NRA beats COWARD Trump into Submission on Gun Control
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NRA beats COWARD Trump into Submission on Gun Control

>>All it took was 11 days for Donald Trump
to back pedal on his calls for common sense gun control. Now, this was immediately after the two mass
shootings that took place, one in El Passo, Texas, the other in Dayton Ohio. He claimed that, hey, you know what? Common sense gun control makes sense. But then he took a meeting with the NRA, which
the NRA bragged about on Twitter, and here’s what he’s saying now.>>But you support either of the House Bills
that were passed.>>Well, I’m not gonna get into that, but
we are in very meaningful discussions with the Democrats, and I think the Republicans
are very unified. We are very strong on our Second Amendment,
the Democrats are not strong at all on the Second Amendment. I would say they’re weak on the Second Amendment,
and we have to be careful of that. The democrats would, I believe, I think they’d
give up the Second Amendment. And a lot of the people that put me where
i am are strong believers in the Second Amendment, and i am also, and we have to be very careful
about that. They call it the slippery slope, and all of
a sudden, everything gets taken away. We’re not gonna let that happen.>>Now, we’re gonna show you a video to compare
to what he had said after the mass shootings. But in a pinned tweet on the NRA account,
they wrote, quote, I spoke to the president today, we discussed the best ways to prevent
these types of tragedies. Donald Trump is a strong Second Amendment
president and supports our right to keep and bear arms. That was from Wayne Lapierre.>>Okay guys, this is really important. We’re gonna show you the clip where you’re
gonna see a clear flip flop. Donald Trump is too stupid to cover up his
crimes, mistakes, his corruption, in this case. And he said in that clip that you just watched,
I talked to the people who put me where I am. That’s because the NRA gave him $30 million
to win the election.>>And Wayne Lapierre went to him and said,
no, you’re not gonna do federal background checks, knucklehead, I own you. And you said the slippery slope was wrong. No, you’re gonna go out there and do as I
tell you and say, you should be really worried about the slippery slope. Now, wait a minute, you just saw with your
own eyes he said he’s worried about the slippery slope. So what did he say 11 days ago about that
same topic? Let’s watch.>>The NRA has, over the years, taken a very,
very tough stance on everything. And I understand it, it’s a slippery slope. They think you prove one thing and that leads
to a lot of bad things. I don’t agree with that. I think we can do very meaningful background
checks. I wanna see it happen. So I’ve got a lot of support and I also have
the support of other people on the other side, and I think the Democrats and Republicans
have a chance to really come together.>>So he said the slippery slope argument,
I don’t agree with that. And he said we can do meaningful background
checks. 11 days later, hey, listen, it could be a
slippery slope, I believe in the slippery slope, and we can’t do the federal background
checks, after Wayne Lapierre says I met with him, and I own him. And Trump then comes out and goes, I mean,
the people who backed me, the people who gave me money, I met with them. So now I’m not gonna do it. That’s corruption defined.>>Absolutely.>>That’s the swamp. That’s the swamp.>>And it goes against what the vast majority
of Americans want when it comes to federal background checks. In fact, I’m going to give you the numbers
not from one poll, not from two polls, but from several polls. So if you look at Quinnipiac, 94% of respondents
said that they support universal background checks. Washington University poll, 84%, CBC News,
89%, Morning Consult, 86%, Public Policy poll, 84%, CBC New York Times poll, 88%. Again, the vast majority of Americans. Meaning, that even those on the right are
in favor of universal background checks. And by the way, it’s amazing because that’s
literally the most weak sauce thing that you can do when it comes to gun control, right? I mean, it doesn’t even go close to solving
the giant issue we have with guns in America, but at east, it’s a start. And it’s amazing that the NRA can’t even have
that.>>So a couple of years ago, it was a poll
that I often quote, it was at 97%. And by the way, the great majority of gun
owners want universal background checks. So wait a minute, if the gun owners agree,
and the republican voters agree, and everyone agrees, why don’t we have it? Because the gun manufacturers do not agree. They fund the NRA, and the NRA funds Donald
Trump and the Republican Party. So Trump, like an idiot, comes up with this,
I’m gonna do background checks, I’m gonna do background checks. It’s gonna be meaningful, and I don’t believe
in the slippery slope. And then they pull him by the ear and go,
hey, you idiot, I bought you, don’t you remember that? He goes, yeah. Sorry, Wayne, sorry, Wayne. And he comes out like a little, all right,
I’ll leave out the adjective, it’s rare for me to leave it out, but a weakling, a coward.>>Sad.>>He comes out and goes, sorry, it just turns
out the slippery slope is true and I’m not gonna do background checks, Wayne yelled at
me. Pathetic, that’s your strong guy, that’s your
strong leader? He’s strong when he’s backing Neo Nazis and
saying they’re very fine people on that side, right? He’s strong when he is attacking Antifa and
say, I’m gonna call them a terror organization and arrest people on the left wing. When he’s attacking Latinos that cross the
border without a dollar in their pockets, without any money, without any power. When he attacks Muslim immigrants without
any power, he seems strong because he’s a bully. But the minute someone comes in and goes,
hey, Donald, remember who owns you. He goes, yes, sir, yes, sir. Sniveling little coward, Donald Trump. Why don’t you go crawl back onto Wayne LaPierre’s
lap and ask him what else you should do.>>So let’s talk a little bit more about gun
legislation that the majority of Americans are actually in favor of, again, Republicans
are included in this equation. When it comes to red flag laws, overall, 77%
of Americans surveyed support family initiated extreme risk protection orders, otherwise
known as red flag laws, and 70% support them when initiated by law enforcement according
to this survey, which was conducted before the recent Texas and Ohio shootings. By the way, again, that was conducted before
those two mass shootings happened in one weekend.>>After the shootings, Trump said he would
do the red flag laws. Right now, no red flag laws, nobody is pushing
forward, it’s done. After the next massacre, Trump will say, as
he’s done before, he’s done it twice already, I’m gonna get tough with NRA. I’m gonna do background checks. I’m gonna do red flags. And then what does he do? The only thing he did after Parkland was he
put more guns into schools so the NRA and the weapons manufacturers could sell more
guns rather less guns. Owned, through and through, the most corrupt
president we’ve ever had, easily, and he’s so stupid that he admits it on national TV. Well, I talked to people who backed me, and
they say, I can’t do it. Loser, weakling, coward.


  • J - Hump

    Republicans, the party of god, country and family values no longer exists, if it ever did, now its the party of white supremacy, religious fanaticism, sexisesm, hypocrisy, anti American ,lies,, anti environmental, hate, domestic terrorism, glorification of guns, corporate welfare, tax evasion, thievery, , fraud, anti education, and violence. Just watch the audience at any Trump KKK rally, sad, disgustingly pathetic and disturbing creatures. So unpatriotic and disrespectful to the heros that fought and died against white supremacists in W W 2. No shame or moral compass, just animalistic selfishness. The worst our country has to offer :/ Making America Gross Again. Reich on Republican party, Reich on,

  • DeadFishFactory

    If you think red flag laws are good, then you must also believe that civil forfeiture is good. They both operate on the same principle.

  • june bug

    Oh my the NRA must hav waved a dollar in front of trumpy.
    The NRA has taken money from Russia to bribe our politicans.
    How corrupt……

  • Eric Bilodeau

    Public polling even shows a significant majority of NRA members support universal background checks, which is evidence that proves the NRA does not represent it's members or gun owners. The NRA represents gun manufacturers and the members of the NRA are just used as pawns to give the organization legitimacy so they can pretend they are representing actual people. The only real purpose and function of the NRA is to funnel money from weapons manufacturers to corrupt politicians and to promote propaganda that protects their profits. NRA members are dupes. Simple as that.

  • Alex Cordero

    I completely agree with you, Cenk. But, in your final comment on Trump, you forgot to call him "Bitch." Lol. Love you guys!

  • Kerberos

    Lol Cenk, keep having your sweaty rants into the ether. We will keep all of our guns and buy whatever we choose, much to your chagrin. Y’all can eat sheeeeeit

  • gazingshelf

    America is a corrupt plutocracy. Corruption in America has always been covert but Trump is changing all that and even openly admits to taking bribes.

  • GX328382

    so? his supporters (like me) like guns, and don't think it's right to go after us when we've done nothing wrong with our guns, so yeah we support this

  • Matthew

    If your black do not support gun control. The first experiment with gun control was when the kkk during the civil war tried to disarm blacks

  • Matthew

    The nra doesn't support gun rights they are just in it for the money. Support real no compromise hun rights groups like the goa and fpc

  • Christian Leitel

    We all know Trump is the best thing since sliced bread, and the Clintons suck more than a swarm of leeches on a gay beach club. If you want real news go watch louder with crouder. Or really anything that's not mainstream or The Yuck Turds.

  • American Patriot

    Gun control, we have plenty of laws in place already lmfao, we don't need anymore to keep firearms out of law abiding citizens hands.

  • Adam Vale

    I’m glad trump is our president instead of these people!! Atleast trump sticks to his policies and doesn’t try to take our rights

  • Adam Vale

    Trump never said the NRA guy yelled at him or that they owned him!!!! I watched the entire interview!!! These guys lie about everything

  • Funnin Gunnin

    This Communist channel is about to be dethroned by Steven Crowder. Absolutely hilarious and tells you all you need to know about the direction the country is going in.

  • 渋谷広志

    trump said he could make insurance cheaper and more coverage. in reality, that's not happend. he has no consistency about policies. he doesn't care for people's wellness.

  • Kym Nicole Rush

    I'm no tRump fan, tho the NRA has bought & bullied many into submission on gun laws. tRumps a gutless idiot, yes, but the NRA are a true evil☹

  • Blue Wave 2018

    Every gun sold in America has the FBI check the NICS database.
    We already have universal background checks, Young Jerks.

  • Jose Realestg

    with all due respect TYT we already knew he would backpedal, that's what he does all the time, he did it with immigration, with healthcare with guns once before right after the Parkland incident, this man is not a leader he is a paid puppet to the highest bidder, that's why we need a president who doesn't take money from big corporations and is not afraid of enacting life saving policies

  • Bigg Muff

    It's not just the gun buyers/owners or manufacturers who oppose background checks. It's the sellers too! They'd rather have quick transactions without having to justify them and lay awake at night. Because they chose not to sell useful and harmless items in their store. And their customer base consists of mostly gun fetishists and ammosexuals. That's how they feed their family at the risk of getting shot while buying groceries. Because Trump hates 'illegal' Mexicans who work for him for less than minimum wages.

  • I M Ofage

    OMG this is so shocking that President Serial Cuck changed his mind after speaking to yet another lobbyist. Hey right-wingers, is this your idea of a "strong" man? A guy who folds like a cheap suit every time someone whispers in his ear is "strong"?
    There was the campaign promise to lower drug prices, then he got cucked by a pharma lobbyist in a single meeting and says they're not charging enough.
    Or how about the time back in July when Saudi Arabia cucked Trump into vetoing a resolution to curb Saudi war crimes in Yemen with American weapons.
    And now we have him promising basic gun reforms for 11 days, only for the head of the NRA to cuck him into blocking any gun reform.

    You can support President Serial Cuck if you want, just don't call him a "strong" man. He's neither strong, nor a man. He acts like a child, frequently makes promises he'll never keep, and always seems to change his mind to agree with lobbyists.
    All I ask is that you call a "spade" a "spade". That's something you've said you believe in. So call this cuck a cuck.

  • Jose Realestg

    Trump is clearly in the NRA pockets, as long as he and the republicans control the government we would never have meaningful gun control laws, vote them out

  • Dovantys Johnson

    LOLOL🤣😂 I bet u they had an auction on gun reform … And the highest dollar wins…who do you think won that$$$$$$

  • Matthew Sarson

    lol yet another Trump interview right next to a helicoper. No other president says stupid things often enough that they need to do this for deniablilty.

  • Blue Wave 2018

    Every gun owner that is purchased legally already has an FBI background check to the NCIS database.

    Liberals just want to ban guns.

  • Carl Jeremie

    who pays you? who owns you? who is your daddy? pass campaign finance reform now ! get private money out of politics, honor John McCain.

  • Jake Saunders

    TYT for you information criminal don't give a damn think about gun control laws because they get the guns in three ways number 1 they make their own, number 2 they get them from black markets, and number 3 the steal guns from an owner or from a store. So know this you can praise gun control all you want but the only people who are effected by these stupid laws are law abiding citizens

  • Zach Blakeslee

    Gun owners also threatened to not vote for him in 2020 if he had passed gun control. It would be better to have a Democrat who can’t pass legislation than a fake republican who can.

  • jerico641

    The ONE sensible thing I've ever heard the jackass say, and what does he do? Well, at least he's a consistent, reliable idiot…small comfort to the victims of the next mass shooting.

  • Leonard Maillet

    It is time to ban all military grade weapons out there. All the mass shootings nowadays has one thing in common. AR 15's, AK 47's, M 16's. I mean those weapons were made to kill in high capacity in such a short amount of time.

  • jfrsnjhnsn

    Here's the thing. All the GOP reps that have been acting like they may have turned the corner about considering increased legislation were only going to use it to try to target minorities and poor people. They were going to suppress gun rights for those people the same way they suppress their voting rights.

  • byakuya666100

    good for gun rights what part of "shall not be infringe" of the 2A do liberals dont understand. also ana needs to be naked becuase she makes me so hard lmfao

  • Bill Mitchell

    I am sorry with 300 million guns in circulation, the whole babble about "background checks" is idiotic, and that ship has sailed. Confiscation has to occur, its not an option anymore. NRA aided in the perverse misunderstanding of the 2nd Amendment. The fix is easy. Allow the states to establish true regulated militia's, train those individuals, give them a license. If someone is stopped that has a fire arm isn't licensed, confiscate the gun. All constitutionally lawful. You have a well regulated militia, a person has to submit to a check (similar to the military), if they pass they get license. Not everyone who looks to join the military gets recruited. It's not rocket science politicians, but in order to do all of this, you politicians need to grow something other than weed, we call them balls.

  • Robert Gilman

    Trump is making sure his fascist army is armed with military assault weapons. NO shit. And I believe at some point after the election when he has lost but there is a huge controversy about voting anything, he will try and get Supreme court to make a decision. And if he still doesn't get reelected by them, he will insinuate in some way to fight back to his minions. AND THEN something really bad is going to happen. He has already set on the parameters for a civil war. Impeach this shithead.

  • Lazor Wolf

    I will take the gun grabbers serious about their claims to save lives when they also fight this hard against the lives taken via abortion.

  • Charles Balliet

    also your figures are trash 3:56 look how they post these figures in a vacuum and don't even include conservative numbers like from fox

  • Robert Gelinas

    Trump 2020 and beyond. The greatest president EVER, period. Has kept EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS PROMISES!!!!! TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!!!! Woohoo Lets pray his sons and daughters run for election. Whats the lefts policy again? Oh ya…"get rid of Trump". Hehehehe. By then ALL the supreme courts justices will be constitutionalists. Socialism will die a slow triggering death. Hahahaha

  • DR Dubois

    The NRA and gun lunatics are praying once more the Republiklans will save them from stricter gun policies, and so far the Republiklans have been playing their game again. If the majority in the US want those stricter gun laws and restrictions enhanced, you better get serious and make your voice heard in the 2020 elections, or the rise of white domestic terrorism and mass shootings will only increase.

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