Mr.Backs p.1 These Bills Don’t Lie
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Mr.Backs p.1 These Bills Don’t Lie

Denise SHUT UP! Abolitionists up in here tonight They risin’ We got the slaves up in here They risin’ Dependence, dependence We really knew we needed compromise Missouri tried to keep the peace Como se llama (fair), successful? (no), su caso, su caso
In the 18, 20s Oh, Charles, when you talk like that
You make Brooks go mad So be wise and keep on Reading your speech to the public He’s on tonight You know these bills don’t lie And Preston canes the right All the action, the tension Don’t you see states? it isn’t redemption We, need, the Separation of powers Our government’s crazy And we didn’t have the slightest idea
Until governance was failing And when you check up on the branches
Nobody cannot ignore the way we keep the balances And everyone so unconnected, the wings are right and lefted
The republicans were fighting them I never really knew that they could rise like this They take a stand to end differences Como se llama,(Dred), who is he (a slave), su caso, su caso
In the 18, 50s Oh,congress, made the Fugitive act It tracked down the runaways Slaves were wise and kept on
Escaping from their masters 5 bills shipped tonight
You know these bills don’t lie They were the 50s compromise They prevented, civil war
Don’t you see, states, así es perfecto? Citizens were born with rights, shown in the Bill of rights The Kansas-Nebraska Act Conveyed freedom, the choices
The states decided for themselves Oh, Spain, the U.S. is stealing your country
Unfairly, with no reason The document, Ostend Manifesto Clarifies the purchase made John Browns great raid
Have come to fail now, fail now See, he did what he could, but it ended in loss
The revolt was bit hard to obtain We formed the republican party
In the 1850s We formed the republican party
in the 1850s We never really knew that they could rise like this Abraham ran for president Como se llama,( Abe), won against? (Stephen), su caso, su caso
In the 18, 60s Oh, Abraham, you tried to keep the peace But the secession threw you off your feet But you decided to announce a naval blockade 1860’s, feel the tension
The Civil War is starting let’s pay close attention Anderson was refusing to leave the Fort
He didn’t surrender was took by force Yeah, so unkindly
It was the goal A republican like Abe backup the slaves threatening south’s economy If you go back when slaves carried profit for slave masters We leave the whole US dizzy Why the states wanna control slaves? Africans ain’t the guilty
It’s an economical transaction No more do we snatch race Whites use to run the seas but the slaves refloated It’s clear to see you know these bilIs don’t lie And I’m starting to realize
All the changes our country Had to go through, it was forming Oh, you know we rose from scraps and we survived the fight Now our government’s acting right The peace, we’re keeping
No more conflict we’re leaving them speechless We risin’, we risin’, we risin’

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