• Wanna Play?

    They don't talk about shitty parenting or prescription drugs. Just guns and legislation (and not describing what kind of legislation).

  • troy harding

    Metal detectors in all schools and arm all the teachers. Once you do that it should be easy to weed out all the liberal teachers who are indoctrinating our children and our backs. They will be the first ones to refuse to do so.

  • warr malaski

    At the end of the day . The gun protects the constitution . Not the other way around . Our for fathers knew this . For as long as we hold a gun we are free . Hitter knew this . That's why he disarmed Germany before he started shipping off the Jews. The smarter liberals know this . Give guns up and the government will soon be at your door !

    https://youtu.be/0mKVdMNcG48 volly gun

    https://youtu.be/GPC7KiYDshw puckle gun

  • Debora Williams

    Another spoiled brat that does doesn't know how to deal with life issues. America is the only country in the world where a seventeen year old is considered a child. This is a grown-up ass man and a coward who used a gun to kill people who could not defend themselves. I say give him the death penalty.

  • heostevelady

    Of course cnn finds someone to hate trump. Local school are a state issue. You need to have armed ppl at schools bottom line

  • rob taylor

    If we care so much about our children, why don't we talk about the 100s of thousands of missing children every year, many of whom are thrown into child trafficking. It just so happens the largest number of missing children happen to be reported around the D.C. area. So why doesn't this EVER get talked about? Oh yea that's right, mainstream media is own by power hungry pedophile elites who don't want to publish stories about the real issue. They'd rather brainwash you into being compliant little sheep. Fuck CNN, fuck the mainstream media. Your businesses are failing, we no longer rely on you for the news. Stop feeding off these damn kids for views you disgusting fucks.

  • Northern Bohemian Realist

    05:20 I've been saying this for years – strict liability for gun ownership. Your gun is used in a crime, you do the time.

  • Supreme Bape

    yes we are failing our children!! All this PC bullshit is failing our children. You know why this didnt happen when he was a child? He got his ass whipped like me when we misbehaved we live in a time-out era that doesnt do shit for the kids. The world is literally changing.

    I just read this child physiologist said you should ask permission from your child before you do a diaper change because its really sexual harassment…… WTF is going on?

  • Amy Zadzilko

    Guns arent the prob its the people, mental heath. Think about the civil war, boys 8 years old with guns. Protecting us they didnt run into 1 room school house and shoot up place. Guns arent the problem..protect the 2nd.

  • Kevin Randolph Le Melle

    The problem today is there is no foundation within the household and no prayer. As a whole, we cannot leave God out the equation. Final answer. Enough said.

  • Wes Finch

    Governments kill more people than gun owning citizens. Cant argue that truth and fact. Who starts wars Governments do. How many innocent kids has the USA killed in Afghanistan Iraq Libya Syria Korea Vietnam and so forth. Truth is truth and facts are facts by the way government in latin means to control minds look it up.

  • Maks Black

    People need to stand up already and make a reform god damn it! Like other countries did in their own time and history had been changed! Take Egypt for instance. It is time people wake the f up!




    Tapper wasted no time, Jumping right on the Dead Bodies, that is CNN's way. Used a bird hunting gun, no weapon of Mass Destruction. again the gun is not the killer. The killer is this Slimy Asshole, CNN and Main Stream Liberal Media, there every day Preaching there HATE to the Crazies. Tapper your covered in Blood, every day Attacking, Bad Mouthing and Condemning. You might as well have pulled the Trigger. America this who is Killing Your Children and tearing apart your Country.

  • extra solar

    seems to be a very strange unacceptable disconnect between the realities of sick violent crime, and a politically prioritized media message i.e. the consistent hourly failures by chikenshyt lying corrupt dishonest leftist 'journalism' to 'shame' that which they cant control understand redefine or even challenge intelligently honestly. theres factors of opinion which have merit yet become laughably invalid and unconstitutional by simple pollution from warped dishonest leftist emotions. sad, for them.

  • britt fitscientist

    We need to follow Australia's lead in this matter. I am all for rights but lives are more important. This is embarrassing to our country. We are failing and not just once, but over and over and over and over….it just goes on.

  • bob ritchie

    There used to be Ten Commandments. Jesus narrowed it down to three. Somebody narrowed it down to the Golden Rule. All of these were taken out of the schools. But trust that the politicians can help by adding to the 20,000 plus gun laws already on the books.

  • EPSTomcat11

    I love how he's calling out Trump, Ryan, and McConnel by name. ALL those NRA-bought politicians need to be called out by name every time this is discussed.

  • Victor Marceau

    The only law that should be passed is the death penalty for mass murderers regardless of age that will say to other potential murderers we aren't playing around and jail for the parents and any one that had known about these social psychos and didn't tell anyone the trouble with this country is this piece of crap is going to get his fifteen minutes of Fame just like all the other out casts before him because he knows that the dumbass Media is going to blame guns instead of the one who did all the killing America needs to go back to the good old days when a outlaw was cought he or she was hanged for the crime and it didn't take them years in prison for them to get what they deserve

  • Jewels Elle_Ginger

    Should knife manufacturers also need to create a victims fund for stabbings? Or alcohol manufacturers for victims of drunk drivers? How about car manufacturers then?

  • EPSTomcat11

    This dad just outlined legislation that makes sense, but our politicians are bought by the NRA. That's why nothing is happening. It's not that complicated. And CNN doesn't mention this at all. Wonder why…

  • Andrew Gomes

    I feel sorry for his loss and for the tragedy but these people need to realize that there is different thoughts on freedom and guns and unfortunately we don't all think the same way and just because something terrible has happened to one person doesn't mean it should affect the way everybody else live their lives. Also most professionals will tell you never take rash action when you are emotional. One of the things all these school shootings have in common is that almost immediately people try to affect change when they are so very emotionally compromised.

  • Mystic Madman

    Wow…if one of my kids got whacked it would take a few days before I made public statements.
    Maybe the DNC found a new batch of morons to tour the country demanding Muh Gun Control since we figured out The Hogg man was just a Crisis Actor..

  • Aaron Burr Atwood.

    The national government won’t do anything about gun violence or the opioid epidemic because they don’t care about the demographic that is mostly affected. As far as the federal government is concerned, it’s just self promoting population control. All they have to do is nothing at all.

  • John J. Todora

    Why did he just call out all the Republicans? Why does this have to be political? Why not hold them all accountable, including and most importantly the state.

  • Redbug 3

    After the Marjory Douglas shooting in Florida, you must be 21 to purchas a Weapon in Florida. Our Governor Scott is a Worker, he made a change and it matters for the future protection of Civilians.

  • The bros home

    We can't just blame guns, not anything else , people see red flags but know one does anything about it. I never thought of ever doing that when I was in school .And I went hunting everyday after school even with my guns in my trunk of my car all the time. Problem is no family values anymore, these kids are raising themselves and know one is taking time with kidsanymore, too see what is going on inside their head. And their is way Too much social media. Society has collapsed in general. Getting rid of guns is not the answer, we have a serious mental problem in this country. These schools get targeted because their gun free zones. Who is going to stop them. They don't let security guards have A gun so how are they going to stop the bad guy.

  • Wapper Jaw

    I do not own a gun and see no need for one and I do not take a stand against or for … but all your talking about is a band-aid. More gun law are ridicules! And the laws are so darn confusing and ridicules … a gun is a gun but add or take away from it that changes everything concerning the law … which seems to me attended for the state or federal government to get more money in their pocket and does absolutely nothing in protecting its citizens. Why are people … kids … going nuts and resorting to such evil? If you don't fix the real problem and just take a tool away … hey there plenty of tools to choose from! Texans if I were you I put my children in home school.

  • The bros home

    My guns are locked up all the time I'm a responsible gun owner. Their are just too many people with no common sense.

  • Thyalwaysseek

    Of course this is going to keep happening, I can't understand why anybody would be surprised by yet another school shooting…and this is more than just lax gun laws this is a violent and antisocial mentality being propagated by Hollywood and celebrities. People like Kanye West who promote the thug culture and yet he says a few nice things about Trump in a PR stunt and suddenly he is elevated as some type of hero. American society is sick, this is just a reflection of what happens when a civilization is in moral decline and Hollywood producers and celebrities are the ones with the most amount of blood on their hands, followed by pitiful lazy parenting.

  • Bill bick

    Im sorry to here about this and im praying for them but im sick of this pointing fingers about guns would it be any different if someone went in with a knife, hammer, acid attack, gas u can hurt someone if you want this is not about the gun stop blaming it cause you can make a bow and arrow at home any time. we need to reach out to these people and help them this is not about an object this is about a generation that is feeling left behind. suicide kill so many more people every year and no one talks about it. reach out to people and show them some love and tell them u want them around even if someone seem a little weird not everyone is joe cool.

  • Francisco Gastelum

    Look buddy, let me stop you right there. Now look here and listen. What’s “high capacity magazine”, there’s no such thing as that(well there is but only after market parts), standard capacity magazines buddy, and let me add this to it. Gun manufacturers won’t get tagged with this tragedy, guns are manufactured for the purpose of defense for the citizens of America. Now that being said, I’m not saying we shouldn’t do anything about this, I’m all for doing something about this right beside you, I feel for you, however we won’t be able to go throw with this unless you will agree that firearms aren’t the issue, age isn’t the issue, what I can agree with you, that parents should be held accountable for being a gun owner, I can agree with you there. I lock up my guns awhile, the only one I don’t lock up is the one that stays on my hip, and that firearm has not been shot ever since I started to carry Day to Day basics. I feel for you lost, take the time to lay down to rest your love me ones.

  • cy2087

    This is what you get when kids become hopeless. When the promise of a good education only guarantees crushing debt, not a good job. When mom or dad getting sick means a trip to poverty lane. When there’s no such things as saving or retirement for their parents or them. When the military gets more money than the future represented by a good education system. When the economy forces the parents to both be working and using devices like video game consoles and PC’s for babysitting. When there is no real mental health care system to help spot problems before they turn into casualties. When our representatives and political system teach kids that money is more important than morality. You get angry kids that latch onto VERY bad influences in social media and other places.
    You get angry kids that turn into bullies or victims of bullies. You get hopeless kids that show us how angry they are with knives, drugs, guns and now…IED’s and bombs. You get victims of a failing society that has no REAL commitment to identifying and correcting the real problems. You get kids that die inside or under a hail of bullets. Either way, you get dead kids…and it’s our fault, not the fault of a weapon or a company or an organization. THAT’S what no one seems to want to face or fix.

  • Zant

    He makes a great point here. Follow the money, that's all you've gotta do. If you start hammering away at the NRA's bottom line, they'll start to change their tune, no questions asked.

  • Pat Stidman

    The shooter’s parents did or didn’t know their son was building Bombs ? Really ? The parents didn’t lock up their guns, we definitely need better laws against Stupidity.

  • Honorary Aryan

    I know that nobody will give this comment the light of day, but I feel obligated to make it. I'm 18 years old (by 19 days), Gen Z, and I grew up with these abysmal mass shootings. I still remember coming home as an 12 year old six grader, greeted by my shaking mother with a gargantuan hug, while I was completely dubious about what happened at Sandy Hook that day. I still remember eating lunch on my ninth grade year (15 years old), when my phone just buzzed with the latest news at Mojave High in Vegas. Enjoying my Christmas break, only to be shadowed with the disastrous attack in San Bernardino. Even when I was phenomenally getting my burn on in the gym with my mother and little bro, Las Vegas happened again, but this time a concert; I was only 17 then. And of course, Parkland, without a shrug or tear, because I was all used to it. I was desensitized.

    Now today, Sante Fe. 10 people dead, 10 people wounded, countless minds shaken and broken. This is a trend that I've seen over and over and over again. And like every pattern, comes repetition, with the country turning its sights on the Gun Debate. Both sides, over and over again, saying the exact same thing they said three months ago.

    And what do we get? Impeccable change? Ostentatious unification of our nation? A school campus that doesn't resemble a killing field? No, we get meaningless debate.

    Now, by now I can imagine that we all have our own positions on guns. I have mine, but I'm going to keep it as an irrelevancy because well, it is really irrelevant. We all need to avoid this ludicrously futile debate on guns, because it's not an analogous to any real change. We need to talk about action, away from the discussion of guns.

    I have my personal list on possible policies to counteract these mass shootings. Here they are:

    • Fight Bullying (promote the frenemy system as compensation)

    • Have Armed Guards on Public Facilities and Campuses

    • Helping the Mentally Disturbed without punishing them for applicable honesty; giving them a safer congregation to reside in, daily assistance, and a secured environment that has connections to the rest of the world (instead of an asylums isolation)

    • Bring back Physical Punishment for our Youth

    Now these are just a drop of what needs to be done if we want to see big changers in this country, but it's a recommendation for a good start. But as we all know, this is the Internet, and everybody has an opinion, and people will disagree with my assessment. Please, just take this one thing from me. Stop talking about pointless things that get us nowhere, and talk about reasonable change. Thank you all. 🙂

  • Dustin Lee

    You know it’s weird that you talk about protecting our kids but the thing is aren’t you against that I mean having an arm security officer in the school or God for bid a teacher with a concealed carry killing a psychopath trying to murder our children but you’re not protecting our kids right because you don’t want them protected you want to promote gun control so what I’m getting from this is do you want more mass shootings I mean of course to continue narrative I feel bad for this poor man because he lost his child but I feel even worse for CNN because they can’t understand the only way to per tech to something Is having equal or greater force in our position meaning if the bad guy has a gun and you don’t you’re gonna die if I the bad guy has a gun and you have a gun you have a equal chance of making it out alive as the bad guy if the bad guy doesn’t have a gun and you do the bad guy he’s going to get shot in the a is having equal or greater force in opposition meaning if a bad guy has a gun and you don’t you’re gonna die if a bad guy has a gun and you have a gun you have a equal chance of making it out alive as the bad guy if the bad guy doesn’t have a gun and you do the bad guy he’s going to get shot

  • Dustin Lee

    Just saying these things generally happened in states where gun control is already a thing buddy I know that’s hard to understand but more guns in the hands of good people stop bad guys with guns imagine that

  • Chris Robertson

    That guy is a nut that wants to blame everyone except the guy who killed his daughter. Let's make automotive manufacturers pay out money to every family a drunk driver kills. See how stupid that crap sounds.

  • Emily McCoy

    One thing we could do is end the gag order on pediatricians to ask parents about guns in the home. They can counsel with confidentiality. In addition to Fred’s suggestions that we hold parents accountable. It’s sensible and way past time.

  • R. A.

    My heart bleeds for all the victims of these shootings. However I don't think gun control is the solution, we need to find out what is driving these shooters to do what they do and also pay great attention to mental health. The media should stop turning this into an anti-Trump or anti-republican campaign.

  • M Taylor

    So many fools, if you are not willing to talk about professional armed security at all schools I don't think you are being sincere when you talk about "gun control" as it would actually relate to reducing these shootings. You really are just after the guns because your ignorance/hate for guns in America exceeds what needs to actually happen to reduce deaths related to school shootings. Just saying, something for everyone to think about.

  • Austin Giguere

    If you liberals want to be victims be my guest, but you don't get to tell me and my family we have to be as well. I hope everyone of you gun grabbers has a group of black thugs break into your house and rape and kill your wife and daughter right in front of you and you can ask them to stop with your liberal words see how well it works out.

  • no name

    on the positive side, schools out soon for high schoolers, so the school shootings shouldn't be a problem here during the summer!

  • Ruth Cobb

    Guttenberg has every right to be angry. However, his ideas are coming from living in a world of "Alice in Wonderland".

  • WildBill94

    There will be NO ban on modern sporting rifles or standard-capacity magazines. Let that sink in for all the whiny treasonous bitches who want to do that. There will be NO ban, Mr. Guttenberg. It is my constitutional RIGHT to own a modern gun with as many cartridges per magazine as I want. Let that be a lesson to you, too, Mr, Hogg and Mr./Ms. Gonzalez.

  • joe harrington

    The NRA lot are having apoplectic fits listening to this. “Take my gun away? I will cry like a baby and stamp my feet”

  • Ryan Gennaro

    Did our silly drug laws prevent drug use? Nope. Will criminals and scum bags always find a way? You Bet. It’s a sick world we live in.. any deranged lunatic can find a way regardless of legislation. That’s a scary reality, but it’s true. We need more love in this world. CNN is fake news!

  • 12schoolies

    The NRA's line is that 'guns alone don't kill people but bad people with guns kill people'. Even if that is logically correct it doesn't address the real problem of the fallibility of human nature when even the good can turn bad, at times of stress. The only solution is to separate people from guns. How that is done is a complex problem, especially in the USA.

  • Reggie Bell

    Maybe more thorough background checks on those who want a gun license? Idk that could be a violation of rights, or so I’ve heard. How about a more strict punishment against shooters? Violation of amendments as well? For shame.

  • sc 652973

    People rights don't end where brainwashed people's feelings begin. No one is being harmed in owning a gun. Assault is a behavior,not a weapon.

  • Javier Rios

    Laws are changing and the nuts don't deal with the laws. Glad you are this stupid and not me as well as disgrace your daughter's memory. By the way read on Obama's weapon giveaway to Mexican cartel!

  • Larry Louis

    What is there to talk about? You are not taking away guns without providing security for the country, our neighborhoods and our family. It makes no sense to talk about removing the only protection the citizens have with no school security, no border security, no vetting immigrants, harboring illegals, feeling sorry for the criminals while ignoring the victims. Being a Democrat you know that Obama and his party controlled all three houses for almost two years and did nothing but pass a healthcare bill for the citizens while retaining their primo benefit package and ignoring immigration policies. When the government starts to take care of business, respect law enforcement and military, provide the citizens with security, then ask the people to disarm.

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