Opinion | The tax bill is the worst domestic policy legislation in a lifetime
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Opinion | The tax bill is the worst domestic policy legislation in a lifetime

Without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. Okay, here’s what I have to say about this tax bill. This is the worst piece of domestic
policy legislation in my lifetime. Let me give you four reasons explaining why. First, it’s not needed. Individual tax
rates are already lower than the average rates of the last 35 years. Some perspective: When Ronald Reagan cut taxes
in 1981, the top personal income tax rate was 70 percent. Now it’s 39.6 percent. And corporations, well they officially pay 35 percent, but
in reality, the average rate is way lower – 22 percent – because of loopholes. Lowering the corporate tax would be a good idea,
but only if we pay for it by getting rid of those loopholes. Second, we can’t afford this tax cut. The last time
we passed a major tax cut, in 2001, the national debt amounted to 31 percent of the economy. Now, and I’m talking about even without this tax cut, the debt is at 77 percent. With this tax bill, our debt will equal the
entire size of the economy by the end of this decade. That’s dangerous because debts that big
are a drag on growth. They reduce the government’s ability to respond in an economic downturn. And they mean that we’re paying hundreds of billions of dollars in interest instead of spending
on worthy programs—whether that’s infrastructure or defense or health care. Third, this tax cut isn’t going to do what’s promised,
which is to spur growth and create jobs. Yes, cutting taxes could jumpstart the economy
because people might have some extra money to spend and because companies could
hire more people. But, and repeat after me, no responsible economist
believes that the growth is going to be enough that the tax cut will pay for itself. It won’t! Meanwhile, the argument that corporations are going to use this money to create millions of jobs just doesn’t make much sense. Corporations already have tons of money available to them to invest if that’s a good business move. Fourth, and maybe this is the worst of all, this tax cut is horribly skewed to the wealthiest Americans. In 2025, households making more than $1 million a year
would get an average tax break of $25,000. Meanwhile, families making between $10,000 and $20,000 will see their tax burden rise by $140. That’s unbelievable. And this understates the impact on the neediest Americans. Taking money we don’t have and using it
to lavish tax cuts on the wealthy means less money available for–sorry rich folks–more
worthy causes. And already, Republicans are signaling that they’re
going to use those scary deficit numbers to argue for cutting programs that help the poor, like food stamps or Medicaid. I could keep going. But you get the point. President Trump and Congressional Republicans
can celebrate this legislative victory, but it is a policy disaster.


  • Kameron K

    This is what bad tax cuts look like. Obama giving 55 billion to people who really need the tax cuts like movie producers and microsoft 🙂 This is before the washington post was bought and paid for by Jeff Bezos http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/12/15/AR2010121504071.html?nav=emailpage

  • Jory Pieper

    WaPo is nothing more than the official propaganda arm for the Democratic Party. The fact that they think they can change the people's opinions with their constant lies shows how out of touch with reality they truly are. WaPo and the DNC may think their BS Russian collusion and Dossier is bringing people to their side, when in reality they are turning people off from their agenda more than they could imagine.

  • casca1964

    The United States recorded a government debt equivalent to 106.10 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product in 2016. Government Debt to GDP in the United States averaged 61.14 percent from 1940 until 2016, reaching an all time high of 118.90 percent in 1946 and a record low of 31.70 percent in 1981. Source U.S. department of Debt

  • Rebel Patriot

    Poor wapo. When will u understand that ur not relevant anymore? People can tell the difference between news, and propaganda.

  • J Lew

    you went in to the lunacy ditch less than a minute after you muttered your first word.
    you actually indicated that when it comes to this cut in income taxes. "we don't need it"
    fine heifer……send your tax cut back to Washington then……and keep your beak and snout out of other people's wallets.
    liberals are utterly delusional…….this Blue dressed egocentric H.R. Puffin-stuff is certifiable….and as a matter of fact just for HER BOSS's wallet's sake……I'm starting my complete and total divorce from anything Amazon a whole week early. Bye Bezos…..

  • Hobday Z Legend

    The whole lot of you have made it impossible to believe a single word that comes spewing out of your mouths. You have lied to the American people so much at this point that even if what you were saying was true it falls on deaf ears because of all the other misinformation. Case and point – Currently twice as many people have disliked this video than liked it, oh that's right must be the Russians using bots or whatever your narrative is and whoever your scapegoat is this week. Cheers.

  • Christopher Farr

    No one making less than the federal poverty level pay taxes, in fact they receive earned income credits.. This piece of mental garbage is ridiculous.

  • Glenn Evans

    Democrats want a lot of taxes to fund all the immigrants..All these social programs are needed at the expense of the working class.

  • DeltaNordicAdvance

    WaPo-Bezos-CIA shills mad that average Americans are taking home more of what they earned – typical. And libtards, don't pretend that you really give a damn about the debt, since you never said a word while Obamalackabuubuuda doubled it.

  • David Morgan

    Fake news! Washington Post is ISIS! Obama added more then that in one year! Almost 9trillon in 8 years. More then all the president's combined. Shut up! and start telling the truth for once! People might start buying you paper again!

  • Joshua Belding

    Washington Post: If this is the worst domestic policy, can you provide a fair metric to make this comparison? you state how bad it is because you see no worth in it, but please compare it against other domestic policy issues. What about compared to the federal crime bill of 1994? Or the Work Representation act of 1996? Without it, it would seem your video is intellectually dishonest and misleading. I know your base doesn't care about facts, but as a member of the press, you have a responsibility not to skew the truth and lie to the public. Thanks!

  • T Young

    Of course, the Cabal owned Washington Post would say some ridiculous lie like that. What else would you expect from that rag these days??

  • Oscar Silva

    Continue recieving welfare, section 8,food stamps, healthcare, free education and being burden to tax payers. Only have to pah an extra 140 dollars. Sounds like a sweet deal.

  • Bob Brown

    OK idiot zombie libs, let's put this to rest. Let's compare President Trump's tax cut, to OBAMA'S!!!! ………….i'm waiting…. still waiting……. (crickets chirpiing)…….get back to me when you can find an Obama tax cut.

  • MiMi Joys1963

    Ruth Marcus is an absolute MORONIC DUMBASS! Knows nothing about what We the People really need! Karma is going around and she will find out why We the People need this and why WE elected President Trump! WaPo will pay dearly for this moron spewing more false information, trying to scare the low informed!

  • frank james

    Washington compost leftist globalist bs..tax cuts will spur investment and growth…globalist pissed that there America destruction/enslavement plan has been set back

  • J Donovan

    Yes!!! Yes!!! I love that this woman has her panties all wired up. Let’s wallow in her misery. And remember boys and girls …when they tell you they can’t afford a cut. It’s liberal socialist code for increasing the federal budget.

    Hey!! F:$*{*{+CK off we won and you lost.

  • Bill Lyle

    Taxation is theft. I'm glad they are trying to steal a bit less. And just for the record it's not a tax cut. There has never and will never be a tax cut.

  • Kurt Johnson

    Washington Post #FakeNews lies do not appear to be working, 141 likes vs. 285 dislikes on this video at the moment with a measly 6000 views. Whats even funnier is this video is the only one of theirs I've ever seen that had more than a few hundred views. Why don't you liars just close your doors, NO ONE believes the shit you say. Your propaganda display is useless. You can fool some people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time. You think Americans are stupid, but we know better.

  • Darling Dear

    Republican base should pay for the deficit created by this bill. Gather then all up – all those who voted GOP and have them pay consequences of the legislature. In fact for any bill people who should suffer the consequences should be the ones who voted for the party that pushed the bill through. That should be a great lesson of fiscal responsibility of their actions

  • Montel J

    It’s crazy how evil it is to keep money that is earned thru voluntary transactions. The left truly believe that the government owns your money before you do. I’m middle class and I already figured out I’m going to make out great with this new tax plan. Thank you Uncle Sam for stealing less money from me next year. Anyone who thinks the government should get more than 50% of your wealth is a criminal in my mind. Who are these people who aren’t going to do as well under this plan. Everyone who doesn’t live off handouts will do better. And if we take away some of the handouts it will be better for those people too. Welfare only keeps down the recipient from further advancement. The left wants to continue with their trickle up poverty plan.

  • Darmok

    WaPo is owned and run by satanists who rape, traffic and murder children. You are going to hell and your time spouting your BS is ending soon.

  • J Shysterr

    These are the same libtards who had no problem bailing out the largest corporations for 4 trillion dollars. They think we wouldnt remember that. Taxpayers are too big to fail.

  • Ms Babs

    Repeat after me..

    Sorry not one of your common core brain dead puppets. Yes, we will be able to pay our debit once your money is confiscated . Check out the latest executive order . I think the Washington post is on the list with the rest of the filth.

  • Darin Bradshaw

    lolololololol. Oh Washington Post, you make all of these claims without any evidence, or any context. You're as bad as CNN.

  • Darin Bradshaw

    Liberals for 8 years seeing Obama add 1.5 Trillion to the deficit in 18 months: Eh……Liberals now that Trump's plan will add 1.5 Trillion over the course of 10 years: OMG!!! He's literally Hitler!!!!!!!!! He hates all of us!!!!!!!

  • Stephen Lacher

    YOU ARE CORRECT!!! Worse possible news for NWO leftists and the future of the dumocrap party! You clowns wouldn't recognize sound financial policy in a million years. You'd have to get out into REAL life and flush all the useless 'professors'!

  • Stephen Lacher

    Eh, article not going so well!? Just reading the comments, seems like many of the readers have you figured out! It's over for the leftists because MSM no longer controls the corporate mind.

  • louann williams

    Beware of those who would raise your taxes== Biblical . Illegal taxation nothing new under the sun. Democrats have had 8+ years what the he'll have they done?? . Who have they helped? This plan will help the poor and middle class. Liars! Don't forget hypocrites illegals only help the rich (fact) = That's the only way they get votes. No the dems have had there chance .Instead of filling your own pockets you greedy self centered idiots give the American people there hard working money.

  • Hands Over Eyes

    Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. He also owns amazon and was given $600 million by the CIA.
    Washington Post is the propaganda arm of the CIA.

  • emerald mezmereyes

    Liberals can't see the light of day through the bound up feces in front of their faces, deep within their a**holes. Oblowme was and is the most highly paid PROFESSIONAL CON ARTIST puppet of Soros, with the ultimate aim to destroy countries across the world.

  • James Satterthwaite

    You bunch of treasonous clowns!I can only hope that when America is restored you are all taken to Gitmo and severly tortured then hung for treason.

  • HeyGuy4321

    It's a great bill. Better than anything the cuckocrats have done in a lifetime, anything that keeps money in people's hands rather than corrupt politicians is a good thing. At least its in the hands of the people who f**king earned it. Everybody knows this is pure salt on the part of the left.

  • Todd Hall

    Right when I pay 1/3 of my income every year in taxes. Let’s increase taxes so I can be out on the street w/ everyone else. Gotta love the democratic left.
    I even considered getting a second job, but after taxes a $20/hr job equates to $8.25/hr take Home.

  • Candice Johnson

    I'll sum up and save people the time it takes to watch this garbage. "Giving Americans back their own money is not needed. Corporations should not get tax cuts for making decisions which benefit society, they should give it to the government to spend how they want instead (fancy plane rides). We should keep stealing money from the American people so we don't have to actually make smart decisions regarding government spending and reign in our debts. We can't accept more of our own money if it means the rich get more of their own money."

  • Byron Preston

    Socialism: The confiscation of business & personal wealth thru "Taxes' to be distributed to lower income masses at they see fit. If gov't wants to play Santa Claus, they can make their own money (not print it) but stop taking mine!

  • Robert Smith

    Quit being poor…..I think the middle class is tired of carrying the lower class ,while the lower class is off making more babies they can't take care of.. get off your drug get off your backs and go to work………

  • mashroob

    Why whine about it? It's LAW, you goof. There's no undoing it. At least any time soon. You think that your virtue-sginaling will undo it or something/ I have some bad news for you then… it won't.

  • RIP Gunny

    This video is a hot pile of garbage. Taxation is theft, and the IRS are a bunch of domestic, partisan terrorists. Fuck you wapo

  • Bogey Man

    Look at California..34% of the nations welfare and now the highest poverty rate. That's what over regulation and taxes do to an economy. Was the fifth largest economy and now the seventh. They even chased the company that built wind generators out. If you are middle class in California you work for the government.

  • Johnvf1978

    Who is this person that we should even bother to listen to her? Some frumpy, broke, loser journalist at the Amazon Post. At least they could tell us her qualifications, but I guess they think we’re too stupid to care.

  • Ryan Hilton

    No apology will be given when they are wrong…
    The only way we can actually pay our debt is slow the growth of large government programs and growth our economy faster that the programs.

  • Mike Hancock

    Lady are you just stupid !!!! It's working !!! I like keeping my own money !!! Lady your and idiot I might add. Stop giving our money to other countries !!! Use our money in our COUNTRY.

  • Steven Craig Smith Sr

    She has an opinion and she's going to spread it liberally enough to cover all the recent wonder.
    The only problem I have is when white bread covers their opinion piece with pictures of chocolate icing when telling us lower taxes are bad.
    Fuck You WP!

  • Michael P. Angus

    It's really sad to see so many people watch (or at least click on) this video and completely ignore how much nearly ALL Americans (aside from the super wealthy) are losing out on this deal, not to mention how in debt we already are and how this will weaken our country as we dive right into massive debt. Please use critical thinking, fellow Americans. Due diligence in your research and rely on more than one news outlet.

  • Michael P. Angus

    It's really sad to see so many people watch (or at least click on) this video and completely ignore how much nearly ALL Americans (aside from the super wealthy) are losing out on this deal, not to mention how in debt we already are and how this will weaken our country as we dive right into massive debt. Please use critical thinking, fellow Americans. Due diligence in your research and rely on more than one news outlet.

  • Garnet Rose

    Yes , she is right and anybody in the middle class or the poorest Americans😱 who believe the billionaires and corporations are going to "trickle down $$$ " on our heads are living in an illusion. 😱

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