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Met Gala Fashion, 3D Printed Gowns, YouTuber Intervention 🔴 SEWING REPORT LIVE

hey everybody it’s Sunday night and
where are you guys you’re right here for Sewing Report live we have a lot a lot to
talk about I’ve jam-packed this hour we are gonna
chat about the Met Gala there’s also been a couple really cool stories I saw
around and there’s been a sewing update on our friend Craig Conover from
southern charm so I’m very excited we’re doing things a little bit differently
this week I try to schedule this stream ahead of time if that’s something you
like let me know if you didn’t like it also let me know it was a bit tricky to
set up and I feel like I’m gonna mess this up somehow but for now we are here
okay so the first thing on Monday there was the Met Gala it’s like this very
fancy event in New York City that is put on by Vogue and Anna Wintour’s like sort
of in charge of it I guess she like yes or nays the guest
list lots of really important people there and the fashion is always super
open at the top so that’s why I thought this was a very injury like I was
checking out the fashions and I wanted to highlight some of the stuff I saw
cause it was kind of crazy so let’s go to the slideshow cuz I thought it was
kind of kind of nuts now for for copyright reasons we are going to be out
can I say this I’m not gonna be full screening this but dope we’re gonna take
a look at some of the outfits I think the fashion that this thing is pretty
I’m gonna say kind of bizarre maybe you know this year if they always have like
a theme like it could be like fantasy it could be I guess like one year they’ve
kind of like a religion theme this year it’s called camp notes on fashion and
that and I guess camp means like really over-the-top really exaggerated so I saw
some outfits all right let’s see so this is Lady Gaga and she had like a bunch of
different looks this one is sort of like a like a bizarro Mary Poppins I guess
she also had one where she was like dressed like kind of like a like a
stripper or something she was in like her bra and underwear so
lots of very unique looks now I love Lady gaga her fashion
I don’t always quite understand she’s always kind of going for it so yes so
this is her I guess she went from like governess for a
European family to this very bold choice not sure if that’s something I would go
with but it’s Lady gaga she wears dresses made of meat so what do you what
are you gonna do let’s see this okay I’m not really sure who these okay this is
Oh Harry’s okay and there’s a thing at the bottom telling me who these people
are I don’t know who everyone is this is Harry Styles in Gucci and Alessandro
Michelle don’t really know who that is I mean I kind of like the tops they have
on that’s something I you know like the ruffles I actually the Harry shirt on
the Left that’s something I kind of want for myself so that’s interesting the
headpiece on the guy on the right don’t know much about that but it’s it’s very
it’s very interesting okay Serena Williams and her husband Alexis
Ohanian now if you don’t know alexis is the founder of the co-founder of Reddit
and they actually met in a super cute way if you have not seen their story
it’s very very sweet and very cool and I think there are super-cute couple I
really I like her dress I think her dress is very feminine I
really like the color I think it works for and I do I do like this outfit I
will say though when I was watching this I like red carpet coverage
I thought 90% of the outfits just to me seemed like I know they’re supposed to
be over-the-top but they seemed just like I I I was just scratching my head
cuz I didn’t really know what to do with with these thoughts so some of them I
was like yeah I don’t I don’t know about this stuff okay oh this one was one of
the more unique outfits this is Jared Leto you know from my so-called life and
I don’t know what he’s been up to lately but apparently getting an outfit made
that makes him look like some sort of like Renaissance type dude and the bet
like he kind of looks like he’s an extra on Game of Thrones like as one of the
Lords or something and he’s carrying his own head head you know what if he had
gotten more creative though I think he could have made that into a handbag
that would have been a little more interesting this was certainly a unique
outfit he’s really going for the the like long hair don’t care luck and I
didn’t know it I almost feel like he’s channeling Jesus to like his with the
hair now if it’s definitely not right but this is yeah I mean this is this is
pretty pretty strange um all right next up is this is Billy Porter and he had
like a bunch of people carrying him in on like a like a chair so that was kind
of interesting this is Jordan Roth don’t really know who that is
aquafina so I just wanted to show you some of the outfits this is aquaria
again I’m I’m not familiar with some of these people Ryan Murphy and Christian
Siriano Oh Celine Dion I’m kind of liking that she looks like a Vegas
showgirl and clearly that is something she has experience with because she did
up a residency in Vegas this is our girl Rachel Brosnahan from the what marvelous
mrs. Mazal I kind of like the dress I don’t know about the bows on the front
but I think I kind of saw where she was going with that I suppose I don’t know
all right and we’ve got Regina Hall I’m trying to find some of the more I’m
gonna skip over these people Kylie Jenner so if you go to the vogue if you
go to the vogue YouTube channel which I was kind of perusing this week they
actually had a lot of really cool feature rats on the fashion of the Met
Gala and one of the videos they had was Kylie Jenner and she was kind of going
through the process of getting her dress her dress made this is Versace and she
like and they did this for a lot of celebrities as they would go behind the
scenes and you actually saw these dresses being all in outfits being
altered there were a bunch of seamstresses there so there were there
are a lot of really cool video is just about
the process and about the designs and about how their other s’s are made and I
think for fashion that’s and for us as people who so I thought that was a
really neat look at how these things come together a lot of these dresses
required hundreds of hours of work obviously these are super expensive and
custom-made for all of these very very high-profile people but I really I gotta
say though I think Kylie has a really interesting fashion sense and I like the
feathers and the sleeves I’m a fan of the sleeves so alright that is Cara
Delevingne and her sister Kendall actually had a really cool sort of
complimentary dress that was Orange alright this is Lana Condor again have
these people I’m not really familiar with them so I’m gonna try to skip ahead
to the people who Alexander Skarsgard True Blood pretty little la terre what
was a big Lou is it big a little lot wait I watched the show big little lies
I cannot say that yeah he was one of my favorite characters on True Blood you
know me Scott not familiar Billie lourd okay Carrie Fisher’s daughter but if you
were kind of checking out this coverage let me know hooch outfit did you think
kind of stuck out is good or bad or like what do you guys think okay and we’re
gonna go into this but I do encourage you check out the Vogue youtube channel
because they have some really great feature behind the scene features on how
this stuff comes together and they were very they were just super cool alright
let me try to find the okay here’s the YouTube channel hold on a second we’re
gonna go that we’re gonna go there and I hope I’m I haven’t really checked the
comments yet but if you are here let me know where you’re watching from and are
you guys having a good week hat oh yes and happy Mother’s Day to everyone out
there I spent the day with my mom yesterday because I knew I had to do
this today so we had a great day and we we had dinner and we watched a movie so
okay and at the end I’m gonna be answering questions reading comments and
we will get to our Instagram shoutouts so if you guys haven’t been to the vogue
YouTube channel I don’t get like Vogue magazine or
anything like that but I did think that the I did really like the
behind-the-scenes features I thought those were really cool so yes you can
see like Lady Gaga’s looks like oh she she’s a youtuber and I saw my favorites
I think Wow ooh some of my favorites were Kylie Jenner and then which I
watched Kim Kardashian she had a dress that looked like it was wet which was
very unique and then you know I just thought it was kind of neat that they
actually did this whole series on all of the the outfits and they kind of follow
people around it gave good insight on the design process and I just thought
that was really pretty cool another person I don’t know if you guys have
been following other youtubers but JLo and her fiance a rod have been vlogging
and they’ve been putting together some really like bum vlogs so JLo did a whole
video on her Met Gala outfit and also like the process that it takes to like
the process that it takes her to get all this together and I would highly
recommend to her vlogs and also a rods vlog kind of they kind of bookend like
they’ll do the same event and then they’ll have one they’ll have like a
vlog on Alex’s Channel and a vlog on Jennifer’s Channel and they’re really
well done and Alex did one on the auskey one on the Oscars showing like
everything it takes to get ready for the Oscars and the amount of work that goes
into like getting JLo ready to go out is crazy like it they had 60 to 62 people
at her house for the Met Gala like Shaanxi it was kind of cool because they
showed seamstresses at the house tailors getting them all ready and then Alex his
vlog had him like going to yoga because he had to lose no joke six pounds in one
day to fit into his tux like couldn’t they just let it out for up a little bit
I don’t know I guess they really wanted him to slim down I guess not that he
really needs to down but I thought that was kind of kind
of interesting that they were they were doing that I don’t know so lots of
craziness but the Matt gala does look like a lotta it does look like a lot of
fun and I did enjoy seeing all of the really crazy outfits I thought those are
pretty I know I thought those are pretty cool do you guys enjoy seeing all of the
outfits for multi these events you know some of them are kind of crazy okay oh
and there is one thing I really want to show you too so designer Zac Posen he
and I’ve linked I’ve linked all of the stuff I’m talking about in the
description box if you guys would like to kind of check it out on your own or
read through some of the articles I think they’re very interesting and I’ve
had I’ve enjoyed like going through all this stuff so Zac Posen who’s a
well-known designer he has been designing 3d printed dresses and these
just really blew me away I think this is a really innovative thing for fashion
and the dresses he made were so so cool so this article and so he kind of
details like which celebrities he made these dresses for this is the dress
being made in the 3d printer now we have a 3d printer I don’t think ours can do
anything this elaborate and also that they’re using some they’re definitely
not using like stock filament in here but what did they forgot what they ended
up so here’s some pictures this is like the dress here on the left and then on
the right they have like obviously like an under dress like sort of like a white
like what we would call a lining and then the dress I mean I don’t even know
how they get it on these people like you know I’m not even sure are there two
parts and it’s put together kind of like a mold I don’t know but there were
several celebrities that wore his 3d printed dresses to the the Met Gala oh
my gosh okay so Nina Dobrev is one of the celebrities I really like that dress
it’s obviously kind of more of a mini dress so she is she had a 3d printed
bustier which took 200 hours of stereo lithographic printing
yeah 3d printing does take forever wet hand sanding and finished with a clear
coat of spray to give it a trans Ossining and glossy translucent and
glossy appearance I mean I can definitely see that cuz when you do 3d
print stuff you do have to finish it because it has like lines in it from all
of the layers so if you so a lot of people actually after you 3d print
something you do have to continue to hand finish it after that but doesn’t
that look amazing okay and this is Katie Holmes and she has a custom printed kind
of like shoulder piece holding up there us doesn’t this look like something
that’s on Game of Thrones like something miss sandy or like Daenerys would have
that’s what it kind of looks like to me so this is a custom-made gown of 300
yards oh my gosh of hand-sewn colored tulle that’s nuts with a 3d printed
collar accessory in the shape of palm leaves which took pose in 56 hours to
print sounds about right for 3d printing this is probably my favorite dress this
is worn by someone named Jourdan Dunn I’m assuming she’s some sort of super
model and her gown is in the shape of a rose and it required the 3d printing of
37 petals and at the attachment of each of them to an elaborate wearable cage
imagine wearing a cage I don’t know about that but it looks really cool this
gown took 1100 hours of printing and finishing oh my gosh I I will say though
I think this is probably my favorite I think this is such a gorgeous piece of
art I wonder if you if he was gonna sell these what the price would be I’m gonna
guess like I’m gonna guess like 30 to $50,000 for all that work I don’t know
this is someone named deepika padukone okay she now this one has 408 custom 3d
printed pieces which pose and put together now this is something you know
what I would have to experiment again we do have a 3d printer maybe I could do
something like this I don’t know so this she did it to look like
embroidery in a process that took oh this one was only 160 hours okay much
better Julia Garner case I think the 3d part is the okay the
headpiece that looks like a vine I said I’m seeing a lot of Game of Thrones
inspired so if this looks like something that one of the Baratheon would wear or
something all right this one took 22 hours to print I you know what I’m
inspired though because we do have this printer maybe I could try to do
something make some fashion pieces try to try to try to take after Zach pose
and although there’s clearly no way I’d be able to do exactly that but I mean
how cool I just thought this was so so different so the the article ends 3d
printing will enable innovative fashion designers to push the boundaries of
fashion and construct elements unable to achieve in the past which is true that’s
one thing I do really like about having the 3d printer is that you can literally
design in print anything you want so I don’t know out of these a 3d printed
outfits which one do you like the best I have to say my first choice is the Rose
dress and then followed closely blind by Nina Dobrev clear dress I think the
clear dress is really cool too and I just I love how they he kind of printed
it to make it look like it was like moving fabric I don’t know this is just
so so cool so I just wanted to share that because I saw this and I was like
how me and there’s also somebody also he was on Good Morning America and he also
talked about the gowns and he had models wearing them so also linked below is a
link to the Good Morning America video if you would like to watch it because I
just thought it was really a pretty neat thing so yeah lots going on in fashion
this week and I just kind of thought that was pretty neat so so yeah so we’re
just kind of chatting to Bob all that because uh I don’t know I just thought
it would be fun to talk about so all right what else are we gonna talk about
oh my gosh I have so much okay so update Craig account over the wonderful young
man that graced us with his presence about a week ago he has done a sewing
room tour for Bravo TV so I just thought it was cool and southern charm is coming
back on what days to Sunday Monday Tuesday
Wednesday I believe so may 15th so Craig is gonna be back in action and they are
gonna feature his sewing so go Craig so Craig as a preview he is sharing a
sewing room tour so and of course you know we got kind of the first exclusive
little tour but this is kind of a more you know definitely definitely one not
done with a webcam but I just wanted to share Craig sewing space so now he is a
friend of the sewing report and he’s I mean look at he’s got he’s got a cutting
and sewing table he’s got the shelves for all of his finished works and for
his fabric I mean you know what go Craig and definitely if you do have cable I do
not have cable so I’m gonna have to kind of try to catch up on bravo clips and
YouTube videos but if you do have cable and you enjoy Bravo definitely check out
Craig on southern charm he’s gonna be sewing this season and and I’m gonna
guess they’re gonna show some of the process of of how sewing down south his
new company came together so they’re probably gonna be talking about that but
I think it’s great exposure for our sewing community and I really hope wish
Craig the best I do hope this whole thing is successful because I think he
could have a lot of really positive influence in the sewing space and
especially when it comes to trying to bust out of the stereotypes of what
someone who sews is like so go Craig and I am looking forward to what you are
gonna be doing in the future okay so this next update this is just something
kind of funny that I saw on Facebook that might make a good DIY project if
you are dealing with theft and if you have a surveillance camera system at
your house so somebody posted this so apparently someone had an issue with
someone stealing pillows off of their front porch so kind
of as a small act of vengeance they have replaced their throw pillows with the
with new throw pillows featuring a surveillance photo of the
perps sealing them I gotta give a round of applause to whoever did this I think
this is super super funny creative and if something like this ever happens to
me I’m gonna do this I think this is this is hilarious hope I mean you can’t
really tell who did it unfortunately you can’t really see their face but whoever
did that you know how low are you to steal throw pillows are you really that
hard up that you’re gonna steal throw pillows that I don’t even think you
would get much money for them you might get like a buck or something but it’s so
not worth it and I just think this is such a I don’t know that’s such a crappy
thing to do to somebody steal throw pillows really so I mean maybe so maybe
if you do have a surveillant and we always have surveillance cameras at the
homes we own so if we ever get funny foot funny video like that I will
definitely be taking all the action maybe you could do a quilt with like so
say you get a bunch of people on camera doing like crazy stuff you compile all
the images and make like a quilt block of each one that would be kind of funny
and I mean they’re clearly I mean clearly this person is trespassing and
they’re committing a crime so I don’t feel too bad but I do think it’s it’s
kind of at least a small at least this person got like a small sense of
vengeance just from doing this so hats off to whoever had this idea cuz I think
it’s genius and I applaud you and I do hope you find out whoever stole your
throw pillows cuz clearly it’s a really crappy person who did that I yeah I have
no sympathy for that person I and I hope though I hope you’re able to catch
whoever committed this crime cuz that that’s just not right just not right so
anyways I thought that was kind of a funny and I did share this on my my own
Facebook page I just thought that was I mean how funny I don’t know how funny is
that have you ever done anything like that I don’t know I I totally would I’m
I am definitely that type of person and I would yeah I would die would die I
would do that I think that’s so funny I have a weird sense of humor kind of a
dark sense of humor so I would I would be I would be cool with that okay so and
I also want to share this with you because just because I’m silly so lately
I’ve not I’ve been trying to kind of like slim down a little bit for summer
and everything not that I’m gonna be putting on a bathing suit anytime soon
because that’s not happening and but this is what happens this is actually my
refrigerator and I just wanted to share with you what happens when you order
pizza for you and your husband and then he comes home later with pizza from a
different place so that that’s what happened to it this is this is Friday at
our house so I had ordered two pizzas and then one of the boxes I ordered the
black jet pizza I’m a big fan it’s here in Tampa and they have like more Detroit
style pizza but their wings are excellent I’m from Buffalo New York so I
consider myself a chicken wing connoisseur and and I have to say there
are a couple places here on the Tampa Bay area that I think do chicken wings
right and Black Jack pizza is one of them so I decided to order some black
Chuck pizza and get some get some barbecue wings for me with blue cheese
dressing if you’re from Buffalo you do not get ranch man you have to have blue
cheese although they don’t do celery which is another Buffalo thing but
that’s cool I’ve never really been that into celery anyway so you know that’s
fine so then later I was like I was and I didn’t text my husband cuz normally he
does not bring food home normally I’m the one I’m the one who does dinner so
for him to bring home food is kind of a rare like he doesn’t usually do that
very often but I still had not like told him hey I got pizza I didn’t text him he
was at work then he comes home he walks in the door and like you know 10:30 and
he’s holding three D pizza boxes I’m like what it’s like what also fer for
context as well so my husband James who he’s been on this channel and he also
has his own YouTube channel more approved he works in
restaurant industry so he after his his day was done he actually went to another
restaurant down the street and picked up these pizzas of these pizzas so this is
from a pizza place called the pizza box in downtown st. Pete so he got three
pepperoni and mushroom pizzas which were very good as well both places were great
so I would I would give two thumbs up to either of these places you cannot go
wrong but one is in South Tampa and one is in downtown st. Pete so there are
definitely in different areas so we now at that point we had five whole pizzas
and then a box of chicken wings I don’t know how long it’s gonna take us to eat
all of these pizzas that was Friday it’s Sunday we still have four pizzas
left so we’re not doing very good on finishing all of this stuff if somebody
wants to come over and eat the rest of this pizza let me know but I’m gonna try
to eat more I’m gonna try to do my part take one for the team any more pizza
after this show is over so I mean if you is so if you see me kind of busting out
of my pants a little bit in the next few episodes you you know why it’s because
I’ve been eating a lot of pizza I’ve been eating ice cream it has not
been pretty people and then I went over to my mom’s place yesterday and they
were having like burgers and back and cheese and corn on the cob and what else
was there oh um oh and then my stepdad made my stepdad made us smoothies and I
was like okay late we were gonna watch a movie and he’s like I’m gonna make some
smoothies do you want one of those like sure so I figured smoothies healthy you
know that’s gonna be that’s gonna be good for my system and stuff and
ironically too earlier this week I bought a bunch of healthy food I got
spinach I got tomato oh that reminds me I need
to eat the rest of the tomatoes i’ve been making BLT sandwiches so I bought
like apples bananas and I was like I’m gonna make some smoothies and stuff but
thanks for the rind because I really need to
tomatoes don’t last very long I don’t know so I’m gonna need to make more BLTs
I also got some bacon that’s not very healthy but anyways my stepdad
was making smoothies and then he gave it to me and it had blueberries and bananas
I could tell and I was like why did he I was like this is really tasty what’s in
it so he’s like yes there are blueberries
man is it but he also put two scoops of ice cream in it so that’s why it tasted
so much better than the smoothies I make because I put like I put like yogurt I
put like Greek yogurt in mine i don’t normally put ice cream in it because i’m
trying when I’m doing the smoothies I’m trying
to be healthy and I normally put spinach and smoothies too just to get those
greens but that does remind me I need to use those Tomatoes up because if I don’t
they’re gonna get all weird looking so I just wanted to share this with you
because I thought it was kind of funny and that is that is my real fridge and
we’re gonna have to eat a lot of pizza guys I mean luckily Game of Thrones is
on tonight so I can you know uh I’ll have plenty to to eat I’ll you know I
can binge on pizza and then I guess do that I don’t know so yeah lots of pizza
okay and something I’m also very excited
about that I wanted to talk about is I have so a while ago I filmed a
collaboration with this guy named Jesse minge jesse is a really cool guy he
lives in the Orlando area and he and his wife are also youtubers so he had asked
me we’d kind of met through a youtube event and he asked me if I wanted to
film this series with him so he told me what it was and I was like okay that
sounds cool so the series he pitched me was like he’s like I want to try to
profile different youtubers other youtubers and I want to do kind of like
helping them with their channel so like going through their channel and kind of
giving them advice business advice and Jesse’s background he has a very
successful basketball channel he was on my channel recently in the video I did
about youtubers using an embroidery machine for the first time he was also
on my X TV producer channel talking about making money on YouTube so we
filmed for like a whole day he came checked out the sewing report
headquarters and we had a good time also we did a collab for his wife Hades
channel she has a Spanish we have a lot of YouTube channels between the three of
us apparently and we filmed a like sewing terms video
for her channel so Jessie’s business channel is called inspired video
marketing and he did a video he’s called he’s calling it youtuber intervention so
I’m the first person he intervened for and I think it turned out pretty well
I’ve linked it below you’re welcome to check it out I thought it turned out
good I thought his editing was was was excellent but show him some love and if
you’d like to see more if you want to see more of like the sewing report just
from what it’s like from a YouTube perspective I thought it was a really
good look at that and he gave me some really great advice because obviously
this is my this is my job in my business so I love what I do but I also it
obviously needs to be a sustainable thing and sometimes I’m the type of
person I don’t really I you know I don’t really I’m not like I I am business
minded but there’s always things I could do better and I really would like this I
would really like the sewing report to grow into become something even more
than just a YouTube channel so he really gave me a lot of great business advice
and he you know in and he when he told me he was done with it because I’d
almost kind of forgot about it it took him a while to edit it because it is a
38 minute long video so he told me he’s like a it looks old-school reality show
and that really is the vibe I thought he did a really nice I thought he did
really well with the editing so if you’d like to see more of me and the sewing
report he also kind of reviewed some of my other channels I’ve got like three
YouTube channels and I also do my husbands and I also work with a friend
who’s a client for YouTube so I I’m on you I’m all over YouTube guys so I
thought it turned out really well and huh if you want to check it out I
thought it yeah he he did some really funny things
too I enjoyed it and you know you can kind of see how crazy my sewing room
looks how insane it is and yeah he you know India again we kind of did play it
up again but he looks at my analytics and you know we talk about we talk about
like what I could do from a business perspective and it was a good time I
think there he and his wife are amazing people and I really enjoyed connecting
with them they’re really cool so yeah and my sewing room I did not I wanted it
to look like realistic and and to be you know just how it always is
so this is a look at it in fact that’s where I’m sitting right now so he kind
of tells me what I could do better but we had a good time filming it and I
thought it was a really I think it’s a really great idea because there are a
lot of youtubers out there and a lot of people like me who are always trying to
grow their channel so if you would like to take a look at it it is it is out now
and I I think Jesse did a really great great job putting it together and I was
very flattered he decided he wanted me to be like the first person he went to
um you know obviously played up the fact that I used to be a CNN producer but
again that’s what you got to do to you know make it make it appealing for
YouTube so we did a really good time shooting it and and that that is out
there now so hoho yes so anyways if you are watching oh and I yes if this is
your first time here every Sunday night we talked about sewing and we kind of
chitchat so you’re welcome to come join us or you can watch it later
and I would ask if you are new here and you like making stuff you like sewing
feel free to subscribe to this channel I love I love doing you too but I love
putting out videos and if you have any ideas for what you would like to talk
about in the show or just some video ideas shoot them to me too I’m always
open okay so there’s something else I want to show you obviously I’m on a bit
of a game of Thrones kick and I saw this I saw in a Facebook ad and I’m not even
sure like why you know obviously I’ve been talking about Game of Thrones a lot
so I found these I think they’re gaming chairs but it could also work as an
office chair and they have like these elaborate embroidered obviously I’m a
big fan of embroidery they have embroidered like plush leather
seats on them I mean this chair does look really comfortable and they had
their Game of Thrones theme so I’m not even sure how much these things are hurt
because when you click on like bio 8 this is gonna be the price when you
click on it and you try to like buy it oh wait actually ok this is the first
time I’ve been able to get to a screen with the price on it I will say 389
doesn’t seem too bad I was guessing these were a lot more expensive I was
gonna guess these were like you know probably like $1000 they just separately
fancy I will say 389 not as bad as I thought I just thought these were kind
of funny I mean you might you got to be a really diehard Game of Thrones fan for
this also how would you pick a house that I think that would be kind of
difficult I think I would probably pick House Targaryen but I mean how hard this
is I don’t know I just found this to be a really like over-the-top Game of
Thrones licensed product I mean you go oh you can get a Dark Knight 1 whoa
for all the die-hard Batman fans I don’t even know what that is clearly I’m not
nerdy enough for for these for these ones but yeah I just saw this in a
Facebook ad in knowing me I did click on it because I was curious but yeah game
Game of Thrones embroidered office slash gaming chairs but they do look pretty
comfortable so I mean you know what there’s that so if you are in the market
for a super super expensive chair you know I wonder if you could so in these I
don’t know if it would be I don’t know how how would you with the sewing
machine but it does look very comfortable my husband does game I’m
probably not going to order this form although these chairs do have a really
good reviews so comfortable as a car seat okay wow these people are okay
they’re buying a lot of chairs wondering how come people are buying two instead
of one is it cuz you gain with a friend I don’t know but I just thought things
were kind of hilarious and I want it I’m probably gonna share a continue sharing
weird Game of Thrones products as I find them so sorry in advance
I just find them really amusing so yeah so we had a lot of a lot of stories this
week to get through and if you uh if you have any suggestions or something you
want to talk about let me know YouTube has been pretty lit this weekend though
I’ve been kind of following everything that’s going on with like toddy
Westbrook and James Charles and oh my gosh this is YouTube is getting really
crazy i I don’t even know what to say about that
alright so alright let’s let’s read some comments hello everyone out there are we
got Sewdium Jackie Anna Jamie and Jamie so I have not really used the clapper
yet so Jamie is referring I got this wooden clapper from Nancy’s notions and
once you want to see that I have not really used it yet I’ve been kind of
preoccupied with those with that butterfly software so that’s been like
most of the week but I have used a clapper in the past Jamie I I think I
have the Dritz the one by Dritz sorry my nose is kind of itchy I have the one by
Dritz and I do like it and I use it I think a clapper is a worthwhile
investment if you especially if you do quilting and garment sewing those two
things I find I use the clapper a lot to get my seams flat so what I normally do
is I will press I’ll steam whatever I’ll you know I’ll steam press whatever I’m
doing take off the iron real quick and then
put the clapper directly on top of it and kind of leave it for a few seconds
and it really absorbs the heat out of the fabric so it kind of helps to like
set your crease and it you know I I think it works I especially with
quilting I really like it also if you do a lot of garments pants they’re great
for doing creases or if you’re doing a hem and you want that and you want that
hemline to be pretty crisp so I think clappers are gray
and I’ve had one for several years and I use it fairly frequently so I am
definitely a fan and yes happy again happy Mother’s Day to everybody who’s
joining us here all right yes sodium Kraig definitely has a really nice
selling space and I think it’s really neat that they’re highlighting that on
the show I thought that was pretty pretty cool and I’m real I’m rooting for
Kraig all right totally DIY it then bye – because they
actually use those the seats in their cars greedy’s oh hello Jake we have to
Jamie’s here okay awesome we’ve got River City creative Jackie’s here okay
so let’s see if there’s anyone on instagram that has been using hashtag
sign report squad all right and I apologize guys my nose is super I don’t
know why but it’s very itchy right now so of course that’s always that’s always
the way it goes right all right all right no new posts but guys if you do
use hashtag SOI deport squad on instagram you can get the chance to have
your posts featured during this live show so I will be checking every week to
see if anyone is is using it and if so we will feature your post right here on
the show so okay so you know what let’s for all the Game of Thrones fans out
there – I do want to ask what what did you think of the last couple episodes
without like necessarily spoiling it what what does everybody think I I i
will say i’m with season eight I’m a little I’m a little disappointed I’m
gonna be honest I I think the writing has been kind of weak this season and
the storyline is a little is even for Game of Thrones it’s a little bit too
unbelievable and I find myself thinking really like so many times so there’s
only two episodes left I don’t know how they’re gonna pull this out or end this
in a way that obviously you’re not going to you’re not going to appease every fan
out there but I don’t know I’ve had some issues with the seasons storyline of
course I still enjoy the show I still love to care
characters but the storylines particularly the battle strategy for has
been very to me very disappointing I don’t know and there’s been certain
aspects that I’m like I don’t know guys so who knows
yeah Jean yeah if you’re totally worn out by the end of the last two episodes
it’s one of those shows it’s very like mentally exhausting to watch that show
and I have been watching I’ve been kind of rewatching the show from the
beginning just because I’d kind of forgotten about certain stuff and what
re watching it I have caught so much more that I missed the first time around
that happens to me every time i rewatch a show and I just pick up a lot on a lot
more nuances that I that I didn’t before I had totally forgotten about several of
the storylines I was like oh yeah I forgot that happened or so and so did
this to somebody else but it is a pretty like emotionally taxing show and there’s
a lot to like it’s one of those shows you can’t just kind of it’s hard for me
to watch when I’m doing something else because it’s when you look away for a
second you’re like oh shoot I missed that part so it’s one of those shows
where really needs your undivided attention for you to like really
understand everything that’s going on there’s so many characters it is kind of
hard to keep track of and it’s just like you’re like yeah but the last couple the
last couple episodes I’ve just been like oh my gosh I don’t know so I don’t know
what’s gonna I don’t know what’s gonna happen at the end I feel like there’s a
pretty good chance I might be a little bit disappointed in the ending but you
know I I’m sure they’re not just making the ending for me so I don’t know but
they’re yeah I don’t know so there’s that but what are you guys up to this
week are you sewing so I did actually finish a sewing project this week and I
know I’ve been kind of thinking about my sewing machine usage in the last four
months it’s been like 80% embroidery machine 20% regular sewing machine which
is kind of strange but I did actually complete a pretty pretty good project
this week and that is going to be a video
and guys I have been editing like a beast I’m gonna have to act like this
week is gonna be pretty much all editing for the most part so that is going to be
interesting yes but I did do a lot of sewing and embroidery this week so that
was fun I made some Mother’s Day gifts and and I
will say the embroidery the embroidery machine is really handy for last-minute
gifts like if I have to make something I can get some towels I bought and then do
like a really cute design and it makes a really nice gift for somebody and it
doesn’t it’s not like super time intensive so something you can really do
pretty fast so I’ve been using the embroidery machine and I made I made
noodle heads poolside tote so I’ve been I had to shoot the whole thing I’m also
doing a video all about making those freestanding lace butterflies and I’ve
got a couple other things planned in the works but this week oh my gosh I’m gonna
have to do I don’t have to do so much editing I my head might pop off so
that’s gonna be really funny iron oh so probably not a lot of sewing
this week’s probably more like editing computer stuff so I’m not really looking
forward to that but it’s something that has to be done
okay so honest says I’ve been to watch the series verse site what is that about
that sounds kind of up my alley alright Jamie is finishing a summer top
using some fabric you got from my D stash alright awesome and I and I know I
have been talking about doing a giveaway and that is definitely coming so this
week I’m also hoping to kind of get together a stuff that I want to do the
giveaway for so I need to kind of get all that stuff in one place centrale I
need to get organized really bad and then and then try to figure out what
like how I’m gonna do this giveaway and what what all is gonna go in the
giveaway box or what not because I’ve got a lot of stuff I would like to give
away and and try to spread the love there’s a lot of items that I just have
too many of or you know was sent to me but something
that quite honestly I’m probably never going to use myself never going to get
to or it would take me like 50 years so I would really like to do some giveaways
so if you are here and you’re new to sewing and you don’t have a lot of
supplies you know I I kind of want to do something where I make sure that some of
these things get to someone who doesn’t have a lot of sewing supplies so maybe
we’ll do something like that I just want it to be a little more you know
meaningful and to go to someone who really needs needs sewing supplies so
I’m thinking I’m thinking all right yeah okay so I’m glad people I gotta say I’m
really excited about the butterflies – I was making butterflies like all this
week and then working on that tote bag so and I and then I got a pair of shoes
and I’m gonna be doing something with the butterflies in the shoes so I think
that’ll be really fun – but there’s just I don’t know it’s one of those things
where the butter I have so many ideas for the butterflies that you know I’m
not sure not sure if I’m going to be able to get to them all but I think
there’s a lot of really cool things you can do especially with the free-standing
lace you know if you do it on that water-soluble stabilizer and then
dissolve it you could really sew it onto anything
you can and I want to try to do some like unconventional items so I think
that’ll be a lot of fun all right hello Eddie Eddie jr. is this a guy here
all right hello Eddie all right and Jen is working
on a weighted blanket you know I am very intrigued by those I was looking at how
expensive they were and I was like wow those are really pricey I wonder if you
could I’m sure you could make them but and I was kind of wondering I’ve heard
that weighted blankets just really kind of kind of calm you down and help with
anxiety and I think that would be kind of neat like not just for kids but for
adults too like I wonder if it would make a difference if I tried a weighted
blanket I don’t know all right honest says Versailles about
the ring of the reign of King Louie the is this King Louie the the fourth all
right sorry I’m not very good my Roman nubile her numerals Eddie thank
you very much he says you have a great channel thanks for putting out great
content yeah I have both the PE 770 and PE 800 wow you’re you’re really doing
double duty yes I want to ask do you have like an
embroidery business is that what you have the to machine so you can kind of
crank kibum cranking both both at once or do you just want like the updated
version but I know a lot of people especially if you have a home embroidery
business you probably I may I’m gonna assume you probably have more than one
machine to kind of kind of you can be working both of them at the same time
all right we’ve got the update we have a guy here all right island thank you to
you and your wife for watching the videos yes and Jamie I’m also interested
in Jen if you have a pattern for the weighted blank and feel free to share
that yeah you know and I that’s not the first time I’ve heard people ask about
weighted blankets but I’ve just never made I’ve never made one before I think
would be kind of a fun project so you know hey so cool so yeah I now or now we
literally are just chit-chatting but you know what this is fun I don’t really
care so we’re here this is by super messy yeah yeah things are things are
getting really messy up in here so yeah I don’t know all right
sodium you can totally make weighted blankets I’m an occupational therapist
who works in schools and makes them for students that’s wonderful Jackie says
I’ve been cricket watching not sewing embroidering or quilting lately have the
Explorer air not the maker but I’ve only used it twice since I bought it a while
ago I’ll see how this works out all right
illnesses I’ve heard the weighted blankets take a toll on the maker with
shoulder and back problems is this true oh is it because you have to kind of
keep holding it while you’re sewing it I mean I could definitely see that I mean
I get I don’t have a lot of upper-body strength but like when you’re having to
hold something up it does kind of you know your arms kind of get tired so I
can sort of see that but uh but yeah so if you guys have any some suggestions
for stuff you’d like to talk about the live shore if you see a story throughout
the week feel free to like maybe leave it in a comment on one of
the previous live shows just say hey I thought the story would love to talk
about it and and maybe we can do that alright so Eddie says no I’m broidered
business but we make a bunch of shirts and embroidered stuff for our kids multi
machine multiple machines help crank stuff up like when we did our IP shirts
for us and relatives okay alright alright and Jen says she loves her hers
weighted blanket I just want to update to a heavier one I don’t have a pattern
I just watched a lot of videos I made one as a graduation gift and she loved
it I kind of just want to know what it’s like to use one like does it help calm
you down does it help you sleep better because I always ever I’m one of those
people I have a really hard time falling asleep so I’m a pretty late night person
so normally I stay up to about two or three in the morning sometimes for
sometimes later and then I usually don’t hate me but I normally wake up around 11
or sometimes 12 but I kind of end up working late like and then just going to
bed but if I try to go to bed it like to I don’t end up falling asleep until 4:00
so it takes me a really long time to fall asleep and if there’s something out
there that that would make it possible to fall asleep faster I would probably
try it like obviously I try to stay away from from sleep I really try to stay
away from sleep aids I don’t I have not generally had great experiences with
that sometimes all the glass of wine but a while ago somebody a doctor told me
that melatonin long term could kind of mess up your sleep cycle so I don’t take
melatonin benadryl works really well for me but again that’s not really a road I
want to go down and I don’t really want to need you know medication to fall
asleep I’d like to do it naturally maybe I could just eat like all of the
peace I guess I could eat all of the pizza and just see how that worked out
too something that that could be a possibility I don’t know if that would
be a great idea and I’d probably be 5 pounds heavier the next day but I don’t
know so it’s been fun talking you guys though and yeah and
let me know what do you think of this new I so this is the first time I had
tried scheduling a live show versus just doing it in real time did this make it
easier for you guys to remember and is this something you would like to see
every time or do you like it the other way where you know I just hit live but
this way this was kind of a pain to set up I will be honest I had some I had I
definitely found it a little bit tricky and I ran into some snags but I mean I’m
live now so hopefully things are hopefully things are okay now so I don’t
know all right honest is I feel your pain I don’t sleep
either it is – yeah it kind of does suck like once I’m asleep I’m asleep but it
just takes me so long to fall asleep I end up wasting like two hours of just
laying in bed so normally I do like have some background noise on just so I’m
like you know not just sitting there you know I don’t know so okay so Jen says I
had bad insomnia and anxiety and it has helped me that is really good to know I
might I don’t know maybe that’ll be a future project we could put butterflies
on it now I don’t know I don’t know so anyways this has been fun guys I think
I’m gonna sign off soon I got I got it I got to keep editing and I’ll I’ll kind
of show you all right actually if you guys want to see I will show you what it
looks like when you’re editing all right so alright this is what it looks like I
know this is where the magical happens so this is uh I’m gonna do a video I’ve
already shot it buddy and yet it and I’m doing I’m doing a video about the worst
rated sewing products on Amazon that I did actually purchase it and try out but
I use Adobe Premiere to edit and then what I’m doing now so this is my this
this line up top this is my like a roll so a roll is like the stuff where you’re
on camera or like your main shot and then my like be shot or like b-roll is
actually my second camera which is a close-up of all of the stuff I’m doing
so I usually kind of lay all my raw on the timeline I line up all of the audio
cuz I record my audio separately and then right now I’m kind of going through
and cutting I’m kind of doing like an a roll cut so I’m just basically going
through and picking out all the parts that I want and then I’m cutting out all
the parts I don’t want and then you have to go back in and and also kind of
decide like since I’m doing two cameras for this video then I have to go through
and decide which camera is going to be featured since I’ve got two to choose
from and then I also add like graphics and music and the like the fun stuff so
usually the editing process goes through a few different steps
this one’s just gonna take a while since I’ve got about I had about 50 minutes of
raw which is a lot that’s a lot for raw and so I don’t know if this is I don’t
know if this interests you or not but this is this is how it really happens so
this is this is gonna be the video from for two weeks from now I’ve shot I think
I have three videos I’ve shot but I have not edited so I’ve got to do that and
then I also have to edit a video for the client I work with as well I did one I
think I did one like late last week and then I had to start this one I’m caught
up a few weeks ahead for the song report so that’s a plus but this is this and
this is what it looks like raw like you know me doing all kinds of crazy looking
stuff and but this is what this is what the the timeline looks like and here is
my like project bin where I keep all of my clips this one had a lot of clips and
a lot of us like screen screen grab screen captures of like the Amazon stuff
so I thought this would be kind of a funny video so that’s what it’s gonna be
so yeah so I just wanted to share that but yeah it’s good this week is gonna be
pretty crazy so I don’t know so we’ll see how oh I don’t know we’ll see if I’m
uh still alive after this but guys this has been a lot of fun and for all you
Game of Thrones fans out there I you know I hope you enjoy episode
five and we only have one more left so I’m a little bit
yeah I’m pretty I’m pretty bummed but at the same time you know all good things
must come to an end right I will read a couple more comments okay so Jackie says
I like when it’s scheduled yeah and I think so obviously we schedule every
week anyways this is just kind of a different way of doing like the live
stream itself but I think this worked out okay I just I’d never done it before
and I was kind of nervous because I was kind of afraid if I scheduled if I
scheduled it in YouTube does it just turn on at 7:00 p.m. whether I’m ready
or not but it actually doesn’t I actually have an option like once I get
in there I actually have to start the stream so I won’t be like caught
off-guard you’re not gonna like see me my underwear or anything running around
so because I was kind of wondering I want to be like prepared when the stream
starts and not being like oh my gosh I’m not ready for this so it was good to
know and it was good practice I think we’ll be doing this definitely moving
forward I think it’s good at least to kind of advertise that this is happening
a few hours beforehand so we will definitely be doing that but yeah this
has been a lot of fun I’ve been kind of a I also bought a bunch of new makeup
this week not that that has anything to do with sewing but it’s been kind of fun
to experiment with I I’m not usually like a makeup girl but I have been just
trying to like break out of my comfort zone and try not to look as as unkempt
as I usually do so we will see but of course you know I am I usually just wear
t-shirts and today I’m wearing really old old navy pajama pants these are I
mean probably like eight years old or something so I’m kind of a sweatpants
girl and that’s probably if I do make clothing I’m probably gonna do a lot
more of that stuff cuz it’s comfortable and because it’s something I would
actually wear versus something that you know like I could make all this really
nice stuff but if I don’t have anywhere to wear it what’s what’s the point so
alright let’s read a couple more comments alright honor for me I just
need to be home when I get your alert that you’re live woohoo
all right Eddie we have multiple umberto machines because we had great
deals on them oh lucky you I’m jealous we got a couple PE 800 was around Black
Friday or Christmas time yes when I remember that because I was like I had
bought by in a few months earlier and I was kicking myself because it was like
$100 cheaper than I paid cuz I paid like I think 640 or something like that and
then it was marked down to like 550 and I was like ah see ya see you paid 450 to
500 yeah that is too good and guys if you are in the market for an embroidery
machine and you see the PE 800 in it’s less than it’s less than like $500 pick
it up it’s an amazing deal so Thank You Eddie all right River City creative have
a great week Terry alright Jackie all right awesome and yes so thank you guys
so much and I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your there are the beginning of
your week whatever you’re doing and happy sewing I will check in with you
guys next week and I’m sure we’ll have more fun we’ll have lots more fun stuff
to talk about but uh you guys have a great evening
and for all the Game of Thrones fans out there you know let’s huh it’s it’s gonna
be a nail-biting couple weeks let me tell her let me tell ya all right I’ll
see you guys later


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    Love your channel! You gave me confidence to buy my first sewing machine. I expect it within a week. I chose W6 N2000 and I guess i will order the walking foot for it as well. Can't wait to begin!

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