Mike Pence Says We Should Be Building Even More Confederate Monuments
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Mike Pence Says We Should Be Building Even More Confederate Monuments

In an attempt to prove that his boss, President
Donald Trump, is not the only disgusting member of the Trump administration. Vice President Mike Pence went on Fox and
Friends Tuesday morning, to talk about this poor, pitiful South, the Southerners, losing
all these wonders-ly beautiful monuments to slavery. Pence said that he doesn’t want to see any
monuments taken down; in fact according to Mike Pence we should be building more monuments. Now he did go on to clarify that, ” We’ll
keep the ones we have, maybe make a few more of those, but we should also probably throw
in some great civil rights pioneers and things like that. Just more monuments, basically, but don’t
turn down the racist ones at all. Leave those please, leave those.” Here’s the thing that everybody needs to understand
about this entire confederate monument controversy. Those monuments are the participation trophies
of the South, for the civil war, and aren’t Republicans supposed to be against participation
trophies? Shouldn’t those go? Why would they want to memorialize losers,
because that is what they are, because they claim its part of our heritage? No. You want to not erase history? Go read a book. How about that? How about you study up a little bit, then
history is not forgotten. We don’t need monuments to racist losers sitting
in our towns to remind us of how horrible those people were. How horrible the United States South was at
that time, and to remember that black mark in American history. Most of us went to school. We learned about that. The textbooks that haven’t yet been changed
by crazy Christians in Texas, still teach us that. In case, you didn’t know, “Yes, the crazy
Texans are actually rewriting their text books, to show that United States slaves were treated
very well and that they were very happy and that they loved their lot in life.” That is how you erase history folks, not by
tearing down a racist monument. By literally changing history in the text
books that we teach our children, that’s what Republicans are doing. That’s going to cause a hell of a lot more
damage than tearing down a statue or a monument. That’s the way we remember that part. We learned about it. We understand it, and we try to prevent the
same mistakes of the past. We don’t have to walk by a statue of a jackass
on a horse to remember that. If you do, then there’s probably no reaching
you anyway. Furthermore, for the people that says, this
is about Southern heritage, then why are some of these monuments in California? Why are there some in Connecticut? Why are there some in Massachusetts? It’s not about Southern heritage you idiots;
the location of these monuments across the country in areas that aren’t south proves
it. For those people who want to wrap themselves
up in the confederate flag, well I have news for you. The confederacy used many, many, many different
flags. That one that you see, the stars and bars
on the back of a lot of cars down here in the South, was actually only in use I believe
for less than two years, and it was one of the battle flags. It does not represent the South; it represents
the fight to preserve slavery. Educate yourselves folks. That’s the best way to make sure that history
doesn’t get erased, and as far as Mike Pence is concerned, we don’t need to build more
monuments. We don’t need to preserve the ones we have. We need to tear them down and stop letting
these white supremacist go out there and look at these leaders, or I’m sorry, failed leaders;
the people who lost battles; the people who lost the war. Stop letting the white supremacists go up
to them and say, “I want to be just like you.” They’ve already lost their battle. It’s time to take down their participation


  • Henry_Linarez

    What I want to know why now everyone is making a big deal about the racist monuments it's not like they where just erected, they've been there I hate Trump. I just think the media hates trump so much they use these monuments as an excuse to get at trump. The monuments have been up for years if people where so passionate about bring them down they would have done something long ago.

  • Blair B

    Your great American Robert E. Lee and friends sparked a war that ended in the deaths of over 625,000 americans (more than any US war).

  • Joel

    Finally someone fucking said it "If you don't want to forget about history then GO READ A BOOK" I thought I was the only one saying that. Subscribed.

  • BundesRepublic Murica

    If Trump and Pence keep it up and I think we'll see the white supremacists start acting up even worse and more frequently. We could see a whole new KKK growth and recruitment phase as they feel that the prez is on their side. They feel empowered by Trumps behavior and they think they have a champion in this administration. I mean come on Jeff Sessions is the AG it doesn't get much better than that. We need to stand up to them and tell them to take their bed sheets and go home. Pence is a Jesus freak bigot they are the worst. They'll tell you it's the lords will as they persecute you.

  • Yasharahla Psalmos

    So Pence is for preserving statues of traitors that killed 620,000 Americans? They put those heaps to make a point to remind freed blacks that were owning land,building towns and were governors,mayors. The kkk was formed bc they was butthurt and started terrorizing those towns. Same shit they crying bout now bout being forgotten which means freedom to terrorize blacks and spew hate….

  • mizrel61 mizrel61

    Ring of fire, I respect your opinions, and Honesty* I have stopped watching"mainstream" news because there's very little Truth. You do bring Truth without"spin". Thanks, I will be supporting $'s.

  • Oh Brother

    Actually slavery was illegal in Texas when the Mexicans were in control of Texas. The problem was white people from the South kept on bringing slaves in against Mexican law. Somehow I don't think they're going to tell you that in Texas Public Schools.

  • mrt57rn

    General Robert E Lee never wanted confederate statues & monuments built. “I think it wiser,” the retired military leader wrote about a proposed Gettysburg memorial in 1869, “…not to keep open the sores of war but to follow the examples of those nations who endeavored to obliterate the marks of civil strife, to commit to oblivion the feelings engendered.” http://www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/robert-e-lee-opposed-confederate-monuments/

  • Shelise Johnson

    What the south did was treason. And that's what you want to celebrate? You lost get over it like we are told about slavery.

  • frankrichards1

    I sometimes enjoy your stuff and am very aligned with you politically, but please don't give me weak-minded arguments to make your point. It makes you sound like them.  Participation trophies, really?  Call it what it is: The Flag of the traitors.  The statues dedicated to American traitors.  That's real. DRd. (Frieda Herbe). Now!

  • thenewyorkpauls

    For those complaining about preserving history, at least educate yourself into what history these monuments represent. These statues didn't go up in the Civil War days, they went up in the early/mid 20th century as Jim Crow et al was going down… In many instances they were put up as symbols of white supremacy and specifically to intimidate the black progress for equality. There is nothing beautiful or honourable about that. They are monuments to racism, plain and simple.

  • dave skerritt

    It is sad. Not all Southerners I realize are racist. And there are Northerners who are also racist. Believe me. I've met them over the years, and i live in the North. But we certainly have these white supremacists and Confederate fans out there rallying with their stupid Confederate flags. Get over it Confederates! You lost the Civil War back in the 1860's. What point are you making with your flags? Do you want to bring slavery back?? The stars and stripes flag is the American flag. If you modern day Confederates don't like that then move out of the USA, for God sakes!

  • Graham Brownell

    Racist losers and traitors to the US Constitution. Never forget. They should have all been executed by firing squad, not put up in bronze relief.

  • Procommenter

    "But slavery was far from being the sole cause of the prolonged conflict. Neither its destruction on the one hand, nor its defence on the other, was the energizing force that held the contending armies to four years of bloody work. I apprehend that if all living Union soldiers were summoned to the witness-stand, every one of them would testify that it was the preservation of the American Union and not the destruction of Southern slavery that induced him to volunteer at the call of his country. As for the South, it is enough to say that perhaps eighty percent of her armies were neither slave-holders, nor had the remotest interest in the institution. No other proof, however, is needed than the undeniable fact that at any period of the war from its beginning to near its close the South could have saved slavery by simply laying down its arms and returning to the Union." — Gen. John B. Gordon, from Reminiscences of the Civil War, p. 19

    "The Union government liberates the enemy’s slaves as it would the enemy’s cattle, simply to weaken them in the conflict. The principle is not that a human being cannot justly own another, but that he cannot own him unless he is loyal to the United States." London Spectator, 1862

    "The Northern onslaught upon slavery was no more than a piece of specious humbug designed to conceal its desire for economic control of the Southern states." – Charles Dickens, 1862

    "The consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those [republics] that have preceded it." – Robert E. Lee, letter to Lord Acton, 1866

    "The Gettysburg speech was at once the shortest and the most famous oration in American history… The doctrine is simply this: that the Union soldiers who died at Gettysburg sacrificed their lives to the cause of self-determination – that government of the people, by the people, for the people, should not perish from the earth. It is difficult to imagine anything more untrue. The Union soldiers in the battle actually fought against self-determination; it was the Confederates who fought for the right of their people to govern themselves." – H.L. Mencken

    “The purpose of the war was to finally realize the Hamiltonian dream of a consolidated, monopolistic government that would pursue what Hamilton himself called 'national greatness' and 'imperial glory.' The purpose of the war, in other words, was a New Birth of Empire, one that would hopefully rival the Europeans in the exploitation of their own citizens in the name of the glory of the state." –Thomas DiLorenzo, from Malice Toward All, Charity Toward None: The Foundations of the American State

    "It is a testament to the effectiveness of 140 years of government propaganda that a 308 page book filled with true facts about Lincoln could be entitled 'The Lincoln No One Knows.' It is not a matter of a poorly-performing government education system but quite the opposite: The government schools have performed superbly in indoctrinating generations of American school children with a pack of lies, myths, omissions, and falsehoods about Lincoln and his war of conquest. As Richard Bensel wrote in 'Yankee Leviathan,' any study of the American state should begin in 1865. The power of any state ultimately rests upon a series of government-sponsored myths, and there is none more prominent than the Lincoln Myth." –Thomas DiLorenzo, from The Unknown Lincoln

  • bigraviolees

    a cpl trying to keep their kid in a crib put a mattress over the top with rock salt on it and it fell in and killed their own kid. As long as these people are out there Pence & Trump types will get elected . We are damned by American masses of stupid

  • chairmanofrussia

    The right wingers love to talk about how much republicans are "the party of lincoln" but they have no qualms about rewriting textbooks to make slavery look like happyville.

  • David Kempton

    Teaching lies to children is CHILD ABUSE. Somebody need to file a Class Action isuit on Texas, get an injunction and bankrupt the whole damn state like Dubya tried so hard to do when HE was governor…

  • Michael Wright

    ring of fire, well that is your opinion, which you are allowed to have in a free society. Every statue in the world should come down then, because everyone had a dark secrets in all countries. One falls , all must fall.

  • Boam Boam

    According to a report by The Washington Post, Donald Trump has passed the 1,000 lie milestone since being sworn in as President. Many of his lies have been repeated so often that a majority of his supporters actually believe them to be true, like Trump actually winning the popular vote

  • Honore 13

    Sorry America, but you guys are fcked! And so are we, the rest of the world!! THIS MAN is your plan b?! Shit, maybe you should keep Trump?! At least Trump is stupid!

  • Christine Soab


  • Primordial 6vi6

    The same people claiming getting rid of the monuments is "erasing history" want to forget about the old testament, and hitler. It's as if they only want the left wing past in the light.

  • Sheila White

    Is Pence nuts? How can we have 2 racists in the White House? I thought he might be a placeholder after Trump who would calm things down. Now, we see he is not so different from the big fish. Most of these statues were put up after Reconstruction and in the early 20th century. This is about snubbing your nose at Washington and the establishment of Jim Crow. Of course, these things are offensive. You can learn from history but it doesn't have to be memorialized.

  • Waylen

    The confederacy never fought against democracy.they fought for Democracy.
    There is no comparison to Hitler.
    The statues are advertisements for the books and museums.

  • Leo Yohansen

    So the bottom line is might makes right. Treason is okay so long as you win a war and celebrate it every 4th of July and even continue to celebrate the royalty of the losers. Maintaining slavery is okay so long as you win a war to force other maintainers of slavery to stay in a union that was voluntarily joined and voluntarily left. Racism and even pedophilia is okay so long as the enslaving racists are embraced as national heroes. Genocide and the occupation of other people's lands are okay so long as talk about liberty and justice for all while doing it. You're not against Mike Pence or anyone else for being awful. You're just against Mike Pence's specific brand of being awful. To the ongoing victims of America, these awful brands are all the same. If you want to educate yourself, educate yourself on the status of slavery in the Union throughout the war. Educate yourself on the thoughts of Abraham Lincoln on race relations. Educate yourself on who ALL of the racists and enslavers were and quit pretending to be against something you're actually for by turning a blind eye to it whenever its a racist or enslaver embraced as being a national hero.

  • James Carter

    Confederate statues and flags:
    1.glorify treasonous Ideologies
    2.Insult the people that were victomized slavery
    3.Create a division in the American psychological well being.
    4.Are used as a foundation to hype groups to commit violence and murder
    5.fuel hatred that ignites systemic oppression.
    6.Make this country a liar when it comes to real deeds and false propaganda.
    7.promotes lawlessness and chaos.
    8.destroys values that are the bases for a progressive society
    9.compromises peace by terrorist acts.
    10.Makes the free world agenda an unacheivable dream.And this country a hypocritical fake.

  • Mark12 Strang

    TYT is openly a propaganda channel for the Democrats, otherwise they would demand to remove the statues of racist democrats that made sure black peple stayed ensalved after the Civil War.

  • ebbryant

    For every monument we should build a slave block or a statue of Harriet Tubman or something to commemorate slavery rt next to the Confederate "historical" memorial.

  • Randy

    The confederacy is a part of our history ,just like the civil rights movement is ,just like mlk so if you want to tear down momuments let's tear down mlk and Jessie Jackson let's tear down the bridges sighs and road sighs let tear them all down so tit for tat you people are stupid and you don't understand that the more you open your mouth the more we things we will add that you don't want to see

  • Paul Henri

    The truth is no one really gives a s*** about Pence Pence is just like Trump he's just a crazier version that's what Trump is pants is just a relaxed version of trump but if you think you're going to get anything better but if Trump gets impeached think again is Twisted pants as more of an ass kisser. To the Republican Party cuz the truth is as he'll be smeared with the same brush that is Donald Trump as long as he keeps on backing Donald Trump and defending Donald Trump he has no better.

  • Joo Fox

    I think it is VERY sad people saying they are Americans and cannot see the value of these Confederate monuments. When those people who claim these Confederate monuments are racists, "WHEN THEY ARE NOT!" It is the ones that claim the "RACISTS" remarks and see it that way those people need to take a very hard deep look at themselves for the one making "RACISTS remarks" no matter if it is about Confederate monument or other topics those are the Racists people. Not anyone else and not statues or monuments it is the people that make the those claims are the "RACISTS" nothing more and no one else. No matter color or creed!
    And being from the South does not mean you are a Racists, a white supremacists, or any other hate group one can think of period. I'm proud to be from the South and ALSO PROUD of our MISSISSIPPI STATE FLAG also! I guess many have never seen that flag and next will say that to is Racists. It is sad because of a few RACISTS that had the Confederate Flag band from being sold in Florida, but MANY fine people still fly their flags on their homes. I guess you RACISTS will say that to should not be allowed. At least Tampa, Florida held their grounds and kept their Confederate monument there!

    RACISTS are always the ones with the biggest mouths starting issues like this, and all need to look at themselves and Think before speaking & acting especially the people under 30 years of age who are easily influenced and often have no real clue as to what is going on until someone gets hurt from their actions!

    If you don't like what I've said fine I get it. I just said my two cents worth just like every other person has also.

    Take Care..

  • jimmy jon

    we should build more BLM MONUMENTS that has a GOLD PLATE that reads "what do we want? DEAD COPS!!" 😀 you guys will be so happy. WELL HERES THE VIDEO OF THE LEGEND https://youtu.be/hqQXmnMr_w8

  • mark haas

    Unfortunately, under our present public education system, most children graduate illiterate and can't read about the civil War from books. And with our left-leaning university system, most students learn a revisionist history that portrays America as evil while at the same time casts rapist/mass-murderer Che Guevara as a hero.The reality is that learning about the Civil War is only going to happen for most U.S. citizens in one of two ways: from the History Channel or on a tour bus.

  • ursaltydog

    Then maybe more resources and energies should be spent in ensuring that history is not rewritten or erased, than the energy taken to fight these blocks of soulless stones? And while we're at it.. please try not to paint the entire south with such a broad stroke of your paintbrush?

  • bongo155

    Not only should the US keep and build more monuments to slavery but build monuments to the Salem witch trials. Native American massacres. Build a monument to Benedict Arnold. Oh, wait. He has a boot monument without his name on it. Build monuments for losing the Vietnam war. I mean all those things are part of US history and heritage?

    Cons dont even try to come up with decent excuses for their bullshit.

  • slap happy

    You're a FN idiot! racist looser huh? what about the participation trophy you give your kids when they lose? IT IS HISTORY! maybe it isn't the best. This is what is wrong with everyone we live in the past and never move forward. It wasn't all about slavery either, do your research. It also was about an over controlling government taking advantage of the lower class. There are WAY more shizit to complain about in the world right here and now, not about crap that went on over 100 years ago. Let's bitch about not having insurance worth a crap and when you do have it the some major hospitals won't accept it due to they can't come to terms. Look up Memorial Mission Hospital and Blue cross. Another thing is why are we bailing out these large corp. while the lower class starve? Why do we give billions to across seas but won't help in our own back yard! So no you Pissy little whining babies go keep destroying the history of America while we are still being taken advantage of the very government you support. After every last monument is removed what will be next? Seems like it is the same people doing all the bitching why don’t they get a job! sounds like some have to much time on their hands.

  • PC5032

    The United States enforced slavery for 85 years under the US flag, while the Confederacy and slavery under the Confederate flag only lasted… 5 years.
    If any flag represents slavery more, it's the United States flag, and United States monuments to the founding fathers who were slave owners, and could of freed their slaves at any time if they actually believed the rhethoric they spouted. The United States is hated, and it's time it came down from our government building, and the whole US regime thrown on the trash heap of history, just like Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, and the Khmer Rouge rule.
    Every time I have to look at a United States flag flying, with it's stars corralled into a corner by prison bars, and see that evil panopticon police state eye atop the pyramid of slavery on the dollar bill, I am completely offended and appalled that I live in a country that tolerates these blatant symbols that are overt affronts upon freedom and liberty.

  • Jackyboy335

    What grades did Mikey get in history class ? The confederate revolt lit the fuse that killed over 700,000 Americans.

  • Kris

    Yes, VP Pence, then let's erect a monument of Osama Bin Laden and place it in front of the Supreme Court in NYC. That is where your ideology goes.

  • Mitch Mabee

    Listening to this ignorant clown talk about people should read a book makes me nauseous. Robert E. Lee was against slavery. He opposed it. His wife consistently broke the law teaching reading and writing to blacks. The only reason he fought for the south was his loyalty to Virginia. So by taking down a statue of a general who opposed slavery. WHO IS THE RACIST ASSHOLE . . . .TAKE YOUR TIME DIP SHIT. EXACTLY IT IS THE PERSON TAKING DOWN THE STATUE. Honest to God one of these days I am going to meet a liberal who has read a book, it is more of a fervent prayer. It is going to come true someday.

  • J Will

    Fuck pence, he is a sneaky lying piece of shit, just like trump, fuck them both and the rest of racist administration, it seems like the United States is going in reverse with all of this racist division bullshit, America was always a racist country, it's just that the piece of shit in the white house have all of these back woods hillbilly trailer trash all pumped up, but one must remember this is not Jim Crow.

  • The American Crusader

    they're not monuments to slavery, there monuments of people who sided with their homes over there federal government. This is the problem I have with the left as someone who is on the left. I am on the left and my ancestors fought for the South but they didn't own slaves. They didn't fight for slavery. They fought for the state of Georgia. I'm so sick of this shit.

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