Obey the Constitution You Foreign Sovereign Citizens
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Obey the Constitution You Foreign Sovereign Citizens

Yeah good afternoon, it’s Sunday, the day where you get to have a lot to say about lots of bad things going on. I just looked at a video it’s actually from 2015 it’s a report into sovereign citizens, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read all of this, it’s purportedly headed by this group is detective Superintendent John O’Reilly is the commander of the counterterrorism and special tactics operation group of New South Wales, and he mouths off about the fact that there’s around three hundred people who or and probably more by now, that sovereign citizens and therefore should be described as domestic terrorists, well I agree with him, but it’s not three hundred, more like fifteen to twenty five thousand of them and he’s one of them… What an idiot to head a group when he is a domestic terrorist, he’s a sovereign citizen and if he’s a sovereign citizen has got a picture of terrorists with guns they are terrorists are they they’re legally no, lawfully absolutely not you see this poor John O’Reilly is very very deluded, he thinks that we are sovereign citizens, dis obey the law we ignore the tax laws which you sir are a liar your whole group is a fraud, you know you see this, this book of mucus this is what your whole government system law system is set up under the book of Lies and mucus because it has no value, and this makes you, not us, you see we’re born as subjects of Queen Elizabeth second, we are born as that, British subject, like it or lump it that’s it because our Constitution says so ours, the people’s, so does the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 UK still enforce, Commonwealth Constitution 1901 our Constitution still in Force. This mucus one is full of garbage, lies, nonsense and you are trying to make a name for yourself.. Well try this one on, perhaps the fact that you’re a superintendent would mean that you’ve been in the police force a long time one would expect that one would expect you swore the oath of allegiance according to the Constitution if you haven’t you’re definitely a sovereign subject, a sovereign citizen sorry, and, a domestic terrorist because without the authority of the crown you have none, you terrorists you domestic terrorist called politicians, judges, magistrates, sheriffs Process Servers, lawyers, council employees, everybody who exercise authority over another, security guards court staff, every single one of you are sovereign citizens under the green mucus Constitution and you are swearing in sovereign citizens on Australia Day and every other chance you get all domestic terrorists you said so and you are you can’t change that you pair of nut jobs, the reporters and you John O’Reilly, you’d have to be the biggest dropkick in Australia, you are a total fool, you are instigating against the Australian people a very very serious crime, which means you’ve got to go to jail for life, it’s called treachery to overturn our Constitution, if a law isn’t made pursuant to our Constitution and the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 UK, as required under 107, 108 and 109 of our Constitution, every single law must be made persuant to it, you havn’t got any made pursuant to it, not since 1973 you NUTJOB, you big mouth donkey who thinks you’ve got authority, you don’t, you people sit there and point fingers at the public trying to make a name for yourself, Oh detective Superintendent what a lovely name means absolutely zero when you’re a public officer, AN EMPLOYEE OF A PRIVATE COMPANY, (Like McDonalds) that’s what you are that’s what the interpretation is, that’s why they changed it in our state and WA, (lawful) Police to (Unlawful) public officers, and prove they had that authority, not the police fault? no, the so-called Parliament they call themselves the Government, THEY ARE NOT, they are not, you need to sit at your desk John O’Reilly superintendent? so-called, and read the Constitution, then sit down I’ll give you a good place to start section seven through 23, then you can see how the Federal Senate is set up, and the House of Representatives is set up, in each state by the governor of the states, that’s how it’s done then you got to look at the governor general section 61 to 68 do they comply with any of them? No, none of them, they’re domestic terrorists because they’re sovereign citizens they don’t have to comply, because somehow they’ve decided they’re green mucus Constitution overrides ours somehow… They think they know everything about everything you know nothing… I can’t believe you call yourself a superintendent, detective Superintendent… You are a joke you fool. All of you are, you can’t see, even the advisors to the politicians that are lying to them, and the lawyers that lie to the police and give them false information, you are all domestic terrorists, you are terrorizing the public, how dare you pull people up driving down the road going about their own business UNDER THE RIGHT TO TRAVEL UNDER SECTION 92 OF OUR CONSTITUTION…. I’m pulling you up for random breath test? Liar YOUR PULLING THEM UP TO SEE HOW MUCH MONEY YOU CAN GET OUT OF THEM, (Highway Robbery) you force them to take that breath test if they don’t, you get charged the maximum penalty for drink-driving… AND THAT’S NOT TERRORISM? LIAR it is, what offense have they committed? Oh I don’t want that thing poked in my mouth, hang on when did we give you the right to do what you’re doing??? (Referendum?) We didn’t, you need it, (Our Consent) no matter what you think, you need it, the laws of GOOD GOVENANCE DO NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO INTERFERE WITH OUR RIGHT TO TRAVEL…. They do not, if you say they do you’re a Nut Job, no other way to describe you, just a Nut Job, a lunatic who thinks you’re above the law, you’re not, you people are subject to the law, you take yourself out from under that, you become a sovereign citizen which is what you try to call anybody who stands up against you… Ah look the level of violence is rising that’s another lie what do you want to do walk around shooting people? certain people because they OBJECT TO YOUR STUPIDITY and it is stupidity you birdbrain, how dare you talk to people the way you do, I watch some of the shows on TV how New South Wales (Nazi Cops) interacts with the public, ah I turned up a side street so he’s obviously avoiding a booze bus, HE DOESN’T HAVE TO GO PAST THE BOOZE BUS, if he doesn’t want, to HE HAS A RIGHT TO TRAVEL, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO INTERFERE, (S92) WITH THAT, except if you see him committing an offense (under Common Law) first. You don’t issue the penalties, you can’t issue a penalty, you’re not a court, you’re just an idiot in a uniform who thinks you’ve got the right to do anything you want, no you don’t, that makes you a Terrorist a Domestic Terrorist, that’s what you are, you go to court, and the Idiot sitting at the bench (Coram) hasn’t sworn the oath of allegiance, why is he there? To hand out penalties, what for? Pour money into the court system where does it go? all the way back to all the companies that own everything in this country (in America) and then we’ve got SCOMO and fried brain, fried brain is the Treasurer, what a moronic clown he is… Oh look at that we’ve got an aging population course we have you idiot everybody’s aging, you had to figure that out, you’ve got a brain to figure that out? Yeah right, and we’re costing you more money, WE ARE COSTING YOU NOTHING AT ALL ALL OUR WORKING LIVES WE HAVE PAID 7.5% TAX TO PAY FOR OUR PENSION WHERE IS IT IDIOT? (You STOLE IT) why are you getting a pension you haven’t even earned it, and why are you getting it? you people before you even, you retire from politics, before you you reach retiring age? Why don’t you have to work till 70? What happened to equal rights in this country? United nutcases that’s what it is, you paid money to join the United nutcases, our tax money to join a bunch of lunatics who think they’ve got the right to tell everybody in the world what to do, no you don’t, you’ve lost the plot you pack of loonies, what is wrong with you? what don’t you understand? Ah we go back to sovereign citizen domestic terrorists and see its under your vomit mucus Constitution…. That’s what you are, it says you out sovereign citizens, you swear people in, as Citizens of Australia? You nut case, you can’t, they’re got to be naturalized into the British Empire… Oh and you reckon that fraud Australia Act, that gives you the right the Australia Act, Ha well the first problem with the Australia Act 1979 every state Parliament, every state parliament passed the Local Government Act, now if the state parliament and all state laws had to comply with our Constitution and there’s no local government in our Constitution which obviously it wasn’t you tried to put it in in 1974 we said NO 1977, NO, 1988 NO, 1999 NO again, 4 NO’s, look at that you’ve got four NO’s, you can join the x-factor you idiots, what don’t you understand? When they put that in they negated (wiped them out) their Parliament’s, they passed a (fake) Law created another system of Government, it didn’t exist in our Constitution… Where did the Authority come? Ha from section 51 subsection 38 the same place as your Australia Act, and I’ll come to that nice little section soon… Because you need to learn a nice little lesson, the problem is, 106 of the Constitution allows State Constitutions to continue subject to the Commonwealth Constitution… Now John O’Riley do you know what subject to means? I think you should… but do you really understand it? You can’t even understand that you’re a Domestic Terrorist, but you must look at this fact because this one is going to put you behind bars for the rest of your life. THE STATE CONSTITUION CANNOT HAVE ANYTHING IN IT THAT IS NOT IN THE FEDERAL CONSTITUTION. ie: IF THEIR IS NO LOCAL GOVERNMENT IN THE COMMONWEALTH CONSTITUTION, THEIR CANNOT BE IN THE STATE, WHEN YOU PUT IT IN YOU KNOCKED OUT YOUR STATE CONSTITUTIONS, did you? Yes how do I know? Because the Constitution says, you can’t have it, IT NO LONGER COMPLIES, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? THE STATE CONSTITUTION DOES NOT APPLY BECAUSE IT HAS GOT LOCAL GOVERNMENT IN IT AND IT ISN’T IN THE FEDERAL CONSTITUTION, can you see what I’m trying to say John O’Reilly? Or has that escaped your brain as well? Has that escaped the brain of every moronic clown in this country that thinks you can have another system of government without the permission of the people, you’re lying, if you weren’t lying why did you ask us? IF YOU DID’NT NEED PERMISSION WHY DID YOU ASK US? Because you know you’re lying, lying filthy Traitors, Domestic Terrorists, Sovereign Citizens that’s you mob, yes and it is probably fifteen to twenty five thousand maybe more, when you consider all the security companies and everything else, but if you turn up at someone’s house and you’re the Sheriff, or a process server or any other meat-head, and you’re NOT an OFFICER OF THE CROWN, you’re a DOMESTIC TERRORIST, YOU HAVE NO LAWFUL RIGHT to be there, NO CROWN NO AUTHORITY… Where do you find it? In the our Constitution, the Annotated one explains it very clearly, Chapter 3 Section 76, have you got those two? Page 795, the fourth paragraph, one paragraph is only three or four lines, so count that as a paragraph, then go on the fourth one, it says YOU HAVE TO SHOW IN THIS CONSTITUTION WHERE YOU GET YOUR AUTHORITY… You haven’t, because you can’t, BECAUSE YOU HAVE NONE, and you can’t get it, we think we’re above your law, the law? You say in your whole (bullshit) documentary, we’re above the law, we think we’re above the tax laws we think we don’t have to abide by your laws, THEY ARE NOT LAWS IDIOT, they are put to a parliament give them to a dipstick Governor who isn’t even a Lawful Governor, isn’t one, if you read the section of the Constitution being 7 to 23, 61 to 68, and then you look at section 42 says every single one of you have to swear, every single politician has to swear the Oath of Allegiance, and section 72 every Judge and Magistrate have to swear the Oath of Allegiance… Here is the clanger for you idiots in the (fake) Police Force, all of you, in every State, Police are established under the Statute of Monopolies, which is part of the 1688 Bill of Rights, HCA 48 of 2010, Chief Justice French and High Court all said those Laws stand… So they stand, so you’re bound by them, SO YOUR JOB AS A POLICE OFFICER IS TO SIT UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE GOVERNOR, NOT THE GOVERNMENT, no superintendents, no inspectors, they are employees of the government of the day. You have to be up to a Sergeant, the rest of you don’t exist, BUT YOU ARE THERE TO ARREST THE PARLIAMENT WHEN THE PARLIAMENT REFUSES TO ABIDE BY OUR CONSTITUTION OR OUR LAWS why ARE YOU NOT DOING THAT? Ha because you’re a Sovereign Citizen, & a Domestic Terrorist that’s why… That’s all you are, you people are so sick you think people aren’t waking up, in each State their is over two or three hundred thousand people now who understand YOU ARE THE SOVEREIGN CITIZEN (Police) YOU ARE THE DOMESTIC TERRORIST, every time you pull someone over, Oh I just want to do a license check, why have you got a license? Have you? where’s yours? why don’t you produce yours first and or produce your document says this is me, we had to when I was in the Police Force, if somebody said I want to see your certificate of appointment, we had to show it.. Brian Ball the Commissioner ordered it, and rightly so too, why shouldn’t you prove who you are? You certainly aren’t who you say you are now, and there’s another little thing to, local governments is not a state issue, local government is a Commonwealth issue, anything that interferes with our land, you see we the people are the Commonwealth, the people in each state are people of the Commonwealth, in fact the states are the people from the Commonwealth sitting in a particular area on this continent called Australia. If you can’t figure that the read the Constitution if you can’t find one give me a yell I will sell you one for a hundred and fifty, exactly what it cost, I won’t be prejudiced against you I’ll give you the same price as everybody else, and then you can learn the real law because you obviously don’t know it, now there’s another issue, I watched a video last night and it was on in the Senate, this nice Senator put up Section 100 (water rights) of our Constitution and he was 100% correct, three total nob heads that knew absolutely nothing about the Constitution… Oh what was their excuse? Ah treaties, ah and what was the other one? Oh… State laws, all interfered with the Murray-Darling basin, no, no, sorry you got it wrong, your excuse for flooding the dam degenerating dropping all the water out the dam, what have you got that river dam for? If you have then why aren’t you holding back a reserve of water that you let go at regular intervals to give to the people on all the farms, why aren’t you doing that? It’s called good governance, ha no know look at that, you’ve sold it to some idiot overseas, to grow cotton for an overseas market and you don’t get any money out of it, not one red cent, you let all the water go down until it goes into a swamp rather than go on to the farms, what are the farmers going to do? Oh look if they don’t pay for their (unlawful) water quota every year they don’t get it, but they pay for it and they’re not getting it, how does that one work? When are you going to give them that money back you thieves, Oh look at this Scomo (Scott Morrison) and brain dead, the bloke with the baked brain, can’t figure out any mathematics at all, we’ll give them a loan, they’ve got to pay it back with interest, Hang on, didn’t you give (unlawful) Five Hundred million dollars to the Solomon Islands? Just so that China wouldn’t walk in there and take it over isn’t that what you did? But they don’t have to pay it back, why not? Oh that’s called bribery, ha, ha, you don’t bribe people… What about laundering money, that’s laundering money, (Caymen Islands) what about taking every cent you know this country and not giving an account to the people who are the Comonwealth tell them where is their money going? What about that fried brain and Scomo? When are you going to come out with the truth, and let everybody know where ALL THE MONEY IS GOING INTO ALL OF YOUR COMPANIES IN AMERICA… WHAT ARE THOSE COMPANIES DOING BORROWING MONEY AGAINST US who GAVE YOU THAT PERMISSION? Who gave Bob-dork (Bob Hawke) the right to float our dollar? We’ve got trillions of dollars of assets under the ground, assets that our currency should be based on, what is it doing in another country? What is our dollar doing over there less than the American dollar when the American dollar was 85 cents against ours when you decided to float it, benefit to farmers, nonscence you idiots, they got the same price for their wheat they got the year before but the dollar wasn’t worth as much, do the math fried-brain or can’t you figure that one? Ah no, no, no that’s not true that wouldn’t happen, yes it would, yes it did, but when they want to buy all their machine’s from oversee, instead of paying $100,000 for an item they are paying one hundred and eighty thousand dollars for the same item, and that benefited the farmers how was that? I know fried-brain you got your maths mixed up with your stupidity again. Now we got another issue fried-brain & Scomo, the northwest shelf gas, why are we paying a $1.99c in Geralton at the Bowser for OUR GAS when THEY CAN BUY IT IN CHINA FOR 10 TO 15 Cents a litre? The same gas, come from here, why do they get to buy it cheaper? and they got to transport it from the Northwest Shelf… Oh look at that they’ve got contracts no they haven’t, we didn’t sign any contracts we NEVER GAVE YOU ANY RIGHTS TO SELL OUR ASSETS… You are a parliament, YOU ARE NOT A GOVERNMENT, you’re a PARLIAMENT WITH LIMITED AUTHORITY, limited BY OUR CONSTITUTION, the actual Government FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is the GOVERNOR-GENERAL and ten people he selects from the lower house and eight from the upper, that is section 61 to 68 of our Constitution, read it and learn the law, you Domestic Terrorist, read section 7 through 23 and you’ll see your position totally, if you’ve got one, your position now is headed for Jail for the rest of your life… Trechury to overturn the Constitution, Imprisonment for life, and another thing which is very important, pedophiles in this country, John Howard sealed everything to do with pedophiles, if you really are a Christians Scomo and you fried-brain, you ought to know better haven’t you got kids? Unseal all those documents, reveal all the pedophiles in this country, lock them up that’s where they belong and it’s probably your mates, that’s why you’re doing it, covering up your mates, why would you seal those documents for 80 years if you weren’t involved? You are, I believe you are, you are now by sealing it. If you conceal a criminal offense your party to it, go read the Commonwealth Criminal Code… Every offense you conceal your party to it, you’re doing nothing about it, your a party to it…The Pope has concealed a pedophilia for years he is a pedophile, under our Law, I don’t hate the Pope I don’t hate his religion, he’s entitled to his religion, but if he conceals pedophilia he is a pedophile, concealed child rape, he is a child rapist stealing murder or anything else is all those things, so is anybody who conceals it, and you’re concealing that many crimes, and as for handing this country over to the Chinese go get a life, that is not going to happen, we’re going to stop you, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, you are the Sovereign Citizen, Domestic Terrorists, you people, not us, we are Subjects of the Queen, we are the Commonwealth, YOU ARE OUR SERVANTS, paid slaves do what you’re told for Money, do what you’re told through our Constitution, makes you a paid slave, isn’t that nice title? I like that better, but Domestic Terrorists will do for the time, I’ll get back to section 51 subsection 38 of the Constitution and the (fake) Australia Act and all it’s dribble in another video it takes too long to explain in this one… Have a nice day. SOVEREIGN CITIZEN-DOMESTIC TERRORISTS… Wayne Glew 25-11-2019


  • Megan F

    The idiots are aiding in their own childrens enslavement, they are simply too stupid to comprehend this. The dopes just are power hungry brainless knobs that need to be told what to do, spineless thugs that get a kick out of standing over old ladies. There is more integrity in the old crooks left ass cheek, then they cry "oh but we suffer for the public", "look what we do for you". Yeah, well we can do without it. They no longer serve the people, they are just revenue officers who are to stupid and lazy to get a trade. These dickheads think trying to follow the constitution is trying to be lawless, no dickheads, it means we wish to follow the legal laws under our federation, not man made treasonous laws to steal anything they can get their hands on. We will follow good law, not sick law.
    Yep they are covering up for their pedophile mates, that's why they are covering up, the masonic brotherhood protects its own first before any oath to another, this is why they should not be in government if they are masons, it is in fact against the constitution for them to hold an oath to any other before their position in government. Everything is screwed up in Australia, maybe 'we the people' should drain the swamp.

  • Clusta Head

    policy – police, politician
    I'm not born as a subject of anyone but the Creator. I'm with Ickey on the topic of the Monarch: a system claiming authority over free people based on who had sex with whom and in what order …

  • dante dante

    Another great outstanding and informative video Wayne..1000% right and everything l believe ….l only wish l had your memory and knowledge of our constitution,,,,,You keep saying these masquerading politicians will go to jail ….but just when will l see this …l am about your age and l want to see when these imposters are dragged out of our parliament house and charged….But there is not a court that will abide our true constitution in Australia …These imposters own them ..there must be a judiciallity outside Australia that will cast judgement in compliance with our true constitution…Keep up the great work……..do you have a email for contact direct…chz

  • 69fangs69

    just starting watching, but mate what is the full name of the real australian constitution, the marrone one, not the mucus one, haha, i didnt get that for a while….also, is there another book written on the constitution that you've recommended before? just cant think of the bloke who wrote it or name

  • Hitch Hiker

    Jeff Rense did a show about Community Oriented Policing the other day, anyone who cares about this country needs to be informed about what it means and how it was all designed by communists. Our police are now using communist policing tactics against us and they don't even know.


  • Lee

    A "Sovereign Citizen" is a massive oxy-moron. How can you be a "Sovereign" (the highest power) and a Citizen of the State (a sub-servant to a government.

  • 69fangs69

    gday lm, would you possibly know i how could i go about buying waynes re-print book of the constitution or do you know if he might have an email to buy a copy?
    i do see his address & could write him

  • Shane Giles

    Hi Wayne
    I finally got my own copy of the Constitution …
    Now, I have a problem finding the section/s you mention when you expose these wrongdoers …
    When for example, you mention section 109: Pursuant To, I read: Be Determined Whenever Necessary
    Clearly, I am missing some essential navigation understanding.
    Would you, or someone on your team, do an episode on (eg) The Australian Constitution for Dummies?

  • Wayne Mickel

    Somewhere along time both the British Commonwealths and the USA has gone under Talmudic Law, and the Noahide Laws, our supreme courts are Talmudic Circuses it is the Jew who has rewritten the Laws to make it their Talmudic law which is straight from the Devil the Talmud is not from God but from the Pharisees and Rabbis.

  • grasshopper man

    yes domestic terrorists working for a foreign corporation; commiting treason, acts of domestic violence and war crimes against the people. maybe sounds like strong words although it is the reality of the situation.

  • Paul Drummond

    They are committing treason by selling our farmers and Aussie citizens water to over seas governments ,under the Australian constitution that’s treason and the federal police are adding and abetting the politicians in their treasonous acts by not bringing charges or investigating the coalition party for their crimes against the people of Australia and the constitution money buys police and court officials why aren’t they looking into Morrison’s Cayman Islands account where’s the deposit coming from what companies and how many loopholes did they put in to cover the the tax loopholes they had to remove when they were found they have to put more in so when they leave politics they can get jobs with big corporations as tax advisors with 7 figure salaries and help foreign corporations ripoff Australia by not paying the right tax they are all traitors and should be charged with treason

  • Andrew_koala

    state Citizen Passport talk
    May be of interest to subscribers and viewers of *
    liabilitymate* Channel

  • Professor Pat Pending


  • Billy Bobb

    Right on bloke . Lets expose peter hollingsworth our disgraced ex gg . This disgusting person receives a pension that would support about eight families. W.T.F. WHY¿

  • Stacy Stableton

    Wayne is a walking Library on the Constitution, the system is not broken it is a total corrupt wreck. Destroy it Australia it has nothing but harm to offer us. Stop paying taxes bring them down…

  • Australian Constitution 1901

    G'day Wayne, top vid. Cops! lmfao. The most piss weak minded pack of piss ant f*ck knuckles I have ever dealt with. Magistrate's = Me laughing my head off as they run and hide in the toilet . I'm sure they're janitor's in reality.
    As for councils..simple..don't pay their extortion rates. They are scumbag criminal foreign corporations out to get you. Stand up to them with your Australian commonwealth constitution 1901. Read it, learn it, use it ! Thanks Wayne..cheers.

  • Peter Friswell

    Great video again Wayne. The sooner all these people that are working on different plans to reinitiate our true constitution, all put their heads together to combine strategies, the better.

  • JUNKfindergood van

    …oooh so is that y thy performance at the MANMONOS TREOR LINDT CAFFE …sat back and waited for monos to act 1st so ta piG Force can bring in some more RESTRICTIFE LAWS TO CONTROL US.. how eeee ev ever thy want 2…

  • patricia meek

    Pedophilia is in the highest places that's why no one's going to touch them like birds of a feather they all Stand Together listen to the testimony of Fiona Bishop she was child traffic through the Australian government to the highest officials and then onto the USA. Also Alexander Downer donated 120 million Australian dollars to the Clinton foundation tell me how that's not illegal. Anybody would think it was their money they have a short memory it's taxpayer money that should be spent in our country. Why are we sending millions of dollars offshore in 4 and 8 when we have Farmers committing suicide and animals dying from lack of water if we don't do something soon this country will be lost China is buying it up like there's no tomorrow.

  • Paul Rose

    Thy turn us all in to a fiction they call it the citizen or the person . Wake up it's not you stupid I myself is one of the people who are you .this man is rite

  • georgemav7

    I would like to know if the whole government can be taken down for treason and the will of the people can be reinstated.
    Perhaps the High Court of Australia..We have career politicians who are groomed to hold political politicians. It doesn't matter which side of politics they stand, they simply continue the dismantling of Australia. I didn't vote for so many of my rights to be taken away but little by little they are disappearing. I didn''t vote for the GST, I didn't vote for an unfair tax system, I Didn't vote for the gun laws, I Didn't for Bank Bail-In, I didn't vote for for a privately owned Central Bank to print Australia's Currency. It goes on and on. The ANZAC'S would turn the guns on these politicians as they are Australia's greatest threat.to Australia's freedom. The citizens are under the law and the politician's banks and corporations have free rain with the protection of the government.

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