‘No options can be ruled out’: Carrie Lam on China intervention
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‘No options can be ruled out’: Carrie Lam on China intervention

It is too early to say
that the anti-mask law is not effective.
I’m sure you agree that for any new policy,
or new legislation, it will take time
for it to be effectively implemented. –What is it going to take
and how bad does it need to get in Hong Kong
before you make that decision to call on China to help
restore order in the territory? At this point in time,
I still strongly feel that we shall find the
solutions ourselves. That, that is also
the position of the Central government
that Hong Kong should tackle the problem
on her own. But if the situation becomes
so bad, then no options could be ruled out
if we want Hong Kong to at least have another chance.


  • Guardian News

    Hong Kong's Carrie Lam refuses to rule out asking China for help to quell protests ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/oct/08/hong-kongs-carrie-lam-refuses-to-rule-out-asking-china-for-help-to-quell-protests

  • Victor Jin

    most critics here don't even know what's happening in hk. rioters are turning the city into hell!!! this is not democracy, this is against the will of the majority of hk people.

  • Tenny Young

    Don't rule out that MTR can set up their own rules or regulation to any rioters to ban/limit convicted rioters from using MTR even after jail time. MTR can enforce their own rules by adopting face recognition technology and by hiring Gurkhas for their security.
    MTR reserves the right to enforce these rules at anytime in future.

    Some hints of some MTR rules: jump gate — ban for 1 week
    fail to remove face mask — ban for 1 week
    vandalism — ban for 6 months — 2 years (or payback damage)
    damage machines — ban for 2 years(or payback damage)
    attack MTR personnels — ban for 3 years
    arson — ban for life

  • Teck Hoh Ng

    Mere rhetorics but nothing concrete to resolve crisis after four months turmoil.Time is not on her side as the protests gets more violent. Hong Kong's economy is sinking daily. The city is half paralysed.The retailers, hawkers and taxi drivers are suffering immensely. Soon they have no food on the table for their families.What a leader?.

  • David King

    BBC is a 100% disgrace — they only report HK not Barcelona; BBC says HK rioters are heros whereas Barcelona protester are rioters. In fact, HK rioters are 100 times worse than Barcelona protesters because they systematically attack mandarin-speaking people or HKers who criticize the violence. Clearly, we see the anti-China initiative from BBC and BBC's nature is Big Bad Coward. No wonder Brexit!

  • JX Tian

    'No mask law', I'm pretty sure didn't the UK Government have the same law in 2011 due to the riots and the tuition fees protest?

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