President Moon orders gov’t to submit constitutional revision bill next Monday
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President Moon orders gov’t to submit constitutional revision bill next Monday

Turning to the latest on efforts to revise
South Korea’s Constitution. The Presidential Office of Cheong Wa Dae says
President Moon Jae-in plans to submit his own bill for the amendment to National Assembly
by early next week. And for three days, starting today,… the
top office will unveil different elements of the planned amendments to the public. Hwang Hojun reports. Less than a week after President Moon was
briefed on the outline of the government’s own bill on constitutional revision, the Blue
House delivered its ultimatum to the Parliament Monday morning. “The President has instructed the Blue House
to prepare the government bill for submission on March 26,” According to a Blue House official, the 26th
is the absolute latest that a bill for the constitutional amendment can be proposed. Whether made by the Blue House or the National
Assembly, the bill must go through parliamentary voting within 60 days from the day the motion
was made. Also, people must be notified of a referendum
at least 18 days prior to the actual voting day. President Moon has been adamant that a proposal
for a constitutional change must be made, either by the government or the parliament,
by the end of March, so that a referendum on the amendment can be held at the same time
as the local elections in June. Otherwise, it could result in more than 110
million U.S. dollars in extra costs. The Blue House confirmed the move is intended
to comply with the procedures and terms set by the Constitution and the Korean law while
giving the National Assembly a last chance to agree on a constitutional amendment and
come up with is own proposal. “President Moon again said he will respect
the agreement made at the National Assembly, and asked parliament to quickly discuss and
reach an agreement on its own bill.” And to help people’s understanding of the
bill proposed by the government, President Moon ordered his aides to disclose the contents
of the revision proposal over three days – the Preamble to the Constitution and matters
related to basic rights on Tuesday, decentralization and popular sovereignty on Wednesday, and
rights and privileges of constitutional institutions, including the form of government on Thursday. The deadline of March 26th means the government’s
proposal will be made while President Moon is visiting Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates,…
where he’ll be from the 22nd to the 28th of this month. HWANG Hojun, Arirang News.

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