Metalhedz Episode 1: ‘Intervention’
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Metalhedz Episode 1: ‘Intervention’

GINGE: “I love me a ‘Harry Potter’.” TAILS: “Don’t ruin Harry Potter for me!” GINGE: “You take it out, aim at her face and shout ‘EXPECTO PATRONUM!”.’ SKULL: “I love me a bit of ‘Chuckle Brothers’.” SKULL: “To me!”
GINGE: “To you!” TAILS: “My childhood is being ruined; first I found out Willy Wonka was a slave driver and now the sexualisation of my favourite books!” BEKI: “Willy Wonka, what?” GINGE: “He captured coloured people and made them work in his factory.” TAILS: “But they were happy, they sung songs…” GINGE: ‘That’s what they do to stop their spirits from being broken.” SKULL: “Hang on, I thought your childhood was ruined when you found out Santa wasn’t real, at the age of 13?!” TAILS: “I wasn’t 13!! hahah….I was 11.” GINGE: “That’s another good one; The Santa Claus, you eat their food and fuck off before they wake up.” BEKI: “I don’t know what causes me to lose faith in humanity more BEKI: “You, or people who find people like you attractive.” GINGE: “In all the years you’ve known me have I ever lied to a girl?” GINGE: “Have I ever deceived her into thinking I wanted something more than a fling?” GINGE: “I’m very honest about my intentions, just not my fault girls think their magical vaginas will cast a spell upon me” GINGE: “And I will fall madly in love with them after one night.” TAILS: “Well sometimes feelings can change!” TAILS: “You share that intimate moment and feelings can go from lust to an actual attraction.” TAILS: “Before you know it you’re changing your Facebook status, to make it official.” GINGE: “Not all of us say ‘You give the best head ever! You should totally meet my parents!’.” BEKI: “You’re a bit of an asshole.” GINGE: “My point is you get attached to girls far too easily.” GINGE: “Despite them always moaning about the nice ones, look at how often I get laid compared to you.” TAILS: “I wouldn’t be proud of the ones you bring home though.” GINGE: “Fact still remains, girls always say they want a nice one but always go for the bad one, know why?” GINGE: “Confidence and arrogance. They don’t want someone to look after, they want someone fun and exciting.” GINGE: “But most of all they want predictability, they know what happens with the bad one, it’s the good one that’s scary.” GINGE: “Hell of a lot more hurtful when a good relationship comes to an end.” TAILS: “It worries me that what you said kinda makes sense.” GINGE: “I’m not saying you have to be a total douchebag, but maybe grow some balls…” GINGE: “…metaphorically.” BEKI: “That’s bullshit, Tails you’re lovely and sweet and that’s rare.” BEKI: “Although I will admit you need some confidence.” GINGE: “You could practise with Beki.” TAILS “Well I’m ok with Beki, she’s a mate.” GINGE: “Can anyone really just be a mate?” SKULL: “It is a total fucking sausage fest in here.” BEKI: “Yup, nothing but DICKS in here.” *sploosh* BEKI: “I’m going to the bar to get a cock” BEKI: “SHOT….shot….” GINGE: “You’re ok with that, what with her being a ‘mate’ and all?” TAILS: “Nah it’s fine, I mean she’s incredibly gorgeous and single” TAILS: “And probably in that guy’s league even though he looks full of himself and probably has a tiny penis.” GINGE: “There you go! We could get your confidence up a bit by chatting up some girls?” TAILS: “No thanks.” SKULL: “I don’t think you have a chance with the girls here, none of them are licking the windows!” TAILS: “Yeah I get it, you’d have to be crazy to get with me! But It’s more than can be said about you.” GINGE: “Just ignore him, nobody in their right mind would take him seriously.” TAILS: “I’ve had to put up with his bullshit for a few years now, I’m getting immune to it.” TAILS: “My mana is just a bit low right now.” GINGE: “Wow, so nearly pulling a girl actually took you out of your comfort zone?” TAILS: “I was more worried about us snuggling and her whispering in my hear “We’re one now…” TAILS: “What’s going on with you, you keep checking the door like a dog at a supermarket?” GINGE: “I was here the other night and I met this girl, and I dunno…she was interesting.” TAILS: “She flat out rejected you didn’t she?” GINGE: “Yeah but that’s not the point.” GINGE: “There was just something about her…she was funny.” GINGE: “Hi.”
CHLOE: “Fuck off.” GINGE: “And she was smart!” GINGE: “So does a name come with that hostility?” CHLOE: “Tenacious and salacious I see.” GINGE: “Just can’t seem to get her out of my head.” TAILS: “What did she look like?” GINGE: “Hot.” TAILS: “Is that her?” GINGE: “No….” SKULL: “I bet you’re loud.” SKULL: “I should have brought some rohypnol.” TAILS: “Yeah I could do with not remembering tonight as well.”


  • Metalhedz

    Thanks for the comments folks, even the negative ones are valid because hey everyone is allowed an opinion! 
    We would just like to say that not everyone starts out nice, you have to allow them room to grow and mature, that's what character development is all about. We take these characters who are rough around the edges and show them as the improve due to circumstances and become better people. It's storytelling, you can't just jump in at the point where they've learned all their life lessons.

  • Eoin

    Looks like its got serious potential, acting just seems a bit stiff but hopefully itll loosen up in time. Also as someone who would consider them-self a metalhead, I cant make up my mind whether to be offended or not :P. Not sure if you're actual metalheads but the costumes kinda piss me off.  e.g. No metalhead lads wear heavy eye make up like Ginge does in Ep2 well not here in Ireland anyway.

    Other than that keep up the good work! 

  • Metalhedz

    @xXArcadianXx Hey thanks for the comment! The costumes funnily enough are actually mostly old clothes from the cast and crew and donated by local alternative shops! Though Ginge's shirts might end up mysteriously set on fire before Season 2 starts… the guy-liner thing may have died down here in Scotland but it was a pretty big thing only a few years ago. You'd get guys with a little bit like Ginge or sometimes full on corpse paint having a pint and headbanging away. 
    It's definitely a case where you think "There's no way I ever dressed that bad!" and then you see some old pictures and go "oh fuck…"
    But don't worry, the wardrobe will improve by Season 2 😉

  • Dan T

    I find that young metalheads these days dress pretty much the same as the kids back in our day did. Only thing was we hung out in such a massive group of people that ultimately the term metalhead was lost through dilution of the fast growing friend circles and new emerging music trends. We mixed Punk with Metal, Industrial, Ska and general eccentricity. As a friend of Ginge in real life, and by the way the real ginge is bang on what he was like as a younger mosher (Sorry dude haha), i remember how dressing in heavy eye make up, or with some just drawing shit on with black felt tip pens so kids would look like a crow/clown hybrid… My point being that metalheads dress in different styles and always will. Skull will always be the stereotypical image of said metalhead style though(long hair, tubby, beardy, sex pest)….Still as this show progresses you can see the actors becoming more comfortable in their roles. Good Work dudes x

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