Oklahoma’s Blaine Amendment targets children with disabilities
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Oklahoma’s Blaine Amendment targets children with disabilities

Jane: “You know I have a school counselor saying
we’re a top grade school, there’s no bullying here, this isn’t happening here. And I have a kid telling me at home, I just
wish I was dead.” Curtis: “Just because a child has a disability, whatever
it is, doesn’t mean they’re stupid.” I was shocked that this thing still exists. It’s a 200-year-old rule. And basically it was to discriminate against
Catholics. Wyatt was born 3 months early. And the doctor told me, he goes I don’t think
he’s going to make it. I was constantly getting notes home from his
kindergarten teacher that he wasn’t listening in class And that was when incidents of bullying started
because he was different. He actually physically got attacked on the
school ground. And that’s when we said, we’re done. We put him in Metro Christian Academy here
in Tulsa and he was a totally different kid. I feel like he’s a success story in spite
of everything, he could not have done this without the help of Lindsey Nicole Henry. I think the Blaine Amendment should be done
away with. There needs to be more education about what
it is, what it was designed to do. We have so much to do to help children. If I could say one thing to people considering
the Blaine Amendments, if that stance were to be taken, it would actually hurt a number
of institutions that we rely on here in the state of Oklahoma.

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