Planting Bareroot Roses with Paul Zimmerman
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Planting Bareroot Roses with Paul Zimmerman

This is the day every plant lover loves there’s nothing more exciting on a spring day then going out the truck
pulls up you got a box of plants and boy you just
know that your garden is season starting and this is what it’s all about we’re going to open this bad boy up take
a look inside I’ve got some bare root roses here this is what I love about being with
quality companies like Jackson & Perkins it’s the packaging take a look at
this this is amazing this layers of plastic I can see the
moisture inside that’s real important keeps those plants moist they’ve even
layered in wet paper as well to keep them moist and then there’s the plants
themselves this folks is a bare root rose now I know the fact that i just pulled a
bareroot Rose and we’re going to talk about planting bareroot roses is probably scared the heck out of most of you are looking at a bareroot rose and going that’s not gonna live what is that gonna be I have planted hundreds of bareroot roses in my lifetime including ones I’ve had
sent over from Europe and spent two weeks and packaging like this I’ve never lost one this is a great way
to plant roses and we’re going to take this video to take to demystify what
that’s all about so the first thing when i take this
thing out those I want to go ahead and soak it in a bucket of water which I’ve
got right here so we’re just going to place this thing in
here we’ll let it soak in there for good 24 to 48 hours and then we’re gonna
plant it getting a whole ready to plant let’s talk about where roses like to be
planted they like full Sun that’s full Sun all day long now sometimes you may not have full Sun
they can handle morning sun up until about two o’clock and being shade in the
afternoon that’s okay the one thing that’s not okay is where
there in the shade in the morning in the Sun in the afternoon that’s the wrong plant in the wrong
place let’s talk about the whole you’ve you’ve always heard that roses need a two by two foot hole I’ve got heavy clay where i live a two by two-foot hole involves small explosives
and the neighbors really hate that so I have amended the entire bed that’s
when I can give a hole about one and a half times what I feel the size of the
plant is going to be this is really all i need I don’t need a two by two foot
hole because again i thought the entire bed first thing I’m gonna do now is go ahead
and take this thing out of the bucket of water that’s been soaking in i’m going
to go ahead and place it in the hole just to kind of get a measurement of
what I’ve got make sure and get my roots spread out that’s important I want to make sure I bury this bud
union what’s the bud union see this knot right here this is the under stock this is the Rose
this is the bud union you want to bury that every single time I don’t care
where you live why it’s called wind rock because if I
don’t bury this bud union and the wind comes along the plants going to move and
loosen the ground if I bury the bud union and this is my soil level you see the stability that’s why you
want to bury that bud union so put it in the ground go ahead and use a shovel that tells me
that it’s below the soil level the bud union I’m gonna be okay last thing I’m gonna do is take a look at the
Rose before I plant it if there’s any roots that are broken or any canes that
are broken or trim i’m going to go ahead and trim those up a little bit I’ve got a little bit of growth here I’m
not gonna worry about that at all now that we’ve got this done we’re going to
go ahead and start planting it now that i know my whole has a proper depth i’m
gonna go ahead and plant the Rose the first thing I’m gonna do is soil that
I’ve got here this is the one I dug out of the hole i’m going to add a little more amendment
to it this is composted horse manure we have horses you don’t have that i would advise
mushroom compost which is very easy to get this is just a little bit more extra
food and feeding for the Rose it’s going to help it really grow well and be
established next I’ll take some of this i’ll begin
to build like cone inside the hole what’s the idea of the cone see this
root system right here that way you can kind of rest on that cone before i begin
to add extra soil and doesn’t crush the roots and bring them in when I do so I’m
gonna build this cone inside this whole sort of a little resting place for
my rose make sure my roots stay spread out got that right there lower this guy in the ground here’s my
pet peeve pull the tag up make sure that doesn’t get buried so you’re gonna know
where the Rose is later on that’s resting in there nicely now I go
ahead and basically start adding some soil in I’m gonna add it about half way
I’m not going to tamp hard I’m going to tamp gently i want to crush the root
system in there at this point what I’m gonna do is take my bucket of water
I got over here and I’m gonna go ahead and pour some in this is to begin to
seep the soil and get the air pockets out then I can go ahead continue to
backfill again keep an eye on my bud union in there and I’m just basically shoving soil in
the hole right now again I mended the entire bed watch your
tag and the other thing I’d advise again I buried the bug union and then what I
would advise is taking some of the mulch that I’ve got go ahead and mount it over
the Rose initially the idea behind this is this is going to keep these
canes from desiccating from winds and drying out and that’s important and the last
thing I’ll do is go ahead and water it again so planting a Rose is really not that
scary if you planted other plants you can
plant Roses for Jackson & Perkins this is Paul Zimmerman thanks for joining us in the garden


  • Jeff Ozimek

    New to roses. would it be fine to plant them in raised garden beds? I assume it would be as long as they are watered. zone 8b, Seattle.

  • Katrina Georgia Girl

    I also have horses & a PILE of seasoned poo I use on my flowers… But I was interested in what kind of mulch to you suggest for my Roses? Thank you!


    being a pet peeve, you still managed to bury that tag. lol…..but I truly do love your videos. They have helped A LOT!

  • conservativetothecor

    My mom would just dip everything in rootone. Now she had a green thumb. Dig the hole….put some water in first and then the plant, bush, tree, whatever, then water well.

  • george george

    Hello again Mr. Zimmerman. You have helped me in the past and your tips have always proved successful. Could you please assist me again? We recently acquired a few new rose plants and although they seem to be growing well there is a problem. They are perfume type roses. Sad to say they are not Jackson and Perkins (probably my first error) When the rose buds just start to open up the tips of the flower petals wither and brown. Is there something lacking in the soil? Before I forget, all of my roses are in containers and I used good quality garden soil with a little added peat moss. There is no black spot, or aphids. There is some slight yellowing on some of the leaves and we added a small amount of chelated iron. What do you think is wrong? Thank you so much for your time and useful videos. Have a great day.

  • Stacy Psaros

    Thank you for your videos! I'm learning a lot. I put my new J&P roses in a large pot about 2ish weeks ago, and have been keeping the soil moist. What is the next visual sign that everything's going okay? I know you recommend trimming off some of the growth. Is it too late to do that now to help encourage my roses along? Thanks!

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