News Wrap: Federal judge puts Missouri abortion law on hold
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News Wrap: Federal judge puts Missouri abortion law on hold

JUDY WOODRUFF: This has been a day of courtroom
drama, as accusers of Jeffrey Epstein pursue their quest for justice. The financier was facing federal sex trafficking
charges when he died by suicide this month in jail. Today, 16 women spent 2.5 hours in a federal
courtroom in New York City, telling of abuse at Epstein’s hands. Some spoke afterward as well. CHAUNTAE DAVIES, Epstein Accuser: It was both
empowering and infuriating to know that the person who I needed to hear those words is
not here to hear them. It’s also pretty upsetting to see how many
lives he’s devastated and to see how long this went on for, and nobody did anything
about it. JUDY WOODRUFF: We will talk with a reporter
who has been in today’s hearing later in the program. A federal judge in Kansas City has blocked
a Missouri law that bans most abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy. The new statute had been scheduled to go into
effect today. But the judge issued the temporary restraining
order while a lawsuit challenging the law plays out in court. Tropical Storm Dorian blew past Barbados today
without causing serious damage and headed toward Puerto Rico. The storm is forecast to pass over or near
the U.S. territory tomorrow afternoon at near-hurricane strength. Today, people in San Juan stocked up on supplies. Some said they endured Hurricane Maria in
2017 and they want to be ready this time. HECTOR LUIS REYES GARCIA, Puerto Rico (through
translator): Water and the necessities in case this thing comes and hits us, so it doesn’t
catch us without anything. I didn’t prepare for Maria, but, this time,
for this, I’m preparing. JUDY WOODRUFF: Officials in Puerto Rico have
already declared a state of emergency. We will get a first-hand report later in the
program. Police in Hollywood, Florida, said today they
expect more arrests in connection with a dozen deaths at a nursing home. It happened during Hurricane Irma in 2017. The storm knocked out power and air conditioning,
and the victims died of heat exposure. On Monday, the home administrator and three
nurses were charged with manslaughter. The facility was shut down after the storm. Some of the federal money set aside to deal
with hurricanes will now go to immigration enforcement instead. The Department of Homeland Security said today
that it is shifting $270 million from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and
other accounts. It said the money will come pay for housing
migrants and processing asylum cases faster. In Iran, President Hassan Rouhani today rejected
President Trump’s unofficial offer of in-person talks. President Trump said on Monday that he was
open to meeting on the nuclear standoff between the two countries. But, in Tehran, Rouhani said that could happen
only if the U.S. rescinds economic penalties on his country. HASSAN ROUHANI, Iranian President (through
translator): Lift the sanctions. All the sanctions against the Iranian nation,
which are illegal, cruel, and wrong, should be lifted. If the U.S. lifts all these sanctions and
respects the nation of Iran, well, then the situation would be different. JUDY WOODRUFF: The Trump administration reimposed
sanctions after withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal last year. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
has fired off new warnings to Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah. An Israeli airstrike killed two of the group’s
fighters in Syria on Sunday. Hezbollah also blamed Israel for strikes inside
Lebanon. The militants’ leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has
threatened retaliation. But, today in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said his
country will defend itself. BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, Israeli Prime Minister
(through translator): I heard what Nasrallah said. I suggest to Nasrallah to calm down. He knows well that Israel knows how to defend
itself and to pay back its enemies. I want to tell him, and to Lebanon, which
hosts this organization that aspires to destroy us, watch what you say, and be careful about
what you do. JUDY WOODRUFF: The Israelis have confirmed
the airstrike inside Syria. They say it disrupted Iranian plans to attack
Israel with drones. They have not claimed responsibility for any
strikes inside Lebanon. At least 40 migrants are missing and feared
dead off the coast of Libya. The United Nations’ Refugee Agency said today
they were bound for Europe when their boat capsized. At least 65 were rescued. Most were from Sudan. U.N. officials say that 859 migrants have
died trying to cross the Mediterranean this year. In economic news, China’s Foreign Ministry
insisted that it knows nothing of any new phone calls with U.S. officials to discuss
trade. Both President Trump and Treasury Secretary
Steven Mnuchin said on Monday that there had been such calls. And on Wall Street, jitters over the trade
war and interest rates sent stocks lower. The Dow Jones industrial average lost almost
121 points to close below 25778. The Nasdaq fell 26 points and the S&P 500
slipped nine. Still to come on the “NewsHour”: a conversation
with Republican Joe Walsh — why is he running against President Trump?; Jeffrey’s Epstein’s
victims and the long fight for justice; as the Amazon is engulfed by flames, the controversial
leader of Brazil is under political fire; and much more.

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