Metal Detecting A South Carolina Swamp: Civil War & Colonial Relics!
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Metal Detecting A South Carolina Swamp: Civil War & Colonial Relics!

What is that? that’s insane I’m never taking him metal detecting again. This is the end of it. Throw it in the swamp! Alright so I am down here in South Carolina We’ve got Riley of Civil War Unearthed right over
there We have Caleb right over here, Kieran’s off somewhere
over there and so is Chuck You can see him somewhere back there but just started digging and I’ve already got a target I popped it out a
hole and I know it is so I’ll show you what it is alright so I’ve already
opened up the plug and there it is got a three ringer that I just knocked in the
hole here. I got a three ringer and I just heard Caleb go “Uh!” it probably means he’s
got something let’s go check it out What’d you get? Three ringer! BAM right there! and you just
dug one nearby this too right? and Riley’s got one over there so yeah this
is definitely a little hot spot woohoo we’re on a good site that is awesome! 10
so far from this little spot within like you guys spent like five minutes here
earlier. Did you get a bullet yet? Not yet? It’s coming! Where’s Chuck? he’s probably already got probably got a
cannonball nah all right we’ll keep digging what’d
you get? Got a three ringer. Woohoo! Riley’s got one there you go he’s already kind of brushed that clump
a dirt off of it and I just dug one right there got some YouTube videos
going on here we’re in a little hot spot all right so I’ve got a bullet signal
right here so I’m about to take it out I know exactly where it is right up
against all these pricker bushes which is why I don’t think anybody else dug it
up I bet it’s right there, there it is right there BAM three ringer dropped three ringer
just like all the other ones we’ve been digging up here that’s a really nice one yeah a little hot spot for sure hopefully with this many three ringers
there’ll be a cartridge box plate We will see! There you go
that’s awesome, love it! So Riley just got a button over
here. He’s cleaning it up yeah that’s definitely a tombac button. Wow nice big tombac button so there might be a design on the front? Is it etched? I thought there was
but I don’t know. It could be etched. They etched tobacs.
oh I thought there was some oh there is Oh what is that Riley? Is that not just
scratches? I think that’s might be a design no I think it’s just scratched
that’s great though that’s a really good sign that’s old there you go! keep looking! What did you dig Riley? What is it? it’s bayonet scabbard tip finial! look at
that I think every time you go out with me you dig one of these things!
no I dug a cartridge box finial last time Oh. Well I dig a finial every time!
you dig a finial every time look at that Union you said? Yeah it’s Union.
Alright, right over there was the button right here’s the finial so maybe there’s
more! Alright so I’ve got a little camouflage guy right here There he is!
That snake is guarding the relics! that snake is most definitely guarding the relics that’s what we need, a snake buckle I agree! he is cute! What’d you get? A flower button let’s see it mm-hmm got the shank
on the back pull it over nice there you go way to go yeah it’s got a piece of
mail to let out a big Braille road spike and now just more signals there’s a
flower button I got of course this can be well preserved but my Eagle cam ouap
ouap ouap that’s how it always happened Eagles are I’d open that up a fire pit
so Riley tell us why this is significant I know but they might not know why is a
fire pit good okay so that’s exactly where they had their campfire that’s
where they were throwing their stuff in their campfire the reason there’s two
camp light in theirs because they used powder from the cartridges to start
their fire and then they couldn’t use the ball anymore slid through the fire
so that’s good fun Melton anywhere people hang out is where we want a pen
there’s all kinds other stuff because if your belt buckle flew in the fire you
certainly weren’t gonna reach and it was if it was me I’d probably read just like
that about 500 feet that way too when just now no like last time out here
okay there’s underwater now that’s good yeah looks like that we’re starting
again no gates no no no I know so I just came over here and I dug right next to
somebody else’s plug I think they were rushing but hey there’s so much stuff
here it’s crazy but I just dug this up and it’s a type 3 Williams cleaner look
at that so got some of the muck on it here but that’s going to clean up really
nice well now it’s dropped twice twice drop look at that oh that is nice well
we’ll see cuz it sounded like there’s a lot of stuff around here and that little
fire pit and they were digging earlier is right over there
so we’ll keep looking this is probably a good little spot yeah we can get through
the prickers and roots but we’re determined so we’ll do it awesome dad
it’s a general service bossy a little bit of that I don’t have anything rush
or anything here if you’ll hold this for a sec I’ll see if I can see it yeah all
right so you just like something awesome but yet and feel they’re fired right yes
ma’am there you go whoo good job great find an
infield you can feel what so I just took something pretty neat up
here check that out hatchet head or axe head look at that that’s gonna clean up
nicely I believe we’ll see that’s really cool
so we clean it up we’ll bill see how old it is can’t really be sure without
cleaning it up too much but that’s awesome I’m excited it’s a fun relic all
right so you just found your very first or something what you get a j-hook look
at that no Reilly’s trying to steal your Thunder
here that’s awesome congratulations all right so I just dug a fired three ringer
here we’re getting closer to where we think the fort may have been or where
battle may have been so we’ll see that’s cool he’s moving pretty slow mm-hmm yeah
it’s probably he’s probably cold so right under up a tree here
they’re digging a signal right over there and this little guy who is now
evacuating the dance floor here after pictures was hiding what he’s a map
marbled salamander very nice yeah he’s so out of here he’s like nah maybe we
should put him underneath a log or something so we don’t step on I’m gonna
pick him up again a little guy okay so everybody just remember that
this is this is the salamander home there it goes that’s probably best find
in the day so far that’s what I’d say now get that signal alright everybody so
we’re still digging out here than the swamp down in South Carolina and I just
got another bullet here and you can kind of see that it’s a Williams cleaner
actually took a stick and kind of pushed out that dirt right in there earlier but
yeah you can see it so that’s a Williams cleaner right there hopefully there’s
more we shall see okay so first thing that got dug up what did you dig first a
heel plate okay heel plate yeah and then your brother comes over here two feet
away two feet away and digs this what is that block a block a Confederate block a
artillery that is awesome congratulations that
beats your railroad spike Riley he’s crushing it today for real that’s
awesome congratulations that’s insane I’m gonna get y’all’s recommendations on
cleaning that later yes I’m that’s gonna be car yeah just
look at it you


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