Not sure what Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is all about?
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Not sure what Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is all about?

when you think about what our buildings used
to look like. When contractors would build buildings they
would have these giant staircases out in front of the building, eventually someone is going
to come to that building who’s using a wheelchair or maybe is using a walker and those individuals
can’t access that building they cannot get in because of the stairs, so someone else
has to come and retrofit the building, you know, put a ramp in the back, or make a separate
entrance so those users of the building can get into the building. Once folks kind of figure that out and then
buildings were them designed to accommodate multiple users they were from that point on
designed so that many individuals could get into the building no matter how they are trying
to get into the building whether that be wheeled in, whether it’s a mother with a stroller
etc. That’s a Universal Design that’s kind of where
it was born so the application to education is instead of designing a lesson and having
it, the students participate in one way and then later having to go and retrofit the lesson,
UDL in education is all around designing the lesson with multiple users in mind ahead of

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