Nikki Haley Defends Confederate Flag
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Nikki Haley Defends Confederate Flag

>>Foreign ambassador of the UN Nikki Haley,
she went and it’s also speculated, 2020 VP running it. She went on with Glenn Beck and floated some
conspiracy theories or some potential things about the Confederate flag that could possibly
get her some more favor with the base. And how it doesn’t relate anything with the
Charleston Church leader Dylann Roof. So let’s see what she had to say.>>These 12 people were amazing people, they
love their church, they love their family, they love their community. And here is this guy that comes out with his
manifesto holding the Confederate flag and had just hijacked everything that people thought
of, and we don’t have hateful people in South Carolina. There’s always the small minority that’s always
gonna be there, but people saw it as service and sacrifice and heritage. But once he did that, there was no way to
overcome it and the national media came in in droves. They wanted to define what happened. They wanted to make this about racism. They wanted to make it about gun control. They wanted to make it about death penalty.>>So, Nikki Haley points out that the Confederate
flag was about service, sacrifice and heritage and Dylann Roof came in and messed that whole
thing up. And the crazy national media want to come
in and make sure that we were talking about race. Let’s hear what ole Dylann Roof had to say
about race days after he committed the murders and was talking to the FBI.>>Why did you have to do it?>>I had to do it.>>How come? I mean, that’s what I don’t know.>>Well, I had to do it because, Somebody
had to do something. Because, black people are killing white people
everyday on the streets. They rape, they rape white women, a 100 white
women a day. That’s a FBI statistic from 2005. That’s ten years ago. It might even be more now, who knows?>>Dylann, you said you had to do this because,
so basically what you’re->>I had to do it because nobody else is gonna
do it. Nobody else is brave enough to do anything
about it. Back in the late 80s and the early 90s, we
had skinheads and stuff like that. There’s no skinheads left. There’s no KKK. The KKK never did anything anyway.>>So basically, you were trying to make a
statement or prove a point on behalf of the white race? Is that what you’re saying?>>Yeah, in a way.>>I didn’t know Dylann Roof was a part of
that national media that want to make this about race.>>So, really, Nikki Haley’s comments are
stunning, even for a Republican. So, he wrote a whole manifesto against black
people. Then he found a black church in specific and
murdered black people. And then he confessed that he did it to make
sure that he was killing black people and saying that he wanted to start a race war. But the shooting wasn’t about race? It was about the national media say it was
about race? I mean, I don’t know that even the alt right
would make that claim. That’s an unbelievable thing to say. Let alone what she said about the Confederate
flag, which I’ll get to in a minute.>>Yeah, Nikki Haley clearly has some pretty
high ambitions for within the Republican Party. It’s so naked and so obvious you almost feel
embarrassed for how hard she’s pandering. And this is maybe a controversial opinion
but I think a really important part of the Republican voting block are people who think
being called a racist is worse than being the object of racism.>>That’s definitely.>>She is trying to appeal to people who want
to believe that we live in a post-racial society or who act out in racist ways and want to
be exonerated for those things. I find it really awful, and as a woman, I
hate to see another woman parroting this sort of oppressive narrative. It’s really, really distressing.>>So, you remember they took down the confederate
flag in South Carolina after the Dylann Roof shooting. So that’s why she’s pandering here. So she’s saying, look, I didn’t want to take
down the flag, the flag is awesome. But the national media made me do it because
they->>Pretended that the shooting was about racism
and then they brought it gun control but he obviously killed them with flaws.>>No, he killed them with guns, and so you
know why people talked about guns and race cuz it was about guns and race, but now, let’s
get to her saying that the Confederate flag was about service, sacrifice and heritage. No, it was about slavery and how they desperately
wanted to keep slavery. And so, they betrayed our country, they are
the most Un-American people that have every lived because they literally declared war
on America, when they went into battle, the flag on the opposite side was the American
flag. And so, the people who celebrate the flag
of traders are not doing it because they’re like, you know what, I really think this is
about service. Service to what? Service to keeping slavery? Look, I’ve heard 1000 excuses about like no,
no, so even though all the people who led the Confederacy are very clearly on the record
saying, this is about keeping slavery, okay. And it’s so important to us that we have the
state right of keeping slavery. You just read any of their statements. And it’s the most obvious thing in the world! That was the thing that they disagreed on. It’s not like they were like, hey, should
we do universal basic income, or should we not do universal basic income? No, the whole war was about slavery. But now the revisionist history is, no, it
was about maintaining our heritage, heritage to do what? Slavery, so, this whole white washing of,
the Confederate flag is awesome, if it wasn’t for the liberals and the national media, we
would have kept it but yeah, they twisted what poor Dylann Roof did. And we don’t have any hateful people in-
>>South Carolina.>>It won’t hurt anything about the Confederate
flag being connected to slavery until our racism and slavery until Dylann Roof came
along a few years ago. So also he mentioned skinheads in the clan,
they never did anything anyway.>>You know what the skinheads in the Klan
did? They wrapped themselves in that Confederate
flag that you just said was somehow put on Dylann Roof’s shoulders only. He mentions the people that we know are connected
to that flag. So, it flies in the face of reality and Glenn
Beck sitting there across from her, it’s okay to still be an idiot and go, does that make
much sense though, Nikki? I mean, I agree with most the time but this
doesn’t seem to make much sense. Dylann Roof is the first one to connect the
Confederate flag to racism? Is that what you’re saying? Just ask her, just make her elaborate so she
has to think about what she’s saying. And the people who are nodding their heads
going, yep, I think I’d like her to replace Pence in 2020. Those people that are doing that will go,
yeah, well, maybe they’ll like it. That’s the point.>>Yeah, and the people who connected Confederate
flag to racism were people in the Confederacy who said, white people are superior, black
people are like animals, that’s why we wanna kill Northerners and attack the United States
of America to make sure that we can keep Blacks as slaves for the rest of their lives. Those are the people who connect with the
Confederate flag, the race, and one last thing to Aaron’s point, the reason Donald Trump
does it, the reason the Republican Party ran on what they call the Southern strategy for
40 years, and the reason Nikki Haley said all these things is because they are trying
to appeal to racist Republican voters. No one else in the media will tell you that
because they’re like, my god, I don’t wanna lose ratings, I don’t wanna lose viewers,
or readers if I call Republicans in South Carolina who love the Confederate flag racist. Okay, that’s your business decision but the
reason they have to pander and who they’re pandering to, is racist who love the idea
of the Confederate flag and who believe in racism. That’s why they’re pandering otherwise they
wouldn’t do it. They know who their voters are. And anyone who’s being honest about it will
tell you that.


  • Jim French

    The South reconquered the North with the Woodrow Wilson Presidency and the majority of Presidents are from the South ever since. Tulsa and Elaine Riots were an effective and conclusive reckoning within
    the Patriarchal Southron Hierarchies.

  • peter davis

    I find a strange he was going to shoot up a drug dealers neighborhood but changed his mind and went to do it at a church.

  • Pompous Prick

    TYT fans are very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very stupid.

  • Sidney Falcon

    …..Sis the Klan brought back the Confederate flag after it had fallen into obscurity. You might want to rethink that one.

  • Patrick Hall

    Imagine if a Muslim did the same thing to a bunch of Catholics…do you really think she would minimize the Muslim religion as a whole…nope.

  • Yautja Prime

    Right, other people wanted to make it about gun violence, racism, etc. Just remember when someone is being discriminated against or attacked, it is always their fault according to republicans.

  • Aegix Drakan

    I'm very much against the death penalty (too many innocent people killed, etc etc) but I find myself unable to feel bad about dylan roof's death sentence. I mean…Just…YIKES. That unapologetic attitude towards the mass murder he'd just committed…

  • alreid09

    Nikki Haley needs to realize no amount of cake soap would have saved her during the civil war….she is an indian-american and her parents are from India. It is so weird when minorities defend racist groups.

  • Nevyn of OZ 1973

    I cannot think of another nation that names military bases, towns, streets and schools after traitors. But then again I don't live in a third world nation where racism means more than kids coming home from school every day un-shot.

  • Michelle Albarello

    You people suck, you twist things to fit your narrative. Talk about pandering….really??? you need to watch the Democratic Primaries to see real pandering!!

  • Sun Temple

    The Confederate flag should be banned in all American states any, person or state allowing the image of the symbol, should be given a fine to pay when they break the rules.

  • davinder chahal

    Being Punjabi I feel disgraced that Nikki Haley said that, shows she doesn’t care for all people just specific white people. That same flag pushed all people of colour to the side through slavery and immigration laws. Nikki’s one of the few people who are stuck in the sunken place

  • Bubby Steel

    They should make January 20th Dylan roof day. All those statistics dylan was saying in that video were true,,minorities murder whites way more and they rape women way more. If I were in charge I'd be givin him a pardon and replacing MLK day with Dylan Roof day

  • Godfrey Daniel

    The R's can't win in the former confederate states (or anywhere else, frankly) without pandering to bigots. Do the math…

  • Tim S

    So what if he had held a US flag? We let one person label a symbol? Confederate Flag is viewed differently by different people. I had ancestors who fought under that flag. It is sad racists brainwashed him. Confederate flags are still flown on private property. It was removed from public property. Soldiers joined for different reasons. Many fought to defend their states from invasion. Lee fought to defend VA. Cenk is a simpleton. He doesnt bother to try to understand the nuance of the war. Lincoln at start of the war had no intention to harm slavery. He did emancipation as a means to expand Union armies and deny foreign recognition of CSA. It was a means to win the war. He didnt do it because he thought it the moral thing to do. Does that make him a racist? People in North though whites superior. Lincoln wanted to settle former Slaves in Africa and limit right to vote to only black veterans. Cenk you really are a simpleton opportunist with no idea about the war but sees it as cudgel to use for political purposes.

  • Heat Filter

    Confederate flag = Treason to the U.S. flag. Why did the U.S. permit it to survive used until today? Everything it stands for is either misinterpreted, lost in time, or it's true intention and meaning used silently by those that raise it… I do not believe in it's history or it's preservation.

  • Jeffrey White

    What was motivation behind their service. Was it possibly to maintain the southern standards which include slavery, 3/5 laws, jim crow, and ownership of humans. Don't dance around what your heritage really stands for.

  • vudu8ball

    The Confederate flag was flown by traitors to the elected government of the United States. I believe flying this flag is treasonous and it should be outlawed.

  • Tim S

    Slavery existed a hell of a lot longer under the stars and stripes then it did the Confederate Flag. The last places slavery legally existed in 1865 in US were slave states that were not recognized as having seceded and slavery existed under the protection of the US flag. No Confederate flag ever flew from a ship conducting the slave trade where as the stars and stripes flew over ships on the slave trade. The Stars and Stripes were flown over a segregated Army up until 1947. So doesnt that make the US flag a racist symbol? Almost every nation on Earth ended slavery before the US. The US and Israel were last two nations to defend Apartheid. The US routinely defends Israel criminal acts against brown people. So instead of attacking a flag that officially represents NOTHING what is your view of the US flag?

  • John Hill

    You have to be very suspect of someone that completely abandons their culture and religion in pursuit of power like Nikki Haley.

  • Tim S

    You have to be a very arrogant and authoritarian person to think that YOUR view of a symbol is the only opinion and that any that disagree with you should be labeled as treasonous or criminal and then try to suppress that symbol. Not everyone in the US has had the same experience. Our experiences inform our views.

  • Armando Gallegos

    YOUNG TURKS = ARMENIAN GENOCIDE but hey, let's talk about the racist symbolism of the Confederate flag for the 1000th time.

  • HailedDaffodil

    Laughing because the flag that people think is the Confederate flag isn't even the actual Confederate flag, it's the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia…it has nothing to with wanting to respect and honor their heritage as southerners, it's to celebrate an adopted symbol of oppression. Neo Nazi's use it for that very reason and it's used in Germany in place of the Nazi flag by racists since the Nazi flag is illegal there.

  • Lydia Waweru-Morgan

    She is a woman of colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the f***!!! The self hate is incredible! Also I'm gonna start calling get by her name: Nimrata Randhawa.

  • Dylan Vega

    As a left wing southerner, I am very prideful of the south’s history you have to respect the struggle of the poor white southerners because they were treated even worse than the blacks.

  • Carol Mc Quay

    I'd love to be God for One day. ….. I'd obliderate the Entire World. I'd regret I ever created a Human. 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • Lois Vaughn

    I don't understand why the rebel flag is a symbol of Southern pride. I'm serious about this. The flag represents a period of time when poor white Southerners fought a war that really profited the well off and their way of living. History repeats itself because Trump being in office benefits the rich and the people fighting to keep him in office the most, he screws over the most. The South lost the war and for me, the Rebel flag is a symbol of losing that war and I don't understand how people can be proud of a war they lost, a war that left so much devastation, a war that ended the cruelty of slavery. If I see it on somebody's shirt, it tells me a lot about that person. Nevertheless, Nikki Haley was instrumental in taking the flag off the state house grounds when people came to a compromise just a few years before to take it off the state house and put it on the grounds somewhere. I didn't understand what the flag had to do with the boy killing those precious people. You can take away all the flags and monuments, this is a heart problem. At the time, I felt she took the flag down as a political move and I could understand why people were angry. If she cares about people, why did she treat Palestine with disrespect? Why is it okay to treat some people with contempt but not others?

  • Jim French

    🎵 Yankee Doodle whose the noodle?
    🎵 Ever a wife so handy
    🎵 To breed a flock of knaves for stock
    🎵 A Blackamoor is the dandy

  • Tom Warlitner

    The shooter was mentally ill. The flag was banned but I saw it my whole life in VA. It meant heritage to me until I was told it was so evil "Dukes of Hazard" reruns had to be taken off tv. Please God, let Trump switch Pence out for Nikki Haley! I can't wait to vote for that brown lady in '24 and '28! Fostering hate and ignorance and living in the past seem more and more, left wing traits. We see what you're doing.

  • Smoking Joe

    The wealthy antebellum drafted the poor white southerners. If you owned 20 or more slaves you did not have to serve. 12% was drafted. Many were unofficially drafted. You served or got executed. Anyone read "Cold Mountain"?

  • kityumcashco kityumcashco

    Nikki, Nikki, Nikki…you're in the minority racist Trump supporters…and you're not even white. You stand for something that stood for hatred.

  • Smoking Joe

    Slavery is as old as the Bible.
    1300 B.C. including slave trade in the U.S.1619 – 1863….. 3,000 years….The only reason they were to be freed was so they could pay taxes after the war.

  • Jim French

    My Great Great Grandfather owned fifty Slaves. Our Slaves got one month off in January.They could go visit their friends and kin on other Plantations.They were very loyal
    and stayed after the War ended. I knew many a White Southerner that had an ex slave for their nursemaid.
    Does Cenks wife clean her own house or does she have a Mexican Maid?

  • James Walker

    Nimroda is trying to get ignant racist🛠’s to vote for her. Sure, she might think her fellow rethuglikkkunt scum think she’s ok, but chances are pretty good that they wouldn’t let her use the toilet in their house unless she was giving them head or a handjob

  • Jim French

    Rundstedt 101: One of our bodyslaves was most helpful at slamming Yankees in the head with rocks .
    You little gingerbread boys could be trained.

  • xnreyescj

    British Parliament banned slavery in 1833, The War of Northern "Aggression" began in 1861. South was behind the industrial revolution and didn't want to lose "states right" to slavery. So yeah $$ , slavery, seceding from the union = traitors.

  • Jim French

    Nikki Haley knows that South Carolinians were especially talented at suppressing Slave uprisings.
    From Stono to Denmark Vessey the firm yet guiding hand of the White Patriarchal Southroners
    quickly brought the meeting to order. Whites are a civilizing force . No riots since the Patriarchal
    Roof got some fresh shingles.

  • Dennis Mendez

    Dude is rascist. Flag was for organized states that happened to be in the south end of north america, and whom had a disagreement with a group of organized states whom happened to be in the north.

  • Hardcore History

    I can only hope that the good citizens of the California District where CENK IS RELOCATING to run for Congress KNOWS what a TWO-FACED bunch of hypocrites TYT's are.

  • Hardcore History

    And take a look at TYT's thumbnail, showing a saddened and despondent Nikki. Why didn't you use a thumbnail of Nikki signing the bill to remove the Confederate flag from the S.C. State Capitol, CENK?

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