Pembroke Pines Mayor on Upcoming Amendment 1 vote in Nov 2018
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Pembroke Pines Mayor on Upcoming Amendment 1 vote in Nov 2018

hello Frank c ordis here mayor the great
city of Pembroke Pines I want to speak with you about an up-and-coming item on
the 2018 general election ballot known as amendment one the homestead exemption
the Florida Legislature placed amendment one on the 2018 general election ballot
if approved by the voters it will expand the homestead exemption and shift the
burden to other taxpayers to help members effectively educate citizens and
the potential impacts of this amendment we have created some tools including
talking points PowerPoint presentation and an educational video to assist in
this effort you can view this information by visiting WWF L cities com
forward slash amendment one should Florida’s tax system work for every
homeowner or just a few picking winners and losers simply isn’t fair and that’s
the problem with amendment 1 amendment 1 isn’t a tax cut it’s a tech shifts
most of the benefits go to a handful of homeowners while most of the burden goes
to the rest of us here’s what amendment ones tack shift does a handful of
homeowners pay less to make up the difference
the rest of us pay more for most Floridians amendment 1 means a bigger
share of the tax burden fewer local services or higher local property taxes
basically amendment 1 gives these rulers a break while the rest of us grow harder
amendment 1 doesn’t fix Florida’s tax key it makes it worse more complicated
and less fair amendment 1 some win most lose so once again for more information
please visit

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