Popolo viola per la Costituzione  – Purple people for the Constitution,  Rome 30 jan 2010
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Popolo viola per la Costituzione – Purple people for the Constitution, Rome 30 jan 2010

As you can see this bus stop is deleted, this is due to the fact that the entrance of that house is the residence of the Prime Minister. A few yards away, the Piazza Venezia, this palace, which is now covered, is the place from which Mussolini spoke. The whole square was very crowded seventy years ago. Here we are, where the purple people held a sit-in today in defense of the Constitution. We are here today for a sit in, we protest and try to defend our Constitution, that Berlusconi is trying to destroy. The parties of the traditional left are basically asleep. They do not react with force to the attempt to subvert democracy.
They’re putting a dictatorship of these individuals in place, by the Premier, whose acts are going in the direction to suppress the opposing voices. The Democratic Party in the midst of purple? Yes, because I do not think there is a real difference between us and them, whatever they may say.
Then I am young Democrats, the youth version. Young Democrats are different from the old Democrats? We say that we could both learn from each other, they can teach us with their experience and we can teach them various things about some ideas on unity and, perhaps, to rejuvenate the party. We, in the face of this anomaly all Italian, we say, to reapply the Italian Constitution, to make known the Constitution to all citizens uninformed, there are many. This thing should be made by a civil movement as broad as possible, made by citizens from the democratic and constitutional parties, this is obvious! First, we demand that the constitution is implemented, that is respected! Instead we see a continual assault of our Constitution in order to promote special interests, which means the interests of a few and then against the interests of us all. Even talking about changing an article that is the fundamental article of our Constitution: Italy is a Republic founded on work. Should not we change it, we should apply because Italy is founded on precarious employment and unemployment, in Italy there is not work but not as around the world, there’s more than in the world! You go to touch one of the pillars that has marked our life together, this is done for the reasons that we know: to benefit some and not all! I’m here to defend the Constitution, groped to save her from the many laws that are passed in Parliament attempting to subvert the order that, painfully, we still have in Italy. Because is the foundation of our Republic, we’re treading in all its aspects in a manner so blatant, so arrogant and so aggressive that I am surprised we have not yet reacted more firm and resolute. The constitution must leave as was originally decided by the founding fathers, then something that was needed for the welfare and justice of the entire people and not a few! I’m Distributing a flyer for June, the two to become the celebration of the Republic and the Constitution. We would like the Constitution was implemented. When was constituted was, and is, so visionary that we still must discover its full potential. If you don’t jump you are Berlusconi! [lawyers Democrats] is important to be here because this government has moved from detachment, to the attack of Constitution passing by the emptying of it to the frontal attack, breaking up, denigrating the values of the Constitution. So if you question the first part of the Constitution, which called into question the values, we call into question the social contract: this is not possible for us, is not tolerable, we believe that the Constitution, born from the anti-fascist resistance, our Republican Constitution must be defended with all means possible. Piero Calamandrei (a Father constituent) was my professor of civil procedure at the University of Florence in the fifties. I remember one thing in particular about him, while all other teachers insisted on having the signatures of the lessons to be able to access the examination, he said to me you do not need signatures, I’m like “here ciechino”: No obligation and good grace. (but without obligation, his classes were often the most crowded). Piero Calamandrei (recorded in 1955): Freedom is like air, you realize how values when it begins to fail. When you feel that sense of suffocation that men of my generation have felt for twenty years. and I hope you’ll never feel young and I hope never to feel this sense of anxiety I wish you success as you create the conditions for this sense of anxiety do not have to try ever. Remembering you every day that freedom must be vigilant, monitor, giving his contribution to political life. So you young people to the Constitution must give your spirit, your youth! Bring it to life, feel it yours. Throw in the civic sense. Civic awareness, to realize, this is one of the joys of life, realize that each of us is not alone, not alone. That we are more, that we are part of a whole, a whole within the limits of Italy and the world. How much blood and how much pain to get to this Constitution! Behind every article of this Constitution, youth, you have to see young people like you who fell fighting. Shot, hanged, tortured, starved to death in concentration camps, died in Russia, died in Africa, deaths in the streets of Milan, in the streets of Florence, who gave their lives so that freedom and justice could be written on this paper. So when I said that this is a dead card, no, not a dead card: This is a testament. The will of a hundred thousand deaths. If you want to go on pilgrimage to the place where was born our Constitution go into the mountains where they fell partisans prisons where they were imprisoned camps were hanged fove everywhere and an Italian died to redeem the freedom and dignity Go there, youth, with the thought: because your Constitution is there!

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  • fiorello porkupine

    la solita analisi politica sottile e democratica dei neofascisti, come tuosai; che (a puro titolo di curiosità) non sa neanche come scrivere "vaffanculo" o "affanculo". suggerirei che andasse AFFANCULO immantinente.

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