Mike Pence Would Support Invoking The 25th Amendment To Remove Trump
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Mike Pence Would Support Invoking The 25th Amendment To Remove Trump

according to excerpts from a new book
obtained by The Huffington Post vice president Mike Pence would support
invoking the 25th amendment to have President Donald Trump removed from
office as noted by HuffPost the forthcoming book a warning was
purportedly written by an unnamed senior White House official who claims
high-level aides are certain the vice president would back the plan to
constitutionally remove Trump due to his mental incapacity the author who wrote
an anonymous essay for the New York Times describing a highly dysfunctional
White House describes an informal tally that White House officials took of
cabinet members who would sign off on the letter invoking section 4 of the
amendment which maps out the process for replacing an incapacitated president
with the vice president there was no doubt in the minds of those senior
officials that pence would be on board with the plan the author wrote a source
provided excerpts to The Huffington Post under the condition that passages could
not be quoted from directly ahead of the publication of the book on November 19th
according to the Constitution that letter would need to be signed by a
majority of the cabinet delivered to the vice president for his signature and
then submitted to Congress for approval you

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