trump and Epstein? Sexual Predators.
    Conservative men like Trump, McConnell and Barr? Corrupt.
    They're hypocrites.
    Maybe Megak#nt is only attractive to conservatives because every other man on earth thinks she's a complete and utter biznitch.
    She's like a bisexual when it comes to politics. DOESN'T know what side of the fence she's jumping from one day to the next.

  • Joe Kherr

    To conservatives, "family values" is just another method of control.

    If they don't support their LGBTQ children, don't care about all those oh-so-precious fetuses or the mother that birthed them the second after they're born, don't have a problem with kids dying in cages, don't do anything to help struggling families stay together, or if they actively tear them apart with absolutely no intention of reuniting them, ever? They don't have any fucking "family values."

  • Aaron Barrett

    Which is why more “conservatives” are caught in affairs, have more divorces, watch more porn, have more kids out of wedlock, more teen pregnancy, and we can go on and on. We have data on this information, Meghan.

    Just to be clear, I believe the study was on those who describe themselves as born again Christians but I would say most of them identified as conservative.

  • TheBluearmy33

    Meghan needs a hobby in between raiding her fridge eating everything in sight. Maybe stuff some hamberders in her big mouth and shut her fat ass up.😂

  • djrbmm

    Fuck you Farron, all you like to do is talk about Meghan McCain, do you really have nothing better to do then to constantly attack a woman who just lost her father?

  • Ene Obande

    100%..somebody send this video to her. She needs to see this as she lacks insight. She is a typical Republican, dirty, corrupt and soul less.

  • Mamma Roma

    So, I guess she forgot that her old man scarpered on his first wife when he came home from being a POW and found she had lost her original appeal, and this after he stole her from his best friend, and his kids too. She must know here Mother and Father were personas non grata in the Regan WH. Nancy wouldn't let Cindy even get to the front gate. It was Nancy who gave the first wife a job when McCain abandoned her for a woman 17 years younger than himself. So, don;t preach to me about Republican men you stupid cow. I can't watch the View, not only because I was an actual working woman who was at my desk everyday, I can't watch it because Barbara Walters insisted on promoting this idiocy from the beginning by installing a succession of dumb little Republican GIRLS who were never peers of the rest of the table, by that I mean GROWN UP. To be fair… Abby Huntsman too? Really?

  • beth gleason

    Who cares? I don't want to see her face or hear her name again. She is not news. Stop playing into her craving for fame.

  • Kim McDonagh

    The Rational National guy had best summary of Megan McCain ever:

    How dare an uninformed elite who has had everything handed to her, use her position to spread lies about how poor & struggling people can't / shouldn't have what was given to her (unearned)!

  • RunFor OurLives

    Conservative family used to have less divorces … but it doesn’t mean they are happier than other families.

    You can be married and miserable. Staying in a abusive relationship isn’t something we want to endorse.

    Conservatives and liberals are equally flawed when it comes to families and relationships.

    Divorce rates in Canada/US is like 50%. That already tells you there are plenty troubled relationships in both liberals and conservative families.

  • Jacko Here

    Meagain McVain-perfect example of an entitled spoilt rich brat with no real life experiences outside of the wealthy bubble she has been in all her life and an at best average intelligence.Yet here she living off her daddy's name being very well paid for her "views" which are obviously not researched at all just whatever comes into her mind at the time.
    As my father used say " Tis a strange world at times".

  • Wayne Such

    Maybe she should go and sit beside her father's grave, ask him what she should do. John McCain, one of the rare heroes of the Senate, let alone the USA, would have spoken out against Trump very LOUDLY.

  • Katie Adams

    Um, liberals believe in maternity leave, free public education and college, free healthcare, yet conservatives don't believe in those things, so what exactly are conservative "family values"?

  • Nikki Beacth

    No bowers can relate to this woman. She never had to endure any sort of hardships growing up. She never had to worry about a power bill that was approaching and that the groceries are almost gone and the fridge is getting empty and the rent is coming. She is a privileged air head that has nothing to show for other than her father’s last name.

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