PM says he will pause Brexit legislation after timetable loss
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PM says he will pause Brexit legislation after timetable loss

Mr Speaker, I must express my
disappointment that the house has again voted for delay, rather than
a timetable that would have guaranteed that the UK was in a position to leave
the EU on 31 October with a deal. We now face further uncertainty,
and the EU must now make up their minds about how to answer parliament’s
request for a delay. The first consequence is that the
government must take the only responsible course and
accelerate our preparations for a no-deal outcome. Secondly, I will speak to EU member
states about their intentions and, until they have reached a decision,
we will pause this legislation. Let me be clear: our policy remains
that we should not delay and that we should leave the EU
on 31 October. That is what I will say to the EU,
and I will report back to the house. And one way or another, we will leave
the EU with this deal, to which this house has just
given its assent. And I thank members across the house
for that hard-won agreement.


  • Jeb Riley

    I thought the threat of a ge would change the minds ( and I use the word loosely) of Labour and sdp 😁 they know how unpopular they are

  • Beasts

    In other words, Boris is saying he doesn't want his fingerprint on any form of extension to scrutinise the deal as it will mean his resignation/ditch will be at the ready when the deadline passes.

  • Beasts

    Latest EU Referendum Voting Intention from Deltapoll (comparison with 5-7 Sept): Leave 45 (-2) Remain 55 (+2)

    Over 90% of polls since 2017 state there is a majority remain. This is the will of the people

  • 🧔🏼

    Oh Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris… Living virtually on a diet of eating his very own words he has previously spoken. Ample times. Ample times.
    And what happened to the ditch project, btw?

    And now this: 1:09. Something that will come back to him very soon.
    The reality is that the EU will grant an extension any time now, and then eventually Brexit will be cancelled. No ifs, no buts. Pooffff. 🎇

  • Earl Bramley-Howard

    It won't be "this deal" once all the amendments are voted on – it'll be a drastically different deal. And it sure as heck won't be "no deal".

  • David McGill

    Bravo Boris the cunning plan has worked. Time for a general election where the full force of the people will be heard. Time to put Britain first no surrender

  • Mister Crool

    Brexit is the creation of a bunch of people who still thinks we live in the Victorian era; back when England ruled a quarter of the globe and Hong Kong and India were still colonies.

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