Neoss® Open Tray Impressions
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Neoss® Open Tray Impressions

In this video, we will demonstrate the use
of the Neoss open tray impression technique. In an open tray technique, the impression
coping is ‘picked up’ in the impression material. The Neoss open tray impression coping is available
in 8 and 13mm lengths, and is packaged in a kit consisting of the impression coping,
screw, plastic extension tube and replica. A unique feature of all Neoss impression copings
is that they are ‘self-seating’. This means that the screw will not engage
the implant if the coping is not correctly seated. However, a radiograph is recommended if there
is any uncertainty or risk of soft tissue entrapment. Use the open tray impression coping as supplied. The implant connection is exposed and we make
sure it is clear of any soft or hard tissue. Place the desired length impression coping
onto the implant and tighten the screw. Hand tightening is sufficient by using the
screwdriver and manual handle. We then try-in the modified impression tray
(a window has been previously cut in the area of the implant), and ensure that the tray
is clear of the impression coping and the plastic tube extends beyond the impression
tray. Using a medium to heavy body impression material,
inject around the impression coping and fill the impression tray. Seat the impression tray into the patient
and ensure the plastic tube is clearly visible. After the impression material has set, either
grasp the plastic sleeve with tweezers and remove or, using a probe, remove the impression
material from inside the plastic sleeve. Using the screwdriver, ensure that the screw
has been completely undone or disengaged from the coping, and remove the impression. Take care when attaching the implant replica
to the impression coping. One prosthetic platform for Ø.35-6.0 implants;
allowing for a minimal number of components. The kit contains all you need including an
implant replica. ‘Self-seating’ coping – engages the
implant only if correctly seated.

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