Politics & Voting : How to Start a Petition to Get Legislation on a Ballot
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Politics & Voting : How to Start a Petition to Get Legislation on a Ballot

“Hello this is Matthew Burbank”. Hello my
name is Matthew Burbank and I’m an Associate Professor at the University of Utah and I’d
like to talk to you a little bit about how to start a petition to get legislation on
a ballot. The first thing you want to recognize is that this depends on the state that you
live in. So in many states, you can indeed petition to have legislation considered directly
by a vote. In other state, it’s not possible to do this. So the first thing that you need
to know is if it’s possible in your state. Again, in some states it’s perfectly allowable
to do this; in other states it’s not allowed to do this and so what you first need to know
is can I do this in a state that I live in. In some states, excuse me, such as California
or Oregon, it’s reasonably common to have state level initiatives on the ballot and
generally what you have to do in order to qualify is to meet a minimum number of signatures
to get the item that you’re interested in on a ballot. And the way that you would find
out more about that is to contact the Secretary of State’s Office to learn about how many
signatures would be required and if there are any limitations on who can sign or who
can’t sign and that once you know that information, you would then be in a position to begin the
process of getting a, an initiative on the ballot in your state.


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