Pearson iLit Evidence-Based Intervention for EL Students
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Pearson iLit Evidence-Based Intervention for EL Students

Thumbs up if you’re logged in to iLit. At Travis Science Academy, iLit means achievement. Here at Temple we’re implementing blended learning iLit naturally does that through its program. It helps us collaborate, to identify different strategies to better
support the child in the classroom. From their small group, through
their technology through their reading “I got scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon” They’re writing, journal writing, students have more control of
where they’re at, their pacing, their understanding, their collaboration with
one another and with a teacher. What caught my attention about iLit was the
progress monitoring. I really like the fact that we can track kids and see
their progress as they are moving along in the program and you can actually have
the kids see what they’ve been doing and set goals for themselves so that they
can challenge themselves and move forward. We’re all together, so if someone has a
question we figure it out together. I have a question,
I might not know the answer sometimes someone else knows the answer, so I just love that
group togetherness. I tell parents that the program is
very specific to their students’ needs – it figures out where their student is and
that is where we get them and then we move them forward. Once the kids started
showing growth, that is when it really hit home and really made me understand
how big and powerful it is. Introducing the kids to reading and they had 3000
books to choose from, and I thought ‘Great!’ and the class novel, the vocabulary, I
just cannot say enough about that. It’s just, I love everything about it. In the
way it paces itself, it’s fantastic. We get graded according to the
performance-based monitoring assessment system and what we have seen over the
last three years we’ve been using this program is that our English language
learners have increased their reading levels across the district and that has
been something that we have been waiting for for so, so long. Our English learners
have always been having trouble with vocabulary and reading and catching up
with it with their peers and this program has helped them do that.

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