PCOR: Going Beyond ‘Cookie Cutter’ Interventions
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PCOR: Going Beyond ‘Cookie Cutter’ Interventions

Patient-centered outcomes research is important
to health plans like Molina in that Molina health plan we are very interested in member
outcomes and what I mean by members the patients so patient-centered research helps us to understand
the whys about communities it also helps us to understand valuable information about communities
why individuals operate the way they do why they may take part in certain lifestyle habits
and once we understand the findings of that patient-centered research we’re able to really
formulate very specific interventions that are pinpointed directly for that community. All too often we have interventions that are
cookie cutter, but patient-centered research allows us to really tune in on those very
specific the cultural attributes of that community for example so that we can really pinpoint
and very and have really good outcomes for that particular community.

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