New Universal Championship 2019! Shayna Baszler Vs Becky Lynch! Alexa Bliss Returns! Wrestling News
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New Universal Championship 2019! Shayna Baszler Vs Becky Lynch! Alexa Bliss Returns! Wrestling News

Here is your news for
November 30, 2019 We’re starting off by looking at
SmackDown today, as for the
blue brand once again revealed a new
championship design. This week, fans were promised a
new face on the Firefly Fun House and though we did get that, it
wasn’t what fans expected. Instead of the speculated Liv
Morgan, Wyatt said that it was only
fair that if he has a new title design, then so should the Fiend, and revealed
a disturbing new look for the Universal
title, with the Fiend’s own face. This is the third new title design in three
weeks on SmackDown, as last week saw
the Shonsuke Nakamura be crowned with a new Intercontinental Champion
ship replacing the prior design instigated
at Hell in a Cell 2011 by Cody Rhodes. The week prior saw Wyatt himself
revealed the redesigned Universal title,
which now features a Blue strap to to reflect the gold’s new home
on SmackDown. Since returning at Summerslam, Wyatt
has been one of WWE most striking
characters, and this new title designed by the studios of horror movies effects
legend Tom Savini looks like it’d fit
right at home in one of his films. Unsurprisingly, the company didn’t
wait long to put replica’s of the
monstrous new championship on on their official WWE Shop website,
as fans will be able to pre-order the
gold tomorrow, with each title being individually handcrafted and
numbered, showing just how limited
edition the item will be. For fans of the Fiend who may not
have the time or money to pre-order
the rare piece of gold, there’s still plenty of Wyatt merch to go around,
including the new Wyatt severed
head Fiend lanterns. The lantern, which depicts Bray’s
severed head with the eyes
stitched closed, is $100 on WWE Shop, so hopefully,
they’re of a high quality. Fans got their first glimpse of the
demonic lantern at Summerslam,
when the Fiend debuted to destroy Finn Balor, and the prop has become
one of the most popular parts of the
beloved but bizarre character. The lantern will no doubt make a
practical Christmas gift for fans
trying to navigate their homes in the dark, but people
who aren’t fans are bound to be
confused. From Eaters of Worlds to Queens
of Spades now, as Shayna Baszler
continues to be on a wave of momentum
after winning at Survivor Series. Defeating both Becky Lynch and
Bayley in the main event, Bazler’s
celebration was short-lived as she was attacked by The Man
post-match, who celebrated to
close out the show. It now seems that WWE have
dropped a major hint for their plans
between the two, as the Wrestling Observer Newslettr noted that the
plan is for The Man Vs. The
Queen of Spades for Baszler’s first major feud on
the main roster. The report states: “The idea of the match, and really the
entire angle, was for Baszler. Baszler
carries herself and talks like a badass The original plan was for her to be
on the main roster in 2020. Based
on so much of the build, and the post-match, it appeared she was
being groomed for Lynch.” With her history as a UFC fighter
and her incredibly successful
transition to Pro Wrestling, the sky’s limit for Baszler, as fans still wonder
who will be the one to take her NXT
Women’s Championship. From NXT to AEW now, as whilst
Cody Rhodes may be a distant
memory in WWE, the former Intercontinental Champion is trying
to grab every name that Vince Mc
Mahon has forgotten about. Connection to his father who was
a dominant force in WCW, Rhodes
has tried to trademark several names from the defunct promotion,
and though he doesn’t own War
Games, he does own the match’s moniker of “The Match Beyond”, and
WWE didn’t use this during
commentary at all during this year’s huge contest last week. Interestingly, Cody also owns the
rights to the American Dream
name as well as it was the same name that
helped make his father a huge
star. Now, the Wrestling Observer is
noting that Cody’s goal is to own all
the ideas and names that his father came up with, and has filed new
trademarks for both Superbrawl
and Slamboree. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by WWE,
as they have already tried to block
AEW from using Bash at the Beach for an event in January,
as the report reads: “WWE is opposing his claims on at
least some of them. Cody has been
trying to gain ownership of things for usage in AEW, such as Bash at
the Beach that is being used in
January. In particular he’s looking for ownership of ideas that his father
came up with.” With all these classic names, and
plenty more up for grabs, it seems
that AEW fans could be in store for some very nostalgic experiences
in the near future. Some bad news for AEW next
though, as the company is
being investigated by the Maryland State Athletic
Commission. According to the Wrestling Observer,
former WCW announcer Chris
Cruise contracted the commission about the recent Lights Out match
that saw Kenny Omega and Jon
Moxley lay waste to each other at the
Full Gear Pay Per View in
Baltimore this month. According to the report, Cruise
asked what the commission’s rules
were about blading, and was informed that the state of Maryland
bars all wrestlers from intentionally
cutting themselves, or introducing human or animal blood
into the match from a third party. The commission also had a presence
at the event and had a doctor
assigned to Full Gear, but after the graphic nature of the match, was
conducting a formal investigation. The Lights Out match between Omega
and Moxley quickly became notorious
for the weapons used, as Moxley brought a barbed-wire
covered baseball batt to the ring,
whilst Omega used everything from barbed wire broom, broken glass,
a panel covered in mouse traps and even a barbed wire filled
Spider web. Despite Omega’s array of weapons,
it was Moxley who got the win, and
though their feud seems to be over, the investigation into the
match is just getting started. Since launching back in January,
AEW has made it clear that they
don’t want to be anything like WWE, but in their efforts to avoid being
associated with the PG product of
Vince McMahon, it seems All Elie Wrestling may have accidentally
gone too far. More SmackDown news next, as
this week’s show was the first event
for the blue brand since coming in second place at Survivor Series.
scoring two points. Opening the event in Birmingham,
Roman Reigns said he was thankful
for all the fans and his peers that he worked with to win the men’s
elimination Survivor Series match,
but made one notable exception. Continuing his feud with King Baron
Corbin, The Big Dog called out the
Lone Wolf to the ring, but Corbin instead blamed Reigns’ ego for the
friction on the team last Sunday,
and after wisely opting not to face the former Universal Champion this
week, decided to send Robert
Roode in his place. Despite the skills of the former NXT
and US Champion, as well as both
Corbin and Dolph Ziggler at
Ringside, Reigns was able to defeat
the 3 on 1 numbers game, and
delivered a post-match beatdown on the Glorious One, as
Corbin watched on from the ramp. In Cruiserweight action, Mustafa Ali’s
momentum has continued since he
got his first name back, as he
picked up a big win over former
Cruiserweight Champion Drew
Gulak. This win was a long time coming for
the Light, as Gulak had criticised
Ali’s performance at Survivor Series all week on Twitter, but fell short
to the 450 splash. Between losing the Cruiserweight title,
and being left off of SmackDown’s
Survivor Series team, it hasn’t been a good couple of weeks for
Gulak, who should go back to the
drawing board, and his PowerPoint presentations, to decide his
next move. Up next fans saw an appearance by
Sasha Banks and Bayley, as the
pair lambasted the women of team blue for losing in traditional
Survivor Series match action. Of course, the pair didn’t mention the
fact that Banks was the captain of the
losing team, and they didn’t mention that Bayley lost in the
main event, but they were
reminded of this by the interrupting
Lacey Evans. With her eyes set on Bayley’s Smack
Down Women’s Championship, the
Sassy Southern Belle quickly reminded the Champ of her
submission loss to Shayna
Baszler, and when Banks got in her face, the Boss was
floored with a Woman’s Right. As Evans left the ring, Bayley
was left to check on her fallen
friend, but it seems these two will meet
in competition once again. In more women’s division action,
Nikki Cross defeated Sonya Deville in a decent win
for the Scottish Superstar. What happened next wasn’t as fun
for Cross, as both Deville and
Mandy Rose ganged up for a two on one beatdown, which would have
continued if not for the return of
Alexa Bliss. The petite powerhouse last
competed at Hell in a Cell where she
and Cross lost the tag titles to the Kabuki Warriors, and despite yet
another injury forcing her to miss
months of action Bliss showed no ring rust in
her return. Planting Rose with a Double DDT,
Bliss and Cross stood tall on this
occasion and hopefully, Miss Five Feet of
Fury will be able to avoid any
more injuries. Though they may be down a member
thanks to an injury sidelining Xavier
Woods, the New Day were ready to put that behind them this
week, and issued an open
challenge for their SmackDown Tag
Team titles. The seven time champions were
ready to take on all comers, and
it was Cesaro and Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura
who answered the call, flanked
by Sami Zayn. After Zayn unleashed his criticism
on Thanksgiving and Black Friday,
the self-professed critic of critics was all heated in the match, which
may explain why he accidentally
cost his team the win. With the referee distracted, Zayn
tried to use the pancake tray of
the New Day to help his team, but after being caught and ejected
from ringside, the distracted
Cesaro received a trouble in paradise from
Kingston, to seal the win. In our final segment of the night,
Daniel Bryan turned to the WWE
Universe to answer the challenge of Bray Wyatt, but
this may have been a costly
mistake. After coming up short at Survivor
Series, Bryan wasn’t sure that he
should take on the Fiend once more, but after asking the crowd
whether he should take on the
Universal Champion again was met with a resounding Yes!
chant. With the fans still chanting, Bryan
clearly didn’t have his eye on the
ball, as the lights went down, and the Fiend emerged from beneath
the ring to batter the Eco-Warrior. Despite Bryan’s attempts to stave
off The Fiend, it wasn’t enough to
keep Wyatt from locking in the Mandible claw, and dragged the
former World Champion beneath
the ring. Shockingly, this wasn’t even the end
of Wyatt’s actions, as he later
emerged with clumps of Bryan’s hair in his hands, and though fans
didn’t get to see the extent of
what the Universal Champion did to Bryan,
its clear that it wasn’t good.


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