Oregon 3 Tooth Brushcutter Mulching Blade,   Review/Test,
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Oregon 3 Tooth Brushcutter Mulching Blade, Review/Test,

alright guys today’s video I’ll be doing
a review on this all a gun three tuft mulch blade 300 mil 12 inch tall or it’s
all in one blade so it comes with 20 mil I think is 25.4 it’s divisional all and
I’ll take it out to a 20 they do supper they a spacer so it’ll fit a lot of
machines it’s a good quality play it for mellow and thickness model number 2 9 5
508 /o made advanced so it’s 3 ml 4 millimeter thick and it’s a three-song
version to version you gotta check your machine will take a
for milk blade I will take the formula player to be honest I looked and I can’t
find any information on the two machines I’m gonna try a if they take it so it’s
just a matter of I bought a so I’m gonna try a I did my intention of they were
this video first was to pull it on the 35 CC machines I think that’s for this
team palm Glade or three tough blade would it batted on 35 a 45 CC even I
yeah 55 what I have I I’m gonna Barney on my 25 recently and I couldn’t find
the nut for the 35 told the blade on so I’ll do it this way it will fit the 25
cc so will fit it on the mini I’m gonna sharpen it first give it a bit of a rub
off on the edge just get a bit more of a an edge on a right at the moment is this
dollar some of my school mates really solid now I’m just
eh bet to take the paint off heat done I’m stopping bustin just more gonna pay back shop on edge Gino I recommend given bit
of a shock this applies the pink stops that age a sharp no bad day just knock
the edge off a mere paint would be surprised what wouldn’t have really
recommended put on 25 cc machine who would give it a core see what it does
like I said he’ll be 5 up bite I really say cuz they’d be but a kid on the other
hand it might actually work for a because the flywheel effect the weight
once he gets up and spinning you don’t need many lives and it’s just the weight
of this for carry yourself around and cut through it in my opinion so we give
it a go now and I’ll do another video then on a 35 CC machine and also they do
a two blade version which I would recommend better for a smaller machine
I’d say but with you know maybe they said the way to they might a pay so it’s
not many videos out there that’s where I thought I do one on this 1999 of the
Obey eBay is worth a punt a small Java made it funds see much that’s good
that’s good let’s put the other machine this video
today is Ghana 5 to 5 rj x fits all right we are going on the rice so
smoking away and I’ve got a new blade adopter bolt
and everything you couldn’t find a sister does other stuff at all well I doubt I found the thinnest Basha
I’m calling the huh there’s the light one Friday it’s got a shaft it’s got
this planes in there cuz that out because the blades so thick
you’ve still won this to go onto the the threads I’d say so it’s pretty much good
on flower got all the played down as well but strange particularly going down
to the ground like what’s on me I’m pretty happy with her its knee enough
arm all away so yeah so that’s not bad at all
let me get a thicker one the shoulder like I said this is a lot thicker this
one don’t think this one is compared to it so I think if I pull out on because
it’s a thick blade I said for Miller it will catch exactly same it’s good onto
the teeth but the time you add this online it do they but the nut is not
going on so far and all they kill on put on a lock into the night lock at the end
of that so last way I’ve got lots of different fit interviews so I’m lucky
enough to have filled a tray so that gives me more nut more thread then to
play with a life its own nice and safe last anyone is this coming off and
they’ve got a lot of thread there I’m not gonna run it too fast anyway mister
squinch I look sweet sweet huh snug I’m into the
nighlok I’ve gone past the nighlok my lock on the nut so I feel a bit safe are
they I’m just doing this just to show people
what I think are the blade and are we gonna get along with a would give it a
good test like I said you cut them this way from working on a machine to spit in
anti-clockwise I did not stuff here so we’re gonna go
away come on little dive too much yes too late to some thick stuff in
yesterday maybe I should have the kick bar bit
back on you’re so dutifully kicking a few times so I’ll fix our back on just a
safety took my leg then if it does kick back but be careful the protector now one sec you to be
confident don’t fall off you defend that job but he was who
disappeared on pulau weh beautiful a Dom usually cutting individual strands you
keeping up and down what more working are I’ve kept it more
I know that I’ve done a fair bit of Everglades it didn’t come off and kill me so might
be with a bit too yet so I won’t have a new percent confidence confidence will
come with time long but it stays on there yapping I’ll feel all the long but
I’d done more work with a I’ll trust him more and whatever you have sorry new
little bit weightier they offer confidence closer than a the time it is
well and truly peeing down now so I think a little bit more belay and I go
to modes over there tomorrow I’m gonna cut some and do a video on get some
scrap open online so as tomorrow’s video anyway and I’ll do a lot more in my next
vlog and go into detail about stuff but you’ll come up soon I will say more vigorous term mother
better more CCS but better bigger the ED the gearbox better because it could be a
lot of stress eventually over time on a little strimmer I’m gonna show in a
little one will do where CeCe’s 25 run in no problem
like I said obviously biggest biggest remise more professional will have a via
gearboxes definitely under Ledbetter whatever you are then I leave it they
put on first impression it’s awesome somebody kit lot better more effectively
no more standard glass blade so definite thumbs up from me good bit of kit like I
said for the money and strong we hit some hard stuff with our I think the
damage to simmer before the blade if anything might whip the aid offer
something breaking gearboxes mink but plenty of power
definitely fly flywheel effect the weight away just keeps it going brother
FC engine n so no problem 25 cc on our blade which I honestly didn’t think in
the beginning I will try a two-prong or 212 version to see the difference
because I’ve seen streamer struggling small CCS
so maybe the tools blade bizarre the turn or stops easier as it could be this
like I said this is by the way PID which momentum allow check out my channel for
weekly uploads plenty more to follow please like and subscribe and watch in


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