ObamaCare: The Affordable Care Act Explained
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ObamaCare: The Affordable Care Act Explained

Hey guys welcome to hip hughes history I don’t know if you can tell [but] I’m johnny cash because I’m about to walk the line on the affordable care act better known as obamacare We’re gonna do kind of a sketchy history of health care reform and then look at kind of the eight critical aspects of Obamacare and then wherever you fall on the fence of Ideology you can leave it down in the comments below [so] middle school high school college cray-Cray on the [internet] [we’re] about to grow your brain so sit back and strap in [cuz] [giddyup] the learnings here I’m certainly healthcare reform you could make 15 videos on health care reform and really we can go back to Teddy Roosevelt to find the first president that’s talking about the idea of kind of universal Health Care or Health care reform it becomes part of Harry Truman’s kind of Platform plank in 1948 the Democratic party the concept of Universal Health care and then in 1960s you have major reforms like medicare and medicaid which are basically kind of socialism Kind of programs that [are] guaranteeing some type of [insurance] cover for the very poor medicaid and for the elderly medicare but even with those two programs covering kind of the most vulnerable aspects of our population by the 21st century [the] United States still at forty Eight million Americans that had no health insurance [so] people that are very very far on the right would argue that free-market capitalism is the best approach and allowing kind of pure competition Would drive down costs and that would allow more people to be able to afford to buy health insurance and if you’re way way on the left You kind of have the notion of kind of like health care is a guarantee that it’s not a responsibility It’s a right as a human being therefore [the] government through the people’s Representation should kind of have a system where everybody has free access and of course that means that that’s going to be tax money That’s going to pay [for] that and certainly if you’re looking at kind of like organization of governmental concepts the philosophy [of] the United States is founded on the idea a kind of protection of personal Liberty and property so many Americans on the right see this is kind of thievery and people on the left see it as Ethical and empathetic and the right thing to do, so where is obamacare? It’s probably somewhere more in the middle to be honest with you But let’s take a look at kind of the eight most important aspects of Obamacare and then you can duke it out I like the New [Keynote] So let’s talk about kind of the the fun part first the part that I think everybody likes there’s really kind of three insurance standards that obamacare is going to mandate one of them is going to be that young people can stay on their parent’s insurance to the age of 25 so that’s going to cover you know a good million two million Americans that didn’t have health insurance before the second is that health insurance companies are no longer going to be able to drop people that get sick because [obviously] that’s a risk and it’s going to be really costly for the insurance companies to keep that person on and so many instances insurance companies would find ways to drop that person and then the third [thing] [is] that Pre-existing conditions will no longer stop somebody from being able to access an insurance Policy for the same cost of somebody that doesn’t have a pre-existing condition [so] these three kind of industry standards are going to cost the insurance Companies the private insurance companies a whole lot of money, so somewhere, we’re going to have to make that money up for insurance companies So let’s look at kind of the second major reform under obamacare right insurance standards what’s next? So the second part I think people like to and the second part is basically the idea of essential benefits that for instance if you get a colonoscopy Or you get a breast mammogram or you want to get birth control? Or you want to have a wellness visit that you’re not going to have co-pays? Anymore that basically the concept is [that] if you want a healthier America? you don’t want to put barriers up for kind of People that are at the risk end of things of not going to get that Mammogram [or] not covering their birth control and kind of risking it because in the end that’s going to cost more money So this is kind of seen [as] a cost-saving [measure] But at the same time insurance companies are like and they’re losing money because they have to provide these services Without the Copay anymore, and then there’s also Used to be limits or caps on certain things, so if you’ve got chemotherapy Or if you had long-term care that the insurance policies would basically say after so many times paying out We’re going to stop we’re going to cap that and basically what obamacare does is remove those caps so if you have long term care Or you have some type of disease where you’re getting the same treatment over and over and over again the insurance Companies are going to have to pay out so as you can see from the first two parts people win insurance companies lose Right so let’s keep [going] with kind of the third kind of major item under obamacare Okay, it’s time to pay it’s time for the insurance companies to cash in because what you have to remember Is that like people on the left really want kind of like? Governmental insurance, and people on the right kind of what a pure free [market] system Obamacare really is more of a private market system although You’re going to have government regulations that certainly people on the right have legitimate claims against And you’re going to have government control in [a] certain way because you’re kind of mandating things Private insurers are still in the realm of control in the sense of they’re the ones that are covering the policies [so] what do they want [if] you’re an insurance company? And now you’re taking sick people, and you’re taking you know people with pre-existing conditions And you have to kind of pay out more. What do you want? you want healthy people and that’s kind of the rub the rub is the Individual mandate and the individual mandate basically is a very new [concept] the government’s never really made people buy something before you know if you get a car insurance, that’s mandated right But first you have to decide to buy the car then you have to get the car insurer and so the idea of being born In America and the government says all right you have to go back by your bag of potatoes is really kind of a foreign concept and I think that it smacks in the face a little bit of kind of American Liberty and Protection from Tyranny but for health insurance reform to work The individual mandate has to be there because what that’s going to say is that if you don’t have health insurance You have to get health insurance [not] from the government, but from one of these private insurers so cha-ching now They have that extra [revenue] because that’s a good bet to take Healthy people on that’s a good bet because you’re probably not going to have to pay out So people that never had health insurance are now in your pool You have an extended expanded pool which allows you to cover more riskier people that’s kind of the compromise that the insurance Companies went for so what if you don’t get health insurance well first if you can’t afford it there’s going to be subsidies and Again that’s going to be kind of the concept that someone’s got to pay so if you’re a person, that’s made Above the medicaid line. Let’s say you have a family [of] four. You’re making $40,000 a year It’s really expensive you can’t afford the insurance the government is going to pay a portion of that depending on your salary So of course that money has to come from somewhere Thank you rich person, and that’s kind of the concept that the people on the writer. You know not too thrilled with But moving on from there the concept of the individual mandate would say that if you’re healthy, and you can’t afford it We no longer want to take you on as a risk is the American people because remember if you’re healthy Let’s say you’re making seventy thousand [dollars] a year, and you’re like. I don’t need health [insurance]. I’m Gonna live forever. [oh] The bus hits you what’s going to happen right you’re going to go to the hospital You’re going to get long-term care. You’re going to have like you know. I don’t know your face and planted or something like [that] It’s going to cost like a billion dollars And you’re not going to pay and my premiums going to pay so people that are kind of for the individual mandate used to kind of believe that this was a responsibility that people had so if you look at the history of Health care reform The individual mandate actually is born on the right it’s born from the heritage foundation It was part of the competing plans with Bill Clinton back in the early 90s, but [you] know many Republicans Opposed that and then change their minds I guess because it’s the idea that you’re making somebody buy something that they necessarily don’t have to buy or want to buy but Again an order for health insurance reform to work the individual mandate has to be there So what happens if you don’t you know pay? What if you’re like? I don’t [good]. I’m not gonna buy it Victor you’re going to go to jail no No, you’re not going to go to jail but you are going to pay and this is kind of the rub a tax a Penalty so the tax is pretty cheap at the beginning 75 bucks 100 bucks, and then it’s on a rising scale So eventually in five or ten years you might have to pay a tax penalty But that was in a couple thousand [dollars] because you’re not in the pool driving down costs that allow for People that are sick and unhealthy to be in the pool or you can you yet because I’m confused Let’s look at some more [of] obamacare. That’s the individual mandate and that was found to be Constitutional in the Supreme court, so whether you agree with it or disagree with it you’re going to lay it [down] in the comments, but right now technically it’s constitutional because the Supreme Court said so All right the fourth thing I’d like to talk about is the online Health Care Exchanges and the concept behind this is really kind of a shared left-right concept the idea of competition I think that most republican plans have these kind of health care Online exchanges in their plans, but many of them are state plans meaning that the state would run the website Which they would probably argue would be more efficient than [having] a big federal Bureaucracy run the website because what could go wrong what will come over? Well, you couldn’t know if it could go wrong, and you [see] a lot of clunkiness and a lot of your problems with contractors But the idea is is that if you have all of these different healthcare plans online and [available] then that will drive competition [so] the idea is that these health care? Exchanges will bring millions of new people into the healthcare market and again getting more closer to more closer That’s not a word getting closer to the idea of universal coverage Which is eventually seen as the ultimate goal because that’s what’s going to drive down costs because you won’t have people getting Er visits and extraordinary care because they’re going to be taken care of by going to the doctor when they get the Sniffles [I] Got the sniffles [all] right. We’re almost done right so you got that health care exchange in bang bang for learning So the fifth thing I kind of already mentioned. That’s really Subsidies the idea that we’re going to subsidize people that [can’t] afford to buy insurance By chipping in so they can get insurance because the idea is that that’s a better investment Spending the money there to get that person insurance if they can’t afford it It’s actually [going] to save the taxpayers money Because that person’s not a risk that are not a risk by [not] having health insurance and then getting hit by that bus and going to the hospital and costing the taxpayers [gillion] dollars But of course [the] subsidy means somebody’s getting a handout Somebody’s getting help somebody that’s up here is paying to help somebody down there and again. This is a left-right Ideological kind of thing and you can argue about that down there again here. We go something So the sixth part is really an expansion of medicaid Medicaid was created in the 1960s to give basic Health insurance to America’s poor the underclass the ones that are making minimum wage Living at the Poverty line that can’t [afford] insurance And would never be able to pay for it so therefore they’re covered and again someone’s paying for that and when someone’s paying for that a lot of times there’s a lot of corruption, and there’s certainly medicaid corruption and thievery and Bureaucracies, [and] we don’t have to talk too long about that I know you’re going to leave it in the comments, but basically what obamacare does is it Expands Medicaid coverage to like? 133 percent of the Poverty Line So even if you’re a little above the poverty line that net is going to capture more I would say Lower middle class Americans that once didn’t qualify for medicaid now can get medicaid [and] basically I think one of the problems the right has is that the federal government is kind of subsidizing that cost now by Giving the states the money to pay for this expanded medicaid program, but that money eventually trickles out And I think that they’re worried the states are going to be left with this kind of burden or this unfunded Mandate you know the [government’s] saying do it now you do the money to do it and that’s going to be a huge burden But people that are on the left see this as you know a necessity a necessity to get more people covered to try Cost and save taxpayers money in the long run. Are you confused yet? Because I am wrong most unstick before can you soon he’s almost done so the seventh changes to medicare and medicare is of course for the retired the elderly people pay [in] as they work and their subsidies and the government you know kind of creates this program and Runs medicare most people that have medicare like medicare but again people on the right are going to say that it’s going to run out of money in that it’s a huge burden and people on the left are going to say that this is the Example of Universal health care that we need but either way What obamacare does is it stops medicare really being a user kind of like a fee service? so for instance if I [go] And I [get] 18 tests medicare is [going] to pay for 18 tests And what obamacare does is to kind of encourage innovation and cost-saving measures says we’re gonna do output payments Basically saying if you get somebody with [diabetes] we’re going to give you a pool of money spend that money wisely [so] instead of getting 18 tests the doctor is probably going to look and say well They really could do maybe four tests and get the best results And of course people on the right are going to say this is kind [of] the idea of death panels that you’re going to limit Service to people that that should get service and people on the other side are going to say that this is a cost-saving measure Either way, you’re allowed to think whatever you want But definitely medicare is going to change the way that medicare operates And doctors are going to be thinking more about the idea of I don’t want this patient coming back to me Because if this patient comes back to me They’re going to cost me money so the concept being Give them good service and give them the best chance of being healthy so [they] don’t have to come back to the hospital Which means that you’re going to get paid [you] [got] it? Medicare reform in terms of how payments are paid there you go get it up So the last is the employer mandate [and] there probably is a lot of confusion about this But really the language of obamacare states that if you’re an employer small businessman you have more than 50 employees if your employees don’t have health insurance right and They’re getting subsidized by the federal government meaning. They’re not making enough [to] afford it So the taxpayers are paying for that person then you’re going to pay a fine You’re going to have a tax put on you concept is that if you are a corporation? And you’re not paying or a small business your employee is enough So they can afford health insurance which means that everyone’s going to pay their health insurance, then you’re going to pay That’s the concept now again all of this you know the devils are the details all of this is in you know the thousands of pages of obamacare that many people probably are going to point to different parts and the language and Interpretations and yada yada [yada] not my job not [my] job not [my] job [what] I wanted to do for you guys out there in TV Land is at least give you kind of the eight big chunks of obamacare, so there you go. I think [that] was good It’s about [10] minutes Johnny cash walking the line obamacare. I feel like if I fall I’m gonna Die in a pit of fire. No [our] [ring] of [fire] Certainly guys if you haven’t subscribed, I’d ask You kindly to click right [there]? And you’ll set off to the website the youtube side of hip hughes and you can subscribe and make me smile And if you check the description below we have tons of other edu channels, check some of my friends out [there] in internet that will help your brain keep on [growing] where attention goes energy those guys. It’s been certainly fun We’ll see you next time ding-dong. I’m leavin learnings done


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  • brandon leclair

    One of the biggest out of the very very many issues with the Affordable Care Act is the fact that the government makes money off of people who do not choose the Select Health Care insurance. One way you can make this better is by giving the penalties back to the insurance companies, doctors, Healthcare facilities and or hospitals but that doesn't happen. What does happen is people like me who pay for their insurance and has a full-time job without government assistance to prove that they want Healthcare was out paying high cost I now have to pay double the premium I do not have coverage like I did before I now have to pay a $3,000 deductible. This is ridiculous don't know how you can even argue this point but go ahead and keep trying thank

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    Simple explanation: About 9 million middle-class Americans may be facing another health care gut punch with potential rate hikes as high as 20 percent. Simple as long as you don't have to pay!

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    Anybody who complains about the side you move your arms probably isn't a medical professional, future or current. We are taught very early on in anatomy courses that you follow the anatomical directions of medial, lateral, ventral, dorsal, and follow the left and right sides as pertains to the body at-hand.

  • The QueensConquerer

    Why the fuck is American Healthcare so screwed? Here in Hong Kong it's simple, you go to the doctor, you pay no or very little fees, get a free consultation with the doctor and get free medicine. Regarding major surgeries, that too is funded by the government. It's simple, people pay tax and the government uses to tax to fund hospitals and it's working staff. Why is such a basic human right overcomplicated in the United States?

  • Blessing Eison

    I wish someone would explain why they take your taxes, even if you are under the amount reported for annual wages. 😐 it's not fair not knowing the exact dollar. I was 1800 under and they took this from my refund. boo, the bad part is that I didn't use this health coverage since I'm pretty healthy.. grrr

  • Raquel N

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  • Joey Morrison

    So, all these socialists comments on here were cute back 2 three years ago. Looking at them now I can only says. I knew you were idiots then, but do you?
    Of course not yall are to stupid to have self-realization. To think the same mother fuckers, that want to pay tons of other people's money to lay on a couch and have someone else help them find themselves.

  • MegzeeR

    I see the forced purchase medical insurance by everyone as a TAX anyway so why not actully just tax us and put it all into a universal medicare trust anyway. We eliminate the need for profits and the BILLIONS that go to private shareholders who's only interest is the profit margins of their owned shares and have that money spent on actual medical needs instead. We ALREADY have socialized medicine but it's the fascist form of socialism where the public is FORCED to buy products from private corporations. Wake up and smell the coffee. The argument of "socialism" and "capitalism" isn't even the correct definition of this mess. So if words make all of you so nervous maybe if you use the CORRECT definitions of our choices, socialism vs fascism, then the reality of what's going on will wake you up.

  • AuBelle

    Forcing people to pay for healthcare, or penalize them if they don't pay for healthcare. Bullshit. This is why I was opposed to Obamacare from the onset.

  • mr rebel

    my so called affordable care would cost just for me 1,200 a month with a 6,000 deductable! what the fuck is affordable about that! now im told ill get fined if i dont get it? its cheaper to pay the damn fine.. total bullshit. if my wife is on the plan cost doubles! along with deductable..fuck obama care!

  • mr rebel

    in texas if you work and pay taxes there is no help when and if you need it.. but sit on your ass and do nothing or call yourself a refugee, shit gets handed to you on a silver platter. so this is leftist bullshit. I'm not democratic or Republican I have no political affiliation I'm for whatever helps this country grow strong again. the government needs to start looking at the people and not their pockets and and if you're not in this country legally you do not deserve nor should you receive all of the free handouts and health care, food cost and housing that is being handed out at an alarming rate to illegals.

  • Quique

    When it is all said & done it is estimated we will have spent upwards of 6-8 TRILLION on the IQ war counting interest nvm our other wars & conflicts which include the maintenance of bases in others countries & yet no one ever asks where is the money coming from to fight this war which was stared under false pretenses or in plain English a lie. At this point every modern nation has a form of single payer except for the US where people everyday file bankruptcy due to ungodly hospital bills or are denied due to pre-existing conditions.The fact that we do not blink a eye when it comes to spending money on wars but question how we're going to pay for healthcare for our citizens is both immoral & unconscionable.

  • Jack Soxman

    2016….6.5 million sooner pay the cheap fine ( tax) then buy a Bronze plan with a $12000 deductibles.
    If the ACA is so great, why do we need a law they forces citizens to buy?

  • Wednesday's Child

    If you think the problem with healthcare is who pays, you are the problem. Healthcare starting from the top is a scam. The research is rife with fraud. If costs are to be contained, evidence based medicine needs to be the standard. If the item or procedure doesn't work, it's not covered. Forcing people to pay for things that don't even work is wrong and called stealing. 1/2 of these things these days that people get are chronic disease caused by lifestyle and medical care can't fix stupid.

  • Mr. Jerry Says

    well with this new President this healthcare act, might be is on its way out, or at list it at list could get very watered downed


    My Sister in law, a dental assistant, single mother of 2, living with her mom earning 42K per year. She needs two tumors removed from her spine. Shitty doctors on the California Obama Care program misdiagnosed her ailment as a herniated disc, and couldn't figure out why she was in so much pain. They refused to give her the pain killers because they felt she was faking her pain to get meds. She hasn't worked or even stood on her feet since November 13th 2017.

    Ambulance to Hospital $1500. California Obama care refused to pay it.
    CT Scan $2700. California Obama care refused to pay it.
    CT Scan with contrast dye to screen for cancer $3200. California Obama care refused to pay it.

    Democrat or Republican doesn't matter when they plant you in the ground.
    Obama care sucks and needs to go away.

  • Bill Hallett


  • ViaOjo

    My healthcare costs have soared and by law I have to keep paying these high premiums with high deductibles. The good news is that after I’m broke from paying the high premiums by law and paying for the ultra high deductibles is that I’ll now qualify for free obamascam. Unfortunately there are no decent housing, utilities and food programs so you die anyway

  • QuaSyLaTic Andrew

    Addressing the fundamental Issues … on Obamacare

    As technologies advances, goods and products get cheaper and cheaper, computer cheaper, Handphone cheaper, flying cheaper … BUT Medical Bills go rocket high and higher.


    If such is the trend, Obamacare, Trumpcare, WhoeverCare CANNOT solve the problems!

    The Problems lie in the limitation of Western Medicines, which only treat symptoms and NOT the root causes.

    Furthermore, little governmental effort to educate the masses how Not to Get SICK, the prevention aspects. Even if they do, there is also the limitation of current science on Healthy Living.

    The above is shared with the knowledge of the 3000 years ancient Chinese Healing and Well Being system, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, which provide the total integrated holistic system, addressing mind, body and emotions and spirits.


  • Mikey Boy

    Why just a universal insurance like in canada ? Are you so much selfish like that ? Like I dont like to pay everything for poor people but everybody have the right to have healthcare like I understand that everybody have to do their parts but wtf its just logical lol someone sick cant work so its just normal to help them fuck and some of you want to let them down like trash ? Dam hope you will not have a disease or something like that because I will not help you if you can help other people

  • Tanner Young

    Good summary. I would say the problem with Obamacare is that we are investing in a broken system. There is a conflict of interest with insurance companies and healthcare providers that drives costs up significantly. Obamacare doesn't fix that at all. Also, our country has some issues with what health insurance should be. In our current system it isn't insurance–it's pre-paid healthcare. There's a difference.

  • Lord Grebnavs

    the ducking out off frame feel kinda awkward. stop it man.
    good video though.
    keep growing your channel. good luck 🙂

  • David Dial

    Not sure how it works but almost overnight I became insurance poor. It may be good for some people but it ruined me.

  • Barro the Broadcaster

    The ACA forces people to buy something they do not want and many cannot afford, or it forces people to pay a penalty they cannot afford. Obamacare is unacceptable, it is literal tyranny and it is the wrong direction for America to go in

  • Sylvester Maranda

    the statistics regarding the number of children who are uninsured in Texas reveals a deep-rooted problem within the state. Evidently, the state lives up to its billing as the uninsured capital of the United States. However, ObamaCare addresses these concerns. One of the benefits that the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) offers children is that they can remain insured under their parent’s plan up to the age of 26 years (Hall and Lord). More than 3 million children across the United States were not under any insurance package by 2012. However, the Affordable Care Act facilitates the addition of these children to gain insurance covers until they are of age to cater to their needs. This provides not only health but also the emotional and psychological relief to the parents and children alike (Oberlander). The ripple effect is that insurance companies will receive premiums from the new inclusions making it a win-win situation.
    Opponents of ObamCare have argued that most Texans will not be able to afford the healthcare plans under the act due to the overall rising cost of health in Texas. Current insurance policies have high deductibles making ObamaCare an unrealistic option (Oberlander). However, that is not necessarily the case. The Affordable Care Act eliminates the previously annual coverage and lifetime limits that were in place in insurance companies. These limits were in place to ensure that beneficiaries were capped at $1 million dollars annually. However, the act scarps off this cap proving beneficial to Texas and the rest of the United States. In addition, those with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied healthcare by insurance companies, neither can be forced to pay more for their existing plans in order to access healthcare (Oberlander).
    In conclusion, ObamaCare is a double-edged sword that people in Texas and America; in general, have to deal with its benefits and drawback. The Trump administration has been keen to repeal the act on constitutional grounds, arguing that it forces people to purchase a product without the option of opting out. This contradicts the tax clause, commerce clause, and necessary power clause on healthcare. However, the act has been instrumental in ensuring that children will be covered by insurance at least for 26 years and that people with pre-existing conditions can get the treatment they deserve with no strings attached.


    Isn’t everyone’s responsibility as a human being to help those who are too old, sick or poor to take care of theirselves?

  • Johnas Presbyter

    SOME THOUGHTS FROM THE GREAT CATFISH ON OBAMA CARE http://americanadmiraltybooks.blogspot.com/2018/07/some-thoughts-from-great-catfish-on.html

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  • Denys A

    Really good stuff, as usual. Nicely done! I think, personally, that insurance companies HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING INVOLVED IN HEALTH CARE! To them, it is purely a numbers game, and you lose if you're unlucky. The government should provide Medicare to all. It's one of the few things the federal government can do more efficiently than private enterprise. Making money off betting on sick people? Sick.

  • G.M.F

    Couldn't you have just flipped the video vertically whenever your body language didn't match up with you saying left or right? For example, if you were pointing right as you said left, just flip the video vertically and it will almost look like you're pointing left.

  • levi ridge

    OBAMA RUINED HEALTH CARE IN AMERICA cost is up 300% and health insurance is a joke OBAMA IS THE WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY i lost my health insurance and my doctor

  • Cracks 4 Win

    A major accident can ruin you financially as medical expenses are expensive. how do a health insurance work? Why is a health insurance very expensive? And the most common one is why do I need a health insurance? Before start a plan you need to learn about their requirements and pre-authorization. Otherwise, you’ll not get a good health insurance for urgent needs. Let's take a look details about how health insurance work- https://www.healthinsuranceplanscompare.com/how-health-insurance-works/

  • M9. 9m


  • Mary J Nierling

    ACA for Seniors is useless. This is why Seniors will lose their secondary insurance, at least in the State of Minnesota. I will not take out any advantage plan thur MEDICARE.

  • Mary J Nierling

    And, the LESS the Government controls the people, the better off we would/will be. So they can shove Obamacare!!

  • Derek Seube

    Your right that the insurance companies are still in control because they help write the behemoth. Now there is fewer yet more powerful insurance companies because competition eliminated and fewer choices but now mandated to buy from them. People win!? I don't wanna win but govt say I have to. Indenture servitude to MY healthcare service provider. Thanks Obama!

  • Average Joe

    Most of my colleagues are middle class business owners and they're all telling me that their premiums skyrocketed. Several refuse to pay, not because they don't want the coverage, it's just too expensive. I think something has to be done, it's punishing people who work hard while rewarding many that are already living off the fat of the land.
    I'm a Democrat and would rather see a true universal healthcare. Obamacare just isn't fair for many deserving, hard working Americans

  • Svend Åge Bruun

    Oh,we love those people, who pay for the next pizza for the next person, who can't afford it. When it comes to health care, it's another matter. Maybe it's more expensive etc.
    It has been interesting to hear about Obama's initiatives to bring health care to more people and I can't help wonder, whey are they still not covered. Americans no longer drive around in covered wagons but health care is more or less based on the thoughts by those who did drive around in covered wagons.

  • SnackPatrol

    It really comes down to ideology- society vs. the individual. This ideology is one of the most morally grey areas I've ever sat and thought about- Let's say a magical genie came before me and granted me the ability to ensure nobody in the world would ever get sick again, if I say shoot myself in the face? Questions like these just don't have concrete answers, I wish people would understand that it is a debate rooted in philosophy, you can bring all the facts on healthcare this way or that way, spend 50 comments deep arguing, but at the end of the day it's just "Should I prioritize myself, or society as a whole?" There is no concrete answer to this question as it depends on the ideology of the individual.

  • Tyler Cat feline

    Obama care is bs I have insurance from my job I pay high state tax, fed tax, social security, and medical tax which is Obama tax. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most people on welfare is taken care by the state that's why we have state tax. Now Obama care in my opinion is bs, I'm thinking can we track down where all this money leads up to? Cause it's almost certain these politicians is scamming off of us. These past 4 presidents were the most sinister president any country could ever have. Criminals at highest level. So for me to view Obama care as a good thing, nope! Wait here's what I dug up check this out


  • Mack 2

    If anyone has a pacemaker 2018 looking for insurance, no private health insurance will insure that person. Government Health Insurance only, so a catch 22,, all roads lead to Rome, London, and Washington D.C.

  • illumi NOTme

    L.M.A. or lower class middle Americans. LMAO. What they have succeeded in doing is destroying the middle class. I've never drawn unemployment gotten food stamps or any help from the government but I'll tell you this I haven't seen a daughter in 12 years and I'm getting sick and broken down by this pathetic system.

  • slayyy

    I can't stand how people on the right say abortion is murder and all people who get abortions are murderers but they they aren't willing to pay a couple of hundred bucks to save lives and it's not only other peoples lives their making better when more people in the country have health insurance there is less disease in said country therefore increasing your chance of living a long healthy life

  • Hair Razor Detox

    It’s a scam like the victory tax in 1945. Only your still volunteering for that scam called federal income tax. ( you don’t have federal income )

  • Healthcare Hustlers

    Latest additions to the healthcare confusion – the requirement that hospitals must now post their prices. While this can help self pay patients, it is likely to mislead anyone with insurance who doesn't understand contracted rates. A full evaluation here: https://thehealthcarehustlers.com/blog/2018/12/30/the-new-healthcare-law-for-2019

  • The Liberty Cause

    The Supreme Court said it was Constitutional but the penalty must be called a TAX. The reason for this was to start the entire process all over again as the Bill did not originate in the House of Representatives but rather the Senate. By calling the penalty a Tax should have forced the hand of Congress to send the Bill to the House where it would have died at the time.

    Congress failed us, again proving there is no left or right, just two wings of the same evil bird.

  • sundiii99OWS

    Not having health care has killed millions of Americans because insurance never should have existed, because the WAGE never should have existed because its slavery, and IDOLATRY. Idolatry means it doesn’t help EVERY HUMAN on EARTH! Capitalism thinks “insurance creates jobs” but it should NOT EXIST! All people should own all things so they can all PAY CASH for everything! (But actually that would eliminate money!)

  • Edward Pajarillo

    Healthcare providers and insurance companies need regulation. There are three players here-government, individual and healthcare providers. Most of the time the latter is being overlooked.

  • TheMilpitasguy

    It's really only a small percentage (about 5%) of the population needing the bulk of healthcare. These are the sickest people most health insurers don't want to touch with a 10-foot pole. The sad thing is that a lot of ailments are medically preventable. Just live a healthier lifestyle, avoid tobacco & alcohol, avoid sugar, exercise on a daily basis and you can get to 100 yrs old.

  • Catherine Wood

    If you wouldn't trust a trumpcare and I wouldn't trust Obamacare then you dont trust a government healthcare. Statement made. So government healthcare no good. But big pharmaceutical makes it difficult to pay for insurance on people that have an existing condition. The right isnt wrong saying leave insurance to its devices would drive down costs. But big pharma is over pricing things. Why…idk. maybe because it's more profitable for us to be sick?

  • Catherine Wood

    And dr.s aren't listening to patience. They want you out so fast that they dont want to see what's wrong. They dont want you but pharma does.

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