N. Korea modifies constitution to further strengthen Kim Jong-un’s power
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N. Korea modifies constitution to further strengthen Kim Jong-un’s power

North Korea’s rubber-stamp Parliament
the Supreme People’s Assembly held its second meeting of the year on Thursday
it’s very rare I tell you the North announced that the assembly is changing
the Constitution to further strengthen Kim Jong as legal power there was
however no message on the regime stalled denuclearization talks with the United
States are Oh jung-hee has the details North Korean leader Kim
jong-un is further cementing his already hefty grip on power on Thursday
Pyongyang Steve run Korean Central Television revealed the results of the
North’s rubber stamp Parliament meeting held earlier in the day it said the
Supreme People’s Assembly modified parts of Constitution to strengthen the
authority of Kim jong-un and the state affairs Commission the North Korean
government’s top decision-making body which is headed by can three major
changes were made first the chairman of the seat Affairs Commission who is Kim
jong-un does not double as a member of the Parliament second Kim proclaims the
Assembly’s various legislation and makes the key decisions at the state affairs
Commission lastly Kim can appoint or dismiss north korea’s diplomatic envoys
to other countries therefore the chairman of the state affairs commission
who represents our country now has a stronger legal status and is a
leadership as a firmly guaranteed Kim jong-un is now considered completely
separate from the assembly as the regime’s leader only plus Kim now
designates overseas envoys which in the past was dogged by the chairman of the
Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly this means even greater power
in Kim’s hands adding to his status as a ceremonial leader of the state that was
granted at the Lord’s previous parliamentary session in April because
the meeting took place amid no signs of working-level negotiations between
Pyongyang and Washington there was speculation Kim jong-un could give a
speech to clarify his stance on talks with the West like it did in April
however that the not happen as Kim didn’t appear at
Thursday’s session the regime’s five-year economic development plan
which is due in 2020 doesn’t seem to have been covered either Oh jung-hee
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