Oklahoma Legislative Updates 2017
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Oklahoma Legislative Updates 2017

Hello. This is Robert Robles, attorney for U.S. LawShield in Oklahoma. I’m going to review the highlights of the
2017 Oklahoma Legislature, and their activities concerning gun laws in the state of Oklahoma
that take effect November 1, 2017. I’m going to read them to you. And there are nine separate gun laws. Number 1 – Senate Bill 35: Active military
may carry a firearm out using a military ID, plus an Oklahoma photo ID. Number 2 – Senate
Bill 36: Definition of a pistol was amended to allow
single or multiple projectiles from a single round of ammunition. Number 3 – Senate Bill 40: Felony Pointing,
Section 1289.25 amended. Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground
were amended. A person pointing a weapon, or a perpetrator
at a work, perpetrator in self-defense, or in order to thwart, stop, or deter a forcible felony
or attempted forcible felony, shall not be deemed to of committing a criminal act. Number 4 — Senate Bill 288, Driver Carry. Immediate immunity is extended
to a business entity’s vehicle when a company driver is not prohibited by
the company from carrying a firearm. Number 5 — Senate Bill 397 repeals Paragraph (d) of
21 Oklahoma Statute Section 1903. Ten years in prison, and up to a $10,000 fine for carrying
a firearm on a bus has been repealed. Number 6 — House Bill 1104: Any elected county official may carry a firearm in the courthouse where they were elected. Number 7 — House Bill 1550: Motorcycle Carry
has been amended to include a motorcycle as a motor vehicle, for purposes of allowing
it to have a locked compartment for the storage of firearms. Number 8 — House Bill 2324: Amended state
of authorization to shoot depredating animals (coyotes, feral hogs) from aircraft. You will need special permits from the Oklahoma
Wildlife Commission. Number 9 — House Bill 1428: Handgun Carry:
Military Age Exemption Act, 18-year-old residents of the state of Oklahoma who are veterans
of, or members of, the United States Armed Forces may carry a firearm in the state of Oklahoma. Thank you very much.

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