• soonerthanlater

    History in the making…..Democrats Banning the confederate flag they created When they fought the Union under the American flag…..It's about time to put the confederate flag in the history book of shame.

  • Arthur Moore

    Hello people hello world this is the Mississippi Boy again yes that is racist that white boy is a white nationalist you can look at them you can see it all through him and plus he is on that stuff on that Heron not just on a heron crystal meth and everything else you can look and you can tell a KKK member when you see them he is white supremacist don't believe the hype we need to get rid of these people this something Donald Trump have started but we going to end it Republicans we are ready has black Americans Latinos Puerto Ricans Mexicans immigrants whatever you want to call us Brown people's s***** countries will take that but also we all die for what we believe in that is our rights so don't play with it Republicans don't play with it Donald Trump and the rest of his bass and some Democrats

  • Arthur Moore

    This here half the end starting with Donald Trump and the Republican let's not forget be a bar because he run the police department all law enforcement they runs the Army Navy National Guard Coast Guard rings Armed Forces Navy's all I have already said have to be really careful, white nationalist it's all in there but we are ready to fight for our rights and don't take this lightly

  • Nakasasama

    Looks like another facet of African American culture is a free pass and good press coverage for beating and stomping a white male to death. No problem for the media to sweep that under the rug or make light of it.

  • Daveey Kam

    Funny the rebel flag not a confederate flag bothered no one intill one man said it was racest. Shows me here in America people are becomming followers not leaders. Maybe it's time they go after the African flag too. One they sold there own people into slavery,an still do today in 2019.

  • Irene Wilson

    Update, the board members met and the car still ran in the demolition derby. Didn’t hear any bad comments about the car or the fact that it had a rebel flag on it!!! Everyone had a good time!! I wonder why I didn’t see channel 4 at the demolition derby??? Oh yeah that’s because nobody needed five minutes of fame to report some type of garbage!!!

  • Arthur Bhutic

    Pro Confederate! I’m of 8902 Crazy Horse Trail, Houston, Texas 77064-7151! Come see me! I’m looking forward to you and once lived in Huntsville, Alabama and Columbia, South Carolina!

  • Toxic male

    GOD bless the men that fought so bravely for the C.S.A.  .

    Less than 5% of the whites in the South owned slaves. Fully 3/4's of the white people of the South had neither slaves nor an immediate economic interest in the maintenance of slavery or the plantation system.

    This was written by none other than the late John Hope Franklin in From Slavery to Freedom, McGraw-Hill, 1994., p. 123. Franklin was a Harvard educated Professor Emeritus of History and Professor of Legal History at Duke University. Dr. Franklin also happened to be a Black man. This may come as an inconvient truth to some here.

  • M N

    Cant wait until white people are the minority. It wont be long, look around. You cant stop us from evolving past your hate. Your families and generations will never remain untouched, low and behold all these years you hated is exactly what your family name will end up becoming a part of. Your great great grandchildren will be mixed and you will have chosen hate all your life. And your loved ones will forget you and they will be embarrassed by you and deny you of being right. All your hate is a waste in the end we will all become the same, seeing eachother as equals. Enjoy your hate while your alive because your families who live on will work their whole life to live down what you fed them. Somewhere along the line your families will stop hating just because of a world you were told stories about and were to afraid to put to rest. It is about to be 2020 people. If we cant come together we are all far to selfish and undeserving.

  • riverfrontdetroit1

    Lmao as a black man raised by a black man, I wish we would look at the ppl the hoist this flag…🤦🏽‍♂️💯their deplorables 🤣🤣💯 I’m seriously this white man interviewed is not that type of Man U want dating your daughter lol. So look at these ppl understand their losing n life an dont get offended as long as he keep it down in Monroe he ight’ 🤣🤣🤣🎉

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