Patiala Babes – Ep 303 – Full Episode – 23rd January, 2020
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Patiala Babes – Ep 303 – Full Episode – 23rd January, 2020

‘Did ‘Veer Balika’
thrash you so hard?’ Ms. Saroj. Yes, aunt Saroj.
She slapped me hard. It’s still hurting. Oh, my dear..
– Hey, little one. ‘Veer Balika’ didn’t
slap you hard like you say. You’re just
exaggerating what happened. Here.
Hey, Rani. Keep quiet. Why are
you silencing her? She’s such a small girl. Shouldn’t she speak
her heart out to her aunt? Give it to me.
I’ll feed her. Give me. Eat this. Open up.
– I don’t want to eat. How can she eat? When a person is upset then, how can that person eat? Eat a little bit,
my dear. I understand everything,
Arya. I know your
sister Mini very well. She doesn’t have a little
bit of care or mercy in her. She would fight a lot. And she would
beat up her friends a lot. But who would’ve thought that she would
beat such a young girl? How dare she slap
my dear little one? Would she do it
if sister was here? Oh, God.
What are you talking, Ms. Saroj? Ms. Babita would
beat her up a lot. You just let it go. There’s love hidden in a
mom’s punishment, right? Now I understand why your ‘Veer Balika’
hates you so much? Hate? Stop it, Aunt Saroj. Please, it’s enough. What did I do now?
Tell me. Just because I showed
some love on my niece you got so jealous? Hatred is not good,
dear Mini. Don’t talk to me like
I am your daughter, Okay? What are you trying to say,
Aunt Saroj? I hate Arya? Do not provoke me, Mini. Do you think
I don’t know the hatred you
have for your sister? Do you think
I am not aware? When your
mom married her dad you developed
hatred towards your mom just because
of that reason. You were
angry on your mom. You could never
forgive your mom. You alienated her and
went away forever, right? Stop it, Aunt Saroj. How much
longer can you lie? How long? What you’re
doing is not right. Tell me something. Have you ever done
anything for Arya till date? Absolutely nothing. Then why are you here now? Leave her alone.
She can manage herself, okay? But at least, please.. Do not show fake sympathy
towards her, I request. I am requesting you. I’ll see who it is,
Ms. Mini. I know, Mini. It’s not easy
listening to the truth. The entire world knows that you had a problem with Hanuman and Babita’s
relationship. But what happened
is in the past. Let go of it now. For me,
both of you are my nieces. Both of you are
my near and dear ones. But now I can’t let you
vent your anger on this poor girl, right? Arya was
crying a lot yesterday. So,
I’ve got her favourite sweet. You give this to
her in her lunchbox. Okay? Where is Arya? Upstairs. There’s
been a huge problem. What?
– Ms. Saroj is here. And in front of Arya.. Ms. Saroj and Ms. Mini
have started quarreling. Oh, no, Rani!
I wonder what Saroj will fill up that
innocent girl’s mind with. Quickly, go upstairs
and bring her down. Tell her that I’m calling her.
Just go. Go.
– Okay. D-Don’t look at me this way,
Arya. Don’t believe Aunt Saroj.
She’s lying, girl. Trust me. Oh, dear! Girl, I didn’t love my own dad as much as I loved Mr. Hanuman. Dear, you trust me, don’t you? You trust me, don’t you, Arya? Arya..
– Oh, girl! Just look at the time.
It’s time for your school bus. You’ll be late. Come.
– I don’t want to go! Oh! You know what?
Ms. Shami is here. She has brought ‘Besan Laddu’
for you. Come with me for Goddess’s sake.
Come, let’s go. Why, Aunt Saroj? What do you gain by creating
rifts in the relationships? Oh, Mini.
What did I do? All that I want is that you both sisters
live happily, together. Or else, why would I come here
over and over again in spite of getting insulted,
every time? It’s my love for both of you that brings me here
over and over again. – Really? Is that your love? Didn’t you notice the way
she was staring at me? Why.. Why do you say
such things? Why do you lie.. Why don’t you understand
that two of us have to live together
all our life? Hey, silly! How long are you going
to stay with her? You have to leave this house,
someday, right? By marrying.
Won’t you get married? Who’s going to take care
of Arya, thereafter? I’m the only relative she has. So, I’m the one who has to think
about her, right? So, let me give you an advice. Forget whatever happened
in the past. Live happily
as long as you can live with your step-sister! I know why Saroj is after
Babita’s daughters. She’s fulfilling her grudges
for years. Grudges? What grudge, Grandma?
– You don’t know about it, Mini. It’s a very old matter. Almost 23 years ago. Even before Babita
and Ashok got married. Well.. We got Saroj’s proposal
for Ashok! Their family was good.
We even liked the girl. Ashok had also agreed. The engagement date
was also fixed. Then..
– Then? The priest said,
there’s another alliance and he showed Babita’s photo. Ashok liked Babita. And then? Then, how did Aunt Saroj
get married to Uncle Pinku? Well..
We got it done. We were feeling quite guilty
for Saroj. Her parents liked Pinku. And then, they got married. We felt everything went smooth. But that was our
misunderstanding. Saroj hasn’t got over it. She hasn’t forgotten
anything yet. Oh, God!
That means Aunt Saroj is still holding
such old grudges? I never expected this. Nor did we. But it’s quite evident
from her talks. A woman can be holding
a lot of emotions within her. It can be affection or hatred. It can be so much love
or hatred equally. Like some ocean. It can either lead
to good or bad. ‘So, your ego, your anger’ ‘considering yourself
as a victim’ ‘all these things can link
to each other within your mind.’ This hatred this rift and.. It pains for a lifetime. No matter how old
the matter becomes but.. One can’t get over that pain. One can’t get over its affects. It doesn’t stop paining
and I’ve seen it. Seen it up close. The intense hatred destroys everyone, Mini. Saroj was jealous of Babita. And now, she’s jealous
of her daughters. Be it you or Arya. That’s why,
she wants to create a rift between you two sisters. She will never succeed in it. I and Arya are sisters. And we will always remain. Forever. No matter who interferes
be it Aunt Saroj, herself. They can’t create differences
between us. I won’t let that happen. It’s my promise to myself. What!
Why are you following me? Even I was looking for something that you are.
– What? Solutions to my problems. Look, I’m sorry.
You were searching with so much dedication
walking to and fro. So, I felt it must be lying
somewhere on the floor. It’s just a solution.
We’ll find it. Don’t try to act smart,
Neil Oberoi. No, wrong.
I am not trying to act smart. I am already smart. Like, the other day
you were telling your aunt that you were born shameless. Similarly, I was born smart. Very funny. Listen,
don’t irritate me, okay? I am already in
a bad mood. And you are.. I am not in a mood
to argue, okay? And why are you still here?
What’s the time? Go to the restaurant. And don’t disturb me, okay?
Let me think. Please. You are thinking..
I see. You want to think
while walking. All right.
Fine. It’s up to you. You can think
however you want to. But let me know when you
come to a conclusion, okay? I am not trying
to come to a conclusion. Because I am unable
to do so. I am very confused. I don’t understand. All right. I agree that
I shouldn’t have got hyper. Maybe, I shouldn’t have slapped
Arya before everyone. Maybe, I overreacted.
I am feeling guilty. But.. Then I thought
that it’s fine. Mom used to hit me, you know. But, I never felt bad. So, I never thought
that Arya would get hurt. Or she will feel
bad about it and.. What? Why are you sitting here
and smiling? I am listening to you. That’s why, you asked me
to stay back, right? Yes, I asked you
to stay back. But you are not
paying heed to me. I am listening to you.
I am all ears. Trust me. You better wipe that silly
grin off your face, Neil Oberoi. She is weird. She doesn’t smile and restricts
others from smiling. Okay.
Fine. I am all zipped.
Now, tell me. Hurry up.
I have to go. Hold on. Look..
Whatever happened yesterday.. I wanted to talk to Arya
after that, okay? In fact, I wanted to talk
to her immediately yesterday. But you.. You were the one
to stop me. So, I couldn’t
talk to her. And Aunt Saroj was here
before I woke up. She poisoned Arya. She poisoned her
against me and she doesn’t
want to talk to me. She doesn’t trust me. I tried my best
to explain her. I-I tried very hard. But no..
I could see it in her eyes. She doesn’t trust me. The trust factor
between us broke. I wonder what Aunt Saroj
wants to do and.. And I am sure,
it won’t be easy to pacify Arya. I am telling you
such an important matter and..and you are laughing! You are being so funny. Come on, Mini.
Arya is a kid. Pacifying a kid
is not rocket science. Small things
make them happy.- Really? Things like..
– Like.. Taste it. Why? What have you added in it? It’s omelette, right? I hope, you are not
doing black magic to me. It’s nice. Shall I tell you something? No matter how irritating
you are as a person but you are a good chef.
Amazing chef. Seriously, Neil Oberoi. I can forgive you for everything
if you serve me this omelette. Just imagine.. You can forgive me for
everything for one omelette. So can Arya. No way. I had prepared omelette
for Mr. Hanuman once. I still remember his expression. Cooking is not
my cup of tea at all. I know. Then why are you
even suggesting? I am not suggesting you to
become a cook for Arya. That you can..
Never be. But there must be
something special that you could do which
would bring a smile on her face.


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