President Trump Participates in a Federalism Event with Governors
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President Trump Participates in a Federalism Event with Governors

The Vice President:
Well, good afternoon. It’s my great honor, on
behalf of the President and the First Lady, to
welcome you all to the White House. This is a distinguished
group of American leaders, governors and members of
Congress, and members of our Cabinet, and we’re
grateful to have you all here. You know, for nearly 100
days, President Trump has been delivering on the
promises that he made to the American people. The President has been
fighting for American jobs every single day since
he was elected, putting renewed emphasis on
American energy, cutting through a mountain range
of red tape from the last administration. And today, the
administration outlined the President’s vision
for tax reform which will include one of the largest
tax cuts for individuals and businesses in the
history of this country. (Applause.) Thanks to
the President Trump’s leadership, more than
500,000 jobs have been created in 2017 alone. Businesses and consumers
are more confident than they have been in years,
and by some measure, for decades. It is truly extraordinary. In a word, President Trump
has simply been in the promise-keeping business
since Inauguration Day. He signed 28 bills into
law, the most of any President since 1947, and
he’ll have signed some 30 executive orders in his
first 100 days, including the action today. And today the President is
actually delivering on one more of his promises to
the American people. Since day one, President
Trump has been working tirelessly to uphold the
Constitution and restore the proper balance between
the states and the federal government. And that’s been especially
true with the President’s focus on education. Now, as a former governor
myself, I’ve always believed, as the President
does, that education is a state and local function,
and that decisions in education are best made by
parents and teachers and local administrators. The decisions over our
children’s school should be made by parents and
local administrators, not by politicians or
unelected bureaucrats in a far, distant capital. The President believes
the same thing, and the efforts that he will
take today through this executive order will
continue that process of empowering our families,
empowering our states to ensure that every child in
America has access to a world-class education. And so with a grateful
heart, I say, on behalf of the 45th President of
the United States and on behalf of all those
gathered here today, it is my high honor and distinct
privilege to introduce to you the President of the
United States, President Donald Trump. (Applause.) The President: Well, thank you very much, Vice President Pence, who has done an absolutely outstanding job as Vice President. We very much
appreciate it. And I want to thank also
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for spearheading out
effort to restore state and local control
of our schools. Thank you very
much, Betsy. With her help, we are
empowering those who know our students best — I
would say, by far, the best, right, Betsy? — their parents and the teachers, so that every child has the
chance to succeed. In fact, we’re proud
to have some of those wonderful teachers here
with us today, and we’d like to welcome all of
them to the White House. It’s a great honor. (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you very much. I also want to thank
members of Congress, local leaders, and governors for
joining us here today, including Governor Ivey of Alabama, a new and great governor. You will be fantastic. I’ve been hearing about
you for years in the positive way, so I’m not
surprised that you’re governor of Alabama. Congratulations. Tremendous. Governor Branstad, who is
soon going to be heading out, I suspect, to a
place called China. They love him,
I will tell you. They really love the
soon-to-be ambassador, but he also loves China. So, it was a good
combination. I was very happy
to put it together. They’re looking
forward to seeing you. Very much so. Thank you. Thank you, Governor. (Applause.) Governor LePage of Maine, Governor Sandoval of Nevada, Governor Herbert of Utah, Governor Mead of Wyoming — we want to thank you all and everyone else
for being with us. It’s really an honor to
have you in White House. For too long, the federal
government has imposed its will on state and
local governments. The result has been
education that spends more and achieves far,
far, far less. My administration has been
working to reverse this federal power grab and
give power back to families, cities, states. Give power back
to localities. Before this
administration, only one time in our nation’s
history had a President signed a bill that used
the Congressional Review Act to cancel a
federal regulation. In less than 100 days, I
have signed 13 bills such congressional resolutions
to cancel federal regulations and give power
back to the people, and I’m very honored
to have done so. (Applause.) That’s true. As you said, five have
come from your committee, that’s exactly right. Good job. I think she’s
done a good job. (Applause.) I’ve also signed over a dozen executive actions that reverse federal intrusion and empower local
communities. The executive order I’m
signing today is another critical step to restoring
local control, which is so important. This executive order
directs Secretary DeVos to review current federal
regulations and ensure that they don’t obstruct
the ability of states, local governments,
teachers, and most importantly, parents, to
make the best decisions for their students and, in many cases, for their children. Previous administrations
have wrongfully forced states and schools to
comply with federal whims and dictate what
our kids are taught. But we know that local
communities do it best and know it best. The time has come to
empower parents and teachers to make the
decisions that help their students achieve success. That’s what this executive
order is all about. So important. Thomas Jefferson put it
best when he said, “I believe the states can
best govern our home concerns.” With this executive order
and the many actions we have taken in less than
100 days, we are providing our states and communities
with control over the matters that are most
important to them. Together, we are going to
fight to give our children the bright and beautiful
future they deserve. (Applause.) So, I want to thank you all. As you know, I’m heading
over to a Senate meeting. It’s a very
important meeting. So, I’ll be leaving now,
but I just wanted to introduce our really
exceptional Education Secretary. She’s caught on — you
wouldn’t believe it, all of the great things I’m
hearing about you, Betsy. I’m very proud. So, Secretary Betsy DeVos. Thank you very much. Thank you. (Applause.) The Press: Mr. President, would you want to see a healthcare vote by the end of this week? Would you like
to see that, sir? The President: Always. Secretary Devos: So,
it has been all of our experience, that those
closest to the problem are best equipped to solve it. That means empowering
parents, teachers, state and local leaders — not
the federal government. Time and time again,
we’ve seen that one-size-fits-all policies
and mandates from Washington simply
don’t work. We can’t have a cookie-cutter approach to education. Each state and each school
have different challenges, and each individual
student has unique needs. Our solutions should be as
varied as the students we serve. The Every Student Succeeds
Act was a good step in this direction, giving flexibility to states to best meet the needs
of their communities. We’re going to implement
this law as Congress intended, not how the previous administration dictated. When we give
decision-making power back to states and communities,
students benefit. This executive order
puts us on that track. So I thank the President
for signing this executive order, and for his
commitment to an education policy that puts
students first. It’s my honor now to
introduce the governor of the great state of
Nevada, Brian Sandoval. (Applause.) Governor Sandoval: Thank you Madam Secretary and Mr. President. The President: Oh, it’s
going to be a short speech because I — I just
felt I had to stay here. (Laughter.) Governor Sandoval: It just got shorter, Mr. President. (Laughter.) Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, my fellow governors, representatives, teachers,
educators, it really is a privilege and honor to
be with you all today. You know, in my home state
of Nevada, I often say that what happens in
our schools today will determine the future
of our great state. And Mr. President, I know
that your action today will empower every state
to improve our delivery of education. Most importantly, it will
allow governors across the nation to ensure that all
states serve all students from all backgrounds. Now, as the incoming chair
of the National Governors Association, I know
that the governors will collectively continue to
act as the national voice on federalism. And as the leaders of
education in our states, we look forward to working
with this administration to ensure our role is
reflected in federal policy. Now, over time, the
Department of Education’s obligations have grown
beyond its initial charge, and many well-intended act
resulted in states feeling more and more constrained
by federal rules. Today, Mr. President,
you’re signing of this executive order will place
the states back in the driver’s seat. Thank you, sir. (Applause.) So, Mr. President, again, I’m going skip a page — (Laughter.) The President: Education for North Korea. (Laughter.) I like education. Governor Sandoval: This is
even better than I hoped for, Mr. President. The Every Student Succeeds
Act embodies the vision you have for education and
the limited role of the federal government. Mr. President, you have
changed the game for the better in the United
States, and for that I thank you for
your leadership. (Applause.) The President: This is a good one, right — on federal
control of education. Doesn’t get better
than that, right? Alright, so, who should get this pen? You want to do that? (Applause.) The Press: Mr. President,
can you say to the American people that your
tax plan will not blow a hole in the deficit? The President: Great plan. It will put people
back to work.


  • Seasilver

    This is the third White House video I watched today – President Trump is a hardworking president! I hope his detractors are starting to pay attention to what he is accomplishing.

  • Win Nys (Neece)

    These reporters are rude and should be banned from the White House grounds and only let online alt media reporters Skype reporter's to report. Because most MSM spins the actually event to create false fabricate negative story .

  • KARX0

    Today was a very busy day for President Donald J. Trump. His tentative schedule for Tuesday, April 25th: Receives daily intelligence briefing; Gives remarks and signs the Antiquities Executive Order at the U.S. Department of the Interior; Lunch with VP Mike Pence; Meets with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; Participates in a federalism event with Governors and signs the Education Federalism Executive Order; Drops by an all Senators briefing on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; Holds a National Teacher of the Year event.
    Understanding that, you'll understand why, thanks to VP Mike Pence 8:32 and unknown man 8:50, Donald J. Trump, this time, did not leave the room and, finally, signed the Executive Order.

  • Jim King

    Basically, if you support Godless, socialist indoctrination of our children in K through 12 schools, then you won't like Trump or DeVos. If you want your children to have morals, be civic minded and be positive contributors to our country, then you should support these two great leaders. I'm afraid most of the violent protesters we see in news reports were raised in the first example I cited.

  • Flash/Clap Rain/Earth

    Tiki tiki tembo no sir rembo charri barri ruchi pip beri pembo…..or pi….we must decide…and consider these times….milo….and american….with love…

  • Ronnette Radican

    What a great Donald Trump 100 days and look forward for your best 8 years.  What a legacy you are creating.  So proud of you.

  • Scented Nectar

    I've been reading at Breitbart that ESSA still leaves some common core in place. That doesn't sound so good. Unless, hopefully, Trump and DeVos will make sure it's only sensible things like math (which I hear they're bad at these days)? Or maybe the remaining common core parts will be phased out later? Or maybe the article I read was wrong?

  • David Goben

    Bring back the Parent-Teacher Association along with it. The PTA really tied the communities together and provided a venue for speakers of a range of interests to visit and give fascinating talks, from science to child care, or even to teach fun home crafts.

  • DCH Lakewood

    Good bye Common Core.  What a relief that we now have a real president with a real world education.  Lawyers from big Universities have always failed America as presidents.

  • Pure wild Spirit

    Scared of what Washingtion state, Oregon, New York and California will do with this. But it is a good thing for for the rest.

  • Anne Bradley

    Secretary DeVos, thank you for working on this position with the Dept Of Ed. I hope all students in elementary schools especially, are able to say the pledge of allegiance to begin their mornings again. To encourage pride and patriotism.

  • Patrick Civilwork

    Have a good time of a day. Sure, it is surely nice to hear from U.S. business. Sadly, there are numerous complaints on Ukrainian institutions and government. Look, Ukrainian institutions harmed soul. This company in Ukraine has to pay 250 USD penalty (compensation for damage):

  • TheJonnyzeus

    After criticising Obama for using executive orders when, according to Trump, he was failing to legislate, it is a bit rich for this orange idiot to claim the executive orders as the only achievements other than a SC nomination during his 100 days! What happened to the contract with the American people and his solemn commitment to legislative change. Just bullshit!

  • TheJonnyzeus

    Betsy DeVos, a woman who was shown to be educationally "illiterate" in the course of her Senate questioning, and who is only in place because she bought the job through spending millions backing the Orange Fool.

  • Infinite Wisdom

    You just did another flip flop Trump. So much for pulling us out of NAFTA. Still working for that NWO…

  • Greg Campbelle

    No funding for the wall, now we are staying in NAFTA. This administration just keeps getting better and better. This is how we win, right fam?

  • S C

    When I see the Media post Trumps picture side by side with Obama. I think back at a shirt tail dragging Obama with Rothschild, and his illuminated during his Presidential time.
    I think of the black budget, LBJ'S time in office finding out about it. Having to threaten its command with military action.
    We lose Billions if not Trillions each year to it.
    I think a disaster is fixing to happened under our own feet.
    Secret Society is bigger than you think.

    I drag the Shirt tail of our Hebrew God creator. I see visions that most people couldn't think of.
    We under estimated our Federal side of Government. You only see what is on the surface.

  • Kim Tae-Hyung Fan

    whats with all these USPHS® The United States Public Health Service CC: U.S. National Guard
    This is a State of Security Check April 27th 2017 –  U.S. National Guard, messages????

  • I Want To Buy That !

    The Dimms are a sad party. We want nothing to do with them this includes the Ninth circuit and perhaps some the GOP as well! No more bailouts, its time for America first 🇺🇸 MAGA!

  • JSG1138

    TRUMP! We didnt vote for Ivanka to let refugees into the country! We didn't vote for war with N. Korea or Syria or Russia! NO SECOND TERM!!!! I won't vote for you again, I didn't know I was voting for (((Jared and Ivanka Kushner)))

  • Agnes Marie Regan, OSF

    God bless and keep our awesome President, Vice-President and our beloved Country. We've never been in such good hands. Keep up the good work, Mr. President!

  • Jose Gonzalez

    May I say this Trump would not be president, Pence would not be vice-president and I would have not been able to spell and type these words without the care and aide of my wonderful teachers I TRULY THANK YOU.

  • Sky Sinclair

    OMG!! President Trump you are an amazing man! We love and appreciate you and you're tenacity to make America great again and for standing against the Chuck's and Nancy's of the world, who are nothing more than pot stirrers and non-productive morons! Oh, don't think for a second that we don't see them for what they are! THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR ALL YOU'RE DOING IN SPITE OF THE LEFT!!!!! PS: Don't let Jason quit!!!!! Trey Gowdy needs him and we need him to fight for us as only he and Trey can!!!

  • Ron Helton

    Okay. Turn the control of education back to the people. Dismantle the Department of Education. And let DeVos be the one to turn off the lights and lock the doors.
    Stop wasting money and time.

  • mary francis

    He signs all these executive orders because he can't work with the channels aka Congress at all. he works tirelessly playing golf and rallies which has nothing to do with MAGA BS. HE lies every time he opens his mouth.

  • Blondepickle

    Be careful RE: Gov Sandoval of NV. He is 100% a crook, Reid's puppet. He will fight against the people all the way! I fully support local control of our education!! Just an added note Sandoval does not HELP the locals to raise the quality education. NV is at the BOTTOM of all the states on education! LAST place!!

  • USA Federal Slave

    Open your eyes, ponder the whole picture, use strategic critical thinking and you will realize. This was a brilliant move for the future. Good job President Trump.

  • Janis Hart

    Nice to see people with HAPPY faces around the President for a change – usually we see LONG FACED, depressed-looking Democrats, etc.

  • stanbrekston

    4/28/17; (1), (sigh), 'limpballs' is still displaying his 'sour grapes' over getting 'shit canned' by ESPN. see, 'limpballs' should have learned to, 'stay in his lane'. that's all he had to do. just talk sports, & he might have muddled thru. but he had to go off on a 'tangent' against a Black Quarterback. in a League that is made up of majority African-American, no less! not too smart. so i'm sure that the cast at ESPN are really paying attention to what 'limpballs' thinks about them.

  • stanbrekston

    4/28/17; (3), the reason for my comment in the previous 'bullet point', (#2), is because 'limpballs' had a woman caller who said that the name 'rush' could be found in the Old Testament, & the word means, (among other things), "the hand of God". that prompted me to write, "not this rush".

  • stanbrekston

    4/28/17; (4), he's a 'failed', 'frustrated', football pundit. i almost feel sorry for rush. he's truly pathetic.

  • photojack53

    I truly hope Michael Moore's upcoming Broadway play brings down DICTATOR Trump and his horrid administration. Trump's ties to DICTATOR Putin, the Russian hacking of our election, financial ties to Putin and Russia, his violations of the emoluments clause, his constant lies throughout his campaign, as president-elect and after his inauguration, his IDIOTIC and UNCONSCIONABLE provocations of North Korea, his appointments of unknowledgeable, out of touch personnel to key positions, such as Betsy DeVos and Scott Pruitt and SO MUCH MORE DEMAND THAT HE BE IMPEACHED NOW, BEFORE HE CAN FURTHER DEGRADE OUR NATION!

  • Linh Nguyen

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  • D p

    95% APPROVAL RATING BY PATRIOT AMERICAN'S AND RISING 🇺🇸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🇺🇸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🇺🇸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🇺🇸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🇺🇸

  • D p

    THANK YOU TO BETSY DEVOS FOR GIVING US PARENT'S OUR VOICE BACK 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🇺🇸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🇺🇸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🇺🇸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
    NO MORE LIBERAL LEFT DEMON-RAT INDOCTRINATION 🎉🇺🇸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🎉🇺🇸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🎉🇺🇸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🎉🇺🇸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  • Matt Roberts

    That order changes nothing when Common Core laws are still in place. Just a signature on a statement that people want to hear but nothing to get it done.

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