My new Mamiya Universal – Industrial architecture on Polaroid and Cinestill film
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My new Mamiya Universal – Industrial architecture on Polaroid and Cinestill film

Hi guys! Welcome to another video! Today
I’m going to show you my new beastie! Let me see whether I can even … one-handed oh oh!
Look at it! Okay, I have to put it down because heavy …! It’s a Mamiya Universal and it weighs
about 2.5 kilos so it’s a beast! Really heavy! But it’s a super cool camera! It
has super nice lenses, interchangeable and also interchangeable backs, and yeah, it’s such an interesting camera! A rangefinder – I like rangefinders
obviously, I also shoot Leica so that makes sense! Right now it only has a
Polaroid back, because I bought this one from my friend Nils and he already has
a different Mamiya for his other stuff. So he just wanted it for Polaroid and then
didn’t really get along with it and so I got it in the end!
and I’m super happy that I got a camera from Nils because that means it stays in
the (Film Shooters Collective) family, so to speak! The plan for this camera is by the way
that I’m gonna take it up the mountain together …
no, oh, oh definitely not together … instead of my 4×5 camera when
I’m just, you know, hiking to find locations because the 4×5
camera is really, really even more heavy! It’s even more heavy. The 4×5
camera is a Speed Graphic so very heavy and I also shoot very heavy projection
lenses, so having a bit of a, you know, less heavy camera to bring with me in (more or less) the same aspect ratio (6×7) is gonna be super useful. And yeah calling a more than
two kilo camera a lighter alternative tells you how heavy to Speed Graphic is!
Life choices, right? So, since I have to take this thing back (home) somehow and don’t really know how to put it into my bag without disassembling it
entirely – there’s a grip that can be detached and the backs can be detached, I was thinking of putting the back into my checked luggage but well, with film inside
that’s just gonna get ruined! So the plan for today is to shoot the Polaroid film
that is in there and that makes sense anyway because I get more
opportunity to shoot that kind of film here than at home! So the plan is to take
it out somewhere. I don’t quite know yet where! But I’m sure we’re gonna find
something out there, because I’m gonna meet with my friend Usch who is also a
photographer. And we always go out and shoot when I’m here! So, I’m sure
we’re going to find something and I’m gonna try to see what I can do with this
camera! So talk to you later! Hello …! Hi guys! We’re here at the Zeche Zollverein
and it’s super nice! I really like these industrial buildings and photographing
them for the first time using the Mamiya, the beastie, was a great idea! I finished
all the pictures now and now I’m just walking around with the Leica! I have
tungsten film in it. I don’t know whether that’s a good idea …!
But we’ll see! And later we’re gonna take some night pictures! Looking forward to
that! Okay! Speak to you soon! Hi guys! Yesterday I said that I would
talk to you later, but then the battery of my GoPro died! In
fact the 3 batteries of my GoPro died! Yeah, that’s really the problem of the
GoPro! It eats batteries like crazy! In any case, that’s not what this video is
about, is it? So yesterday I finished all the pictures
in the Mamiya beastie – Mamiya beastie as opposed to my Mamamiya,
which is my (Mamiya) C 220! Yeah I name all my cameras! There’s a dog! I’m watching a dog! A little dog interlude … sorry about that!
“Oh look, a butterfly” for most people, but for me it’s “Oh look, a doggie!” Okay, so where was I?
Oh, I think I told you that I was naming all my cameras! So yeah, Mamiya beastie is a pretty cool camera! It’s heavy, it’s very heavy!
Especially if you have to carry it 9km like I did yesterday! Yeah,
it’s a bit of an involved process! Dark slide out, set the shutter, do all the
settings and release, then dark slide back in, pull out the film …! Yeah, it was a
bit of a hassle to be honest! I also didn’t have anything to put the
negatives in, because I forgot that at home and we actually went into the
building of the Zollverein so that I could get some info material to put my
prints and my negatives in! It was very clever! Also as soon as we
went in there, there was a guy telling us to get out again because they were
actually closing, so I was a bit lucky there I have to say! Oh yeah, I’m
happy with the results, but there was a problem with the rollers though! There
was gunk on the rollers which meant that all the film had developing spots.
It’s sad, but I think I can cut it out of some of them and the pictures are still
gonna be nice I think. And in some of them it even works quite well! That’s, you
know, Polaroid, it does that sort of thing! I’m super curious how this camera will
do with roll film! I already ordered the back, but I still
have to wait for that a bit longer, because it’s coming from Japan and yeah, it
should be really great with 6×9. Seeing the Polaroids
already tells me it’s going to be super great for roll film! And I’m looking
forward to it! Yes very happy! it was a super nice day with Usch and going to
the Zollverein was a great idea! I love these buildings! It’s just a shame
that there are so many fences now and you can’t really access many of the
buildings that in the past you could walk into and so on, or alongside. It was
a bit easier to photograph when there weren’t so many fences! It’s a great
place though, I really love it! If you’re ever in the area and you happen to be
near Essen (Germany) you should go there! It’s really lovely! Yeah, my verdict of the
Mamiya Universal so far is: It’s heavy, it’s a pain to use and it’s super fun! So, I
really don’t mind that it’s heavy and it’s an involved process. Yeah, it’s
so much fun though and the pictures are great, I love it!
The quality looks amazing! I can’t wait to have the negatives scanned. I still need
to bleach the back of them, I’ve never done that, I will try that for the first
time soon. Maybe I’ll show you in a video, not in this one though and yeah, I’m very much looking
forward to playing with this thing a bit more! But now I think I’m gonna finish
this video here! I hope you enjoyed it! So, if you know the Mamiya Universal and
have any ideas of what I can do more with it or have any good tips and tricks
on how to use it best then please leave a comment in the comment section below
and help me out a bit, because I’m very new to this camera! I love it so far but
I’m sure there are tons of things that I haven’t discovered yet! So, if you like
this video then please leave a like and subscribe if you haven’t done so
already! It really helps me out with the channel, so I would appreciate it! And I
hope to see you soon for another video! Bye! But yeah, I’m super curious … curiououos?! [Makes weird sounds] What?! … really helps me out with the channel and now my voice is going [bark] off! There’s a
plane, oh there’s no winning! So, we’ve had planes, we had a doggie
interruption, we had joggers, we had a biker who said good morning,
very friendly, thank you! And we had an itchy nose probably somewhere, but not
sure I recorded that and yes … Filming yourself is easy! So easy! [Hint: Sarcasm] Especially
outside! Oh, and all the awkward stares, they’ve also been there! But since
I’m wearing my shades … I’m protected from the evil glare of those stares! Enough for now, enough bullshitting and
there’s another plane, okay …!


  • Land and Lore Photograph Off Road Adventures

    Well you are going to look like a body builder soon after carrying that thing around..
    I used shoot weddings in the 90s and I carried around 2 Bronica SQ camera bodies, 3 lenses and half a dozen film backs not to mention reflectors and film etc, was around 20Kg and sometimes more if I did not have an assistant working with me. In many ways I have not changed much and still carry around large heavy cameras and a ridiculous amount of gear to go with them. Now I also shoot video it is even more gear to carry around.
    Love the photos, always loved the Polaroid look.

  • tailwheel65

    I have the polaroid 600se variant, with a 127mm mamiya lens. I have a ton of fuji peel apart that I bought after it was announced that it would be discontinued. I really love this camera.

  • Colin Faulkner

    Weighty camera but worth it. I use a speed graphic on occasion. It is worth it; regardless of weight. Thanks for the primer on the Mamiya Universal. Seems like a great camera.

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