Our Researchers: Yingzi Zhang
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Our Researchers: Yingzi Zhang

I got my PhD from University of Wisconsin-Madison last summer and I was attracted by your School of Nursing with our fantastic research support and mentorship here Overall I’m interested in psychosocial intervention for cancer patients and their family members. Specifically with uncertainty management interventions My hope is to design and implement uncertainty management intervention to
help patients and their family get better adjusted to cancer experience and achieve better quality of life. My mom was diagnosed with cancer the second time last year and she was devastated by the new diagnosis. We was thinking as a
family is this the cancer came back or is it a new cancer? As a caregiver I
experienced uncertainty. And I realized that there are lot of work I can do in this area
to help patients to manage their uncertainty especially during the
new diagnosis phase. From previous studies, uncertainty was found to be correlated with diminished quality of life and poor psychological status. That’s why uncertainty is very important phenomenon in cancer context. As a caregiver I have a lot of questions about when I will get a definite
diagnosis and when is the surgery? So those questions tied to the patients and their family’s expectations and their needs. As a researcher, when I
reflect on this experience I realized that there are not just scientific uncertainty
I need to focus on, there are some practical uncertainties such as when the patient can get an appointment and when is the CT results will be back? Even though cancer is a very heavy topic for everyone,
I appreciate that patients and their family can be positive about their experience. For example, my participants told me that the cancer pulled the family together I like the positive aspect of cancer. It really teaches me that every cloud has
a silver lining. For me there is hope come from the cancer experience.

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