Message to Jeff Sessions: The 10th Amendment is Valid Too!
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Message to Jeff Sessions: The 10th Amendment is Valid Too!

Hi it’s Michael Boldin, Tenth Amendment Center. So once again Jeff Sessions has proven to us that he is no friend of the
Constitution. Earlier today ABC News released a video where a DOJ intern
asked Sessions why he supposedly is so lax on gun control laws but still
wanted to aggressively enforce the federal marijuana prohibition. In
response sessions in essence laughed it off then cited a medical association
saying that marijuana isn’t safe and went on to say that he intends to defend
the Second Amendment and that the Second Amendment is just as valid as the First
Amendment. But here’s the thing, the Tenth Amendment is valid too. It’s as valid as
the second, the first, and the rest. Under the Constitution, the founders
never intended for the federal government to have the power to ban a
plant or a gun for that matter. And because Jeff Sessions is more dedicated
to his personal policy preferences than he is to the Constitution, his views are
just as dangerous as the gun control supporting student who challenged him. By
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