Michael McConnell: The Executive Power [NSS 2018]
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Michael McConnell: The Executive Power [NSS 2018]

The Founders actually had less experience
with an executive than they did with anything else. Their examples of an executive were not happy. The most prominent example was the king, and
of course, we had just fought an American Revolution to get rid of him. The colonial governors, they were even worse
than the king, actually much worse. Early Americans, the Founders, the Patriots,
the revolutionaries, uh, had been in major conflicts with each of the colonial governors,
and so that wasn’t a good example. The post-independence state governors were
not a good example either, because they were all so weak. Um, Madison called them “mere ciphers,” meaning
nonentities. And they had really never had an experience
of an energetic, powerful, but still republican chief executive, so they had to make it up
and it wasn’t easy.

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