People on the Street: What Does Congress Do?
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People on the Street: What Does Congress Do?

[Off screen] So the first one, real easy, is just what
does Congress do? Congress… Congress makes laws. The Congressmen — Congressmen and women — represent the people of their various districts, and their job
is to be one of the checks and balances against the other two
branches of government. [Upbeat music] Help pass bills. You know… To help make laws and everything. It passes laws. Passes laws, and passes
legislation. Congress is the legislative body of the United States, and it pretty much provides us with some ways
to solve problems in America. And the way they do this, of course, is through legislation, federal legislation. And of course a lot of times that has an impact
on the state, too, because sometimes what they pass at the federal
level impacts us at the state level. And pro or con, it depends on what you want
to do with it, and it depends on what the legislation is. But that’s a big part of it, and of course trying to get that done is a
difficult thing at times. Because you have lots of competition. People are always saying, well, I want my
point of view, I want my point of view, and my whole thought is it must be somewhere
in the middle. It kind of comes together and says, OK, what’s
the compromise, what’s in the middle part or way, you know? To me, that’s the way things are solved. They’re neither one way or the other; it’s never that way. It’s always kind of a compromise. Congress is supposed to make laws, help determine how to spend money properly. Oh, that’s a good question! What do they do? Let’s see…They make laws. What else do they do? You know? I don’t know, that’s a hard one. They make laws, they do legislation and help
to make the laws for our country. Congress writes and passes legislation. Federal legislation. Congress. They pass laws. And talk a lot. But they pass laws in making legislation for
the United States. Enacts laws. Makes laws. What does Congress do? It enacts laws. Legislation. And it represents the people that elected them, supposedly, from either the representative
of a district, as a Congressman, or a state, as a Senator. And obviously, part of what Congress does
is they continually try to get reelected. So they spend a lot of their time either raising money, going back home to their constituents and
telling them on a daily basis or weekly basis what they did for them, what pet projects they did, whether it’s a library in the hometown or
a dam project or something, that shows that they’ve represented them
in the proper way. At the same time, as part of a larger constituency
in their political party, try to support that party’s platform, and the president if he’s of the same party. To protect America, provide economic development
for America, and maintain American stature in the United
States and the world body. They’re supposed to be representative of
the individuals in their certain areas in the… Like, say where we’re from, we have Congressmen that represent certain
districts and parts, and then they come to Washington, I guess, to lobby it and make sure that we
get what we want. Do we get what we want? America is still the greatest country in the
world, right?


  • JubileeL

    @GunOwnerDan The truth is, we already have a built in term limit for representatives. If you don't like your representative, vote for someone else! If you don't like someone else's, tough luck. They voted for them and the representative is supposed to represent their district or state.

  • evolution1776

    there's a difference between what congress is suppose to do, and is doing.
    right now they are auctioning off our country to the highest bidders.

  • TheMadCrumpet

    Today's congress? They pass unconstitutional laws, they no longer declare wars, and they have given their power to coin money to a private company called the Federal Reserve. whenever the president waltzes into a war or starts an illegal executive order, the congress remains silent.

    The Senators are no longer elected by state legislators so they don't care about what is best for their states, they just sway to popular opinion and buy votes…

  • AnalyzeIt

    The proper answer is to legislate within the confines of its granted limited powers set out in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, with direction derived from the Declaration of Independence; "the most wholesome and necessary for the public good."
    Congress is the representative of the 'rule of law', not the individual. There is no compromise in the 'rule of law', for then there would be no rule now, would there?

  • Genevieve Jarvis

    It is extremely evident that the majority of these people regurgitate what they learned from their either their primary or secondary school. I find a lack of passion or general interest or concern, even, based on the lot of people interviewed. It's as if they don't really understand that happens beyond "writing and enacting laws." There is so much more to it. Political apathy at it's finest here. From the other street interviews, it seems they have opinions about the government itself but maybe most are unaware of the ins and outs of its functions. It appears they know the purpose, but not the mechanics and how convoluted it comes out to be.

    I imagine by the fact that you're viewing this that you're politically minded to some extent, but I just hope you're aware of the disinterest of the people. It's important to be interested in the government because they are there to serve you. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand your role, but with an open mind and diverse readings and discussion, you can find some purpose and hope.

  • M Chapman

    Congress is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives, with the Senate being a little harder to get into than the House of Representatives. Yes, they write BILLS. But, for these to become LAWS, the president must sign it. If the president vetoes it, it goes back to Congress (the Senate and House of Representatives). If there is a 2/3 vote in both houses, the BILL will become a LAW no matter what the president says. Checks and balances, people, checks and balances…. 🙂

  • M Chapman

    I'm still in school. All this government stuff is still fresh on my mind. I'd rather it stay that way so I won't be a naive adult who thinks voting is a dumb waste of time.

  • M Chapman

    "America's still the greatest country in the world, right?" For real, though!! I love America; it's my home. But if certain people take office…. well, who knows?

  • Angel Asmodeus

    OH shit , tell the truth , congress plays golf ,goes on vacation and collect money from the big boys that want stuff …lol

  • Jared Whited

    Thay are just puppets that do what the masters say some body owns the government u should look in to it because the men that own it our not Americans thay are in England ever hard of red shield

  • cubla solx

    this was a loaded question. The answer today is congress's job is to piss of everyone off that they can. it use to be, to form a more perfect union ….

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