President Park announces to begin process of constitutional amendment for presidential term
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President Park announces to begin process of constitutional amendment for presidential term

We begin with President Park Geun-hye’s policy
address to the National Assembly. In her annual speech to parliament,… President Park announced that the government
will begin the process revising the Constitution to change Korea’s one-term presidency. The issue has long been a hot topic of debate,
but with the president officially announcing the beginning of the process,… it may now
become a reality. We go to our presidential office correspondent
Song Ji-sun at Cheong Wa Dae for the details. Ji-sun, could you give us a summary of the
president’s remarks? Mark. President Park has vowed to put the revision
into effect before her single five-year term ends, citing the outstanding difficulties
she has experienced over the past three years and eight months she’s been in office. She said the challenges facing Korea cannot
be tackled with just a handful of policies or reforms and must be approached with the
idea of having the country take another leap. Here are some of the president’s remarks on
the subject: “With the one-term presidency, there is a
lack of continuity for sustainable policy drives and achievement of national tasks. It is also an obstacle to consistent diplomacy
on the international stage. And with the idea it only needs to hang on
for a few years, North Korea has continued its nuclear and missile development for decades. And with policy changes every five years,
economic entities experience difficulties in long-term investment and management.” President Park said that the single-term presidency
can no longer serve the needs of a changing society and said Korean politics has repeated
a vicious cycle of disputes and division, with parties preparing for the next presidential
campaign the moment a new leader is elected. President Park has not officially commented
on the issue until today, but said she feels the public consensus around the issue… and
vowed to fulfill her election pledge to serve the people. Public polls indicate that 70-percent of Korean
people agree with the idea of revising the Constitution, and over 200 lawmakers, or two
thirds of the total, are engaged in a parliamentary movement to move forward with the revision. President Park said today was the right time
and place to answer the call from the public and political realm… to go ahead with the
revision. “From today on, I will accept the people’s
and the parliament’s request for Constitutional revision as a national task and prepare for
the task ahead. The government will set up an organization
on the issue to ensure that a revision that fulfills the will of the people is completed
within my term.” President Park also asked lawmakers to set
up a special parliamentary committee and to gather public opinion on the issue… to further
develop and discuss the scope and content of the tasks ahead. In addition, the president called on the National
Assembly to set its eyes on the next century to come… when working to revise the Constitution. Back to you in the studio.

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