Pelosi Taunts Trump: ‘Stable Genius’ Needs An ‘Intervention’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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Pelosi Taunts Trump: ‘Stable Genius’ Needs An ‘Intervention’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  • lexx

    "…Come senators, congressmen
    Please heed the call…
    There's a battle …
    And it is ragin'.
    It'll soon shake your windows
    And rattle your walls
    For the times they are a-changin`…" Dylan

  • Jesus Garcia


  • James Lade

    The Democrats might think this through too much and do nothing and that could be a disaster. No impeachment = Twump says he did nothing wrong

  • James Lade

    This lady is the kind of Democrat strategic genius who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory for Hillary Clinton

  • FreshSaiyajin's Channel

    nancy pelosi is completely correct in refusing to impeach because when gone through the paces of our current judicial system he would have victory in "acquittal" because he has the republican majority where it matters most let the wisdom of Mrs. Pelosi reign

  • Surtu

    "How many of those laws are going to get passed the president's desk?"
    … How many impeachment hearings are going to get past the republican controlled senate? Pelosi has to keep her own guys calm to win over some Republicans.

  • cattigereyes1

    Nancy P. Has Failed America she needs to step down due to being a corrupt individual who is incapable of doing her job!! She is a failure!! Impeachment is necessary and warranted!! Democrats must stop failing in oversight!!

  • TheRosscoW

    She's probably right about him wanting to be in a impeachment process. A great explanation for not getting anything done. A great distraction for him to twist around. His best time in the White house was when the Government was shut down. He got to watch TV and Tweet all day.

  • Juliett A

    Pelosi had better not drag her feet too hard if sentiment keeps going towards impeachment. There were quite a few people who didn't want to see her return to power.

  • Okkie Trooy

    A perfect example of people that differ fundamentally on a subject, defend their arguments vehemently but are still civil and after the discussion can laugh about the dispute. They defend their view with arguments, do not lie or make stuff up and do not make it to a personal attack. I loved it.

  • Kumul Hooks

    May I say all Mighty God save the President of United States Donald J Trump, but nothing will save the Fake news MSNBC

  • Teri G

    Of course Pelosi doesn't want to "go there" (impeach)… she and her cohorts have made A LOT of money via all the corruption in the u.s. gov, corporations, etc.. Instead of doing her job, she deflects by saying that she'll "pray" for Trump; what a joke! It's time to wake up Pelosi – should be self-evident to you and everyone else by now, given all of the abuses that continue to grow on this planet. that we've either had an abusive 'absentee landlord' who could have cared less about us being abused on this planet… and/or one never existed: The First Being's Legacy of Abuse, Disease, Chaos, Destruction (12-4-2016)

  • G Hill

    OMG, I wish he would stop using that " I'm a very stable genius" comment! It just proves that he is NOT! IT'S embarrassing.


    I have commented elsewhere.Pelosi is right. She has the knack of getting under his skin.Give the stable genius enough rope and he will hang himself.

  • Old Blind Darby

    Pelosi is a complete and total coward. She is allowing criminal behavior to pass without reprisal because she is more concerned with her own career than the nation's security, future, and constitution. Anyone that doesn't act should be replaced asap.

  • Jason

    Part of me wonders if she's just saying that to wind him up further. If she says it's not part of the plan she may just be getting her base and caucus angry and demanding impeachment.

  • Jason

    What kind of an assclown gives derogatory nicknames to people? What a man-baby. If you support him then I wonder if you were raised by truckstop hookers and illiterate flunkies who think of family reunions as "speed-dating" events.

  • eblgraphics

    Pelosi is correct if the new class impeaches Trump he will defeat the effort and that victory will propel him to win in 20/20 and then you can kiss America's democracy goodbye.

  • Betelhem H

    Did she really say she's going to vote because of them not putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill?!?! LOL!

  • Neil Kerr

    I think we all pray for Trump……erm pray for a well-aimed lightning bolt from the heavens to hit a certain golf course and a certain 300lb walking

  • Andy G

    What sane person in would ever describe themselves as a stable genius? Trump could never be described as stable and he is definitely not a genius.

  • Dave D

    To trump he was calm but to everyone else he was throwing a temper tantrum..children never admit to being bad.

  • A Naam

    Running for President, then running for Impeachment, and you get the accumulation of PI. (1+1 equals 3.1)

    Praying for the President would be fine, as long as that means (mine) wishing for the President's alcohol free sake in the bran, American, whatever's Good, and suits your mood.

    (Seriously, praying for the President is very positive. Hoping if you're non-religious. It makes you stronger.)

    I like the good comebacks.

  • Patrick Hourigan

    Trump a stable genius – geniASS Haw! HaW! HaaW! – More like a Stable Jennett (a jennett is a crossbred equine)

  • Raphaela Botticelli

    He´s convinced that he can´t be impeached because he knows a Republican senate will never support that. So, he can play the game, let the Democrats pay the price, and won´t lose.

  • I am the original

    The trump family profits off of the narcissist man child. Geniuses don't call themselves geniuses, and only those who lack even more brain cells than mr. Tiny hands would ever believe he is smart. Donnie is an embarrassment to all Americans.

  • Geeta Andrade

    Not yet, not yet – great! Do people really want to vote Democrats with that type of leadership? Nobody would be that stupid. "we won't give him "the favour' to impeach" is this woman a little……………….?

  • fungoorstitch

    Forget what faux president trump wants. He's a business criminal stooge who has no value whatever to America except as a blunder. There exists a preponderance of evidence that mandates (not asks) he be impeached and that Senate republicans cooperate lest they themselves effectively be named accessories after the fact to the skullduggery.

    Let those who acquiesce to trump's crimes by voting to ignore them be subject to FBI conspiracy investigation. Let republican constituents of these still secretly mark them for removal from office for their stupidity out of genuine patriotic concern. Let the people's outrage – thereafter to be known as legion – deny a republican president until at least 2029. This is the price, and much more, of the RMS Trumptanic.

    Democrats can and must proceed without Pelosi. Trump will successfully, and to the same degree, leverage himself to fools as a victim whether he's impeached or not. That ship has already sailed. Pelosi should know any person who bases his or her actions on the actions of a full-blown stooge is unlikely to prosper. If she doesn't, House democrats better send her a memo by hornet express because she's playing with the people's money.

  • animals are love and happiness

    Amendment 25 will work quicker than impeachment. Trump has slowly been loosing it. But he seems to be picking up speed lately.

  • @ComstockRoyalty on Twitter

    Like watching the Keystone Cops of Fake News…Hilarious.

    Head on over to #X22 instead.

  • Michael Hensley

    A tanty?? Nancy knowing and purposely started the attacks. The Dems planned the entire staged political charade for the sole purpose of political theater. Pelosi purposely gets on TV to say the POTUS was part of a Cover Up (grounds for impeachment) before a planned meeting, then goes 1 hr latter and say lets work together on infrastructure and gets kick out of the office, then goes back on TV with her big fake smile and say's I don't know what his problem is.

  • Michele Engel

    Rumpster has claimed every step of the way and will continue to claim–regardless of whether he is impeached–that he is the most victimized President in history. He plays the victim card at least once a day. And when he's NOT playing the victim card, he is claiming he's the best and most at everything–from being a stable genius to hiring the best people to being single-handedly responsible for the best economy ever in the history of this country and the least racist or sexist person in the world. Impeach him or not, his base will rally around him because neither they nor he behaves rationally to begin with. No facts, just hard-headed insistent opinions no matter evidence to the contrary. Just get him out of the WH as quickly as possibly. He's done far too much damage already and will only do more the longer you let him remain there. Just flush him down the toilet already and move on. We've got a lot of work to do to undo his damage now. Pelosi has done her best to show that the Dems are willing to play fair (unlike the GOP), and now it's time to smote them.

  • Kakanga Moses

    Stupid people play around with the word genius. Look at this inept being calling himself a stable genius what a waste.

  • Christopher Helm

    Trump a Stable genius???WTF who ever looked and listened to this Pathetic President and thought what a stable genius?? What normally comes to mind is what a F..Stupid guy for a President,,hes not even a Billionaire and im pretty sure he had mental issues as a child and probably had learning disabilities,,show us your Tax returns and show us your academic records,pretty sure he will be among the Dumbest students.Anyone proof me wrong..that will never be able to happen.

  • Randi Young

    I agree that there needs to be an intervention, but as a staunch defender of the U.S. Constitution, I believe that Congress should do their job and intervene. Waiting on a crime family to do the right thing is futile.

  • Carla Costa

    Nancy. Please! Could be impeachable? No one is going to be able to get along with trump that is a democrat. He calls them names and the enemy? He doesn't want the truth to get out. Impeach Trump. Start the proceedings. This is not a game and I feel like we are in high school. Name calling? Grow up. Move on Nancy and start the impeachment proceedings. Nancy has to babysit Trump in the meantime. He has committed obstruction. Do your job Nancy. People will back you. Don't worry about his bag of tricks. Tricks are for kids.

  • 690169016901

    Ya, the insults just look more childish and pathetic now. Shock value is gone . Just a grade school bully. It is fascinating how adults can't handle to bulling any better then kids can, that is except mayor pete.

  • philosophicalreason

    I'm going to wake and discover I was in a coma this never happened and was an elaborate SNL skit Trump never was president.


    Its fired up and fed up hard working Americans that are Raging at 'CrazyNancy'.Trump is who we elected to get it done…

  • Geoff Dein

    So now you’re not going to impeach (because you got nothing )
    Now you say Trump wants impeachment, but you’re not going to 😂😂😂 poor old Nancy
    He could call her formaldehyde Nancy

  • Sharon Mores

    NO, trump's the one that is all talk. the difference is trump lies and Nancy doesn't. BIG! difference.!

  • Sharon Mores

    HE will go down in history as the biggest joke of all time. I can't wait til the movies come out about this luney presidential party! I'm sure the scripts are already in process!

  • david olong


  • Veronica Stewart

    If they don't impeach, the next authoritarian president will also get off scott free. Besides which, if they don't impeach they will look WEAK. I am losing patience with this House that has power but is so shy about wielding it.

  • Sylvia Stanislas

    Pelosi is right…trump wantss to be impeached for pence to pardon him…only the president can pardon. So trump resigns and in so doing admits guilt or wiat for impeachment and blame the (deep state) traitors every one who supports the destruction of the constitution !!!!!

  • manny s

    It is defined as accountability… Who Cares if it might effect some political careers… If he committed a crime/s he should be 100% IMPEACHED!!!

  • meh757

    by not impeaching she is complicit in the republican lead destruction of american ideals… such as democracy and rule of law….

  • Joe Esparza

    Oh yeah Pelosi, we know what you mean by intervention! The sick and evil Dems are in panic mode!

  • Lynda Mackrous

    She accused him of covering up but never said what he was covering up why would he say that he went to discuss infrastructure you SMC a bill was supposed to be signed it wasn’t so he’s exasperated keep investigating and Trump will be working as long as Democrats don’t work he likes hard-working people but bureaucrats talk they talk and they don’t act for the people they support illegalsThey closed factories millions of jobs were lost regulations on top of regulations

    She listens to 20 something an experience in politics I am wondering who is behind that air head AOC Well if impeachment is divisive I’ll bet a book that you will go for impeachment for the simple reason that your goal is to divide the United States it’s been there in black-and-white long before Trump and worse during Trump and ministration he just brought it up to the forefront with your help and support

  • vickytjaden

    I see an old granny ♿ dressed as Peptobismol with a problem in the right hand and slurring her words. 🍾👈

  • Far North Weaver

    Pelosi needs an Intervention for her serious problem with Booze and Pills on the job. She's an embarrassment, and a mockery to this Country.

  • Jorgeoctavio11 Asodisen

    Now Trump and Pelosi are MOON apart. No reconciliation is possible until our sattelite is reunited with planet Earth.

  • Gerald Kern

    Pelosi is a 20th-century leader while the 21st- century is taking over. Time to move over, before she is run over.

  • J Clark

    Impeach Traitor trump, Nancy! We will not be celebrating the 4th of July this year, just too sad with little kids in American cages, military tanks on display like a third world dictatorship and all the WH lies, just sooo depressing. Impeachment!

  • Douglas Milton

    I’m an extremely stable genius. Proof that Donald Trump suffers from narcissism/narcissistic personality disorder.

  • Steven Brown

    Nancy? I mentioned this once. But I will say it again, are you soft on Donald Trump? Fight!!!!!!!!! If I am wrong, I will just leave it to time and we will see! But it seems that way to me. Just saying.

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