North Carolina’s Debate On Confederate Monuments Rages On | NBC Nightly News
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North Carolina’s Debate On Confederate Monuments Rages On | NBC Nightly News


  • B Mitch

    Take a vote. If the majority of people want to take them down then do so. I'm tired of the minority telling the majority what to do.

  • Rick Halverson

    Could it be that the Democrats party has changed? They have gone to the extreme left, socialist/ communist party. They are not the same party they were even 15 years ago.
    The democrats party is now a left-wing extremist group. Scares the heck out of any rational person. Why would anybody vote for them? They are intent on destroying the United States.

  • outlawX357

    people know that a good majority of those statues were put up during the 40's and 50's paid by the kkk right?

  • Howard Roark

    More propaganda from NBC… Dictators have a long history of burning history books and destroying historical statues. Now Democrat's follow in the footsteps of those same dictators.

  • Howard Roark

    Most people don't have the knowledge to care about history. Many people do have the knowledge and want the statues to stay. The least informed group, which is the smallest group by far… seems to be the only group who gets TV coverage.

  • Fire Shock Gamer

    The south was not fighting for slavery they were fighting over tariff's
    BOTH SIDES HAD SLAVES and the only reason the south failed was because they didn't take the chains off and let them free
    North was fighting for control back on the south
    And the south was fighting over taxation. ABRAHAM LINCOLN WANTED TO TAX HARDER ON THE SOUTH
    This has been proven and doesn't need to continue we lost you ain't taking down no more property

    BTW the flag the CSA battle flag (which it is but not for very long)
    It has the cross of saint Andrew
    It was a Christian south that flag is protected by Christianity. DEO VINDICE

  • Joseph Jr Covino

    DIXIE'S LAST LAUGH: CSS SHENANDOAH, is a novelization of the valiant voyage of the Confederate Cruiser whose Postscript contains a sharp rebuttal to the public speech of New Orleans mayor, Mitch Landrieu, excusing the removal of Confederate monuments and statues.

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