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Michael Jai White training

Sometimes when you’re on the set and you have a very physical role, you have to do whatever works for you. You have to find a little private alcove such as this here and just practice your stuff since I’m gonna be shooting this film I’ve kinda worked out and beefed up a little bit cos I have to play this ultimate soldier when I was a machine I yearned to be a man now I’m better than both I never really want to do the same exact routine because you always train
your body to adapt I can’t just adhere to a fitness and bodybuilder type work out because I’m
doing physical action If I were to just do that I would cramp up you know I’d go down to very low body fat, where then I’d throw a punch and I would just wince in pain up to two weeks before hand I will work out about four hours a
day I may go through speed kicking drills and hand techniques also OSU! I do that and I do something called katas formalised martial arts movements and I do katas in several disciplines when you practice martial arts you’re practicing
like kick someone’s head off their body A kick like this can tear someone’s head off and this one you’re trying to get very close If I am doing this, I have 220 something pounds whipping whipping you have to be able to
know your range and sheet… the movement an accident like that is really, that’s a serious accident that’s the one that makes headlines I need to call on energy throughout the
day and that’s where nutrition comes in I’m drinking three gallons of water per
day, that’s still water my died is consisted of seventy percent
protein proteins are all food that had parents things that are very salt free very sugar-free
and very taste free and that basically makes me fat free
but very hungry wrap time I am eating 3 pizzas, well 4 pizzas what the hell I’ll do physical training like gym training
where I’ll do like a whole upper body circuit and in the next
day I’ll do a lower body circuit I do basic curls but I only go, in a situation like this I go lightweight higher reps you don’t
wanna just a whole bunch of bulk cos it makes it harder for you to control yourslf and I want to keep myself nice and loose so I don’t sacrifice speed cos you know the camera will see that and so will the opponent and so would you That’s the make shift on-set workout basically I gotta get to set, they calling me? tune in next week when we’ll have working out at craft service Dangerous!


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