Pressure On Sen. McConnell Builds Over Action On Gun Control Legislation | Deadline | MSNBC
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Pressure On Sen. McConnell Builds Over Action On Gun Control Legislation | Deadline | MSNBC


  • Dennis Carrier

    People are clamoring for gun control and I support this. They should pass the Toomey-Manchin bill immediately. But forgive me if I'm a skeptic about their working. I say the gun carnage will continue no matter what they pass. Because people thumb their noses at the present laws. Even dealers. And the police and the ATF are incompetent to enforce them. Over 100,000 people fail background checks each year. The ATF only investigates 10% of them and prosecute very few of those. The background check system is completely broken. People with criminal records of violence and criminal records have passed them. Including the Virginia Tech shooter. The laws are only as good as the people enforcing them. And they stink at their jobs.

  • MysticFiddler1

    It's so amazing. Trump so wants applause and to be a hero. All he has to do is to be the man to push through gun legislation and he would be an actual hero. Doing the right thing–ever–would make him a hero . He tries to be a hero by fighting against the "establishment." Sounds like he never got to be a hippie.

  • David Webb

    Lmao, yeah take all the guns. And guess who will have them. The bad guys, more mass shooting. Cause you can't defend yourself. No bad guys going to give up his gun stupid.

  • jeremy daniels

    The world is ending in 12 years, Police are Nazi serial killers, and violent white nationalism is taking over the country. Cant think of a better time to turn over all available means to defend yourselves and your families, in the insuring lawless Nazi water world! It's almost like the humans hold contradictory emotion based positions and exist in a constant state of "I'm right" ….I hope the Anthropocene Epoch brings a better animal to rule this rock, (I'm hoping a further evolved bottle-nose dolphin.)

  • Eagle Eye

    America has approximately 40,000 gun deaths a year
    Gun suicide – 29,250
    Gun accidents – 274
    Police/Civilian defense shootings – 1612
    Intentional gun homicides – 8863
    80% of gun homicides are gang related 7090

    That leaves 1773 non gang related murders in a country with a population of 327 million people. You have a 0.00001% chance of death by a firearm, but if you're not part of a gang, don't commit a crime, or don't plan on committing suicide, your chances of death by a firearm in this country is virtually 0.00% Mass shootings are mainly concentrated in inner city ganglands with drive by shootings and turf war ambushes. Gangs use black market firearms, and not legally purchased ones. The odds of an average person being involved in a mass shooting are also around 0.00%
    Guns are not the problem.

  • Maybe Darling

    If all the democratic candidates went on the caravan to Kentucky and made speeches near Moscow Mitch home and told the truth. Wow that would be powerful and get the attention of the world.

  • Doris Hruska

    I know gun owners, who don't own automatic weapons. There needs to be a separation to make them comfortable and acceptable.

  • Ben Reed

    What is never spoken about is the fact that all of the shooters have been on or coming off of heavy pharmaceutical drugs for depression or ADHD or some kind of antipsychotic. Or that they all come from homes of single moms. We need to start looking at the cause of the shootings not the guns the guns are the tools the guns are not the killers!

  • Allen Yeong

    It is not those states mentioned that the moron won because of guns, the moron refuse to take action because NRA donated 30 million for his campaign and this donation might be from Oligarth from Russia

  • TheYogimind

    We might want to look at banning smart phones, personal computers (pads) and start confiscating them. I believe they are contributing to the rise in whacks. Oh, and kids must get off the internet and use it for information only.

  • mark schuette

    i think that IF Rump could take this opportunity to get some gun control legislation passed- he may be able to win the 2020 election. although i hope he doesn't win- i may leave the country if he does.

  • Ice-

    I used to be all for letting people own firearms as long as rules where in place to keep everyone safe but now Im just done with it. We should adopt gun regulation from places like japan, which require a lot of different test to pass. If people want to hunt then do it with a bow or a spear like a real man. Police officers should also only be allowed to carry in certain situations and have to turn in their piece at the end of their shift but otherwise mostly carry things like tasers,pepper spray or even guns that fire rubber bullets.

  • Ihave Aheadache

    I own guns, I support Trump so that makes me a white nationalist. Ok didn't i realize I can switch races from Puerto Rican to Caucasian. My life would've been so much easier if I was white.

  • On Hoang

    The arms industry is manipulating our government. People have only hand guns or shotguns I hope.
    Don't be too greedy.

  • Dominick Palella

    Who is writing the headline for this video? What makes the writer think McConnell is under pressure? Isn't he on vacation now? Is the pressure to keep doing nothing from his NRA donors? Enquiring minds want to know.

  • Stuart Heath

    america is not great as trump would like everyone to believe he has brought your country down to the level of "0" in my eyes. places and countries like russia,china and north korea have no respect for the usa and are laughing and having a party every time he speaks cause they know hes a fool

  • Marry W


  • Ganiscol

    Democrats need to trigger him every day. Tease the #OrangeMoron every day so he says these things. Hammer his racism home, label him the white supremacist he is until election day. This cant be the only campaign topic, but whenever you mention trump, make sure you also mention why he is a racist! And he will confirm it by tweet.

  • Mike Luke

    I might not like him and he's probably not my ticket on the democratic party … BUT THIS GUY sir you are making sense!! Tim Ryan keep speaking truth I respect you. I don't care what party you are for .. He's right MITCH MCConnell needs to do something. This is embarrassing for everyone regardless of party!!

  • pittarak1

    As a non-American, it is very hard to understand why your democracy gives so much power to just a few individuals? When Trump has gone, maybe you need to re-examine just how much power a President and Speaker should have if you want a true democracy?

  • Jason Jekyll

    In fact, the 1982 Congressional report on “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms” (attached) specifically details the thoughts on this matter by our Founding Fathers, including George Washington:
    “Following the revolution but previous to the adoption of the Constitution, debates over militia proposals occupied a large part of the political scene. A variety of plans were put forth by figures ranging from George Washington to Baron von Steuben. All of the proposals called for a general duty of all citizens to be armed.” (Sources: The most extensive studies of these militia proposals are John McAuley Palmer, Washington, Lincoln, Wilson: Three War Statesmen (New York, 1930); Frederick Stern, Citizen Army (New York,1957); John Mahon, The American Militia: Decade of Decision 1789-1800 (Univ of Florida, 1960).)


    “The suspicion of select militia units expressed in these passages is a clear indication that the framers of the Constitution did not seek to guarantee a State right to maintain formed groups similar to the National Guard, but rather to protect the right of individual citizens to keep and bear arms.”

    “Other figures of the period were of like mind. In the Virginia convention, George Mason, drafter of the Virginia Bill of Rights, accused the British of having plotted “to disarm the people—that was the best and most effective way to enslave them”, while Patrick Henry observed that “The great object is that every man be armed” and “everyone who is able may have a gun”. Nor were the antifederalist, to whom we owe credit for a Bill of Rights, alone on this account. Federalist arguments also provide a source of support for an individual rights view. Their arguments in favor of the proposed Constitution also relied heavily upon universal armament. The proposed Constitution had been heavily criticized for its failure to ban or even limit standing armies. Unable to deny this omission, the Constitution’s supporters frequently argued to the people that the universal armament of Americans made such limitations unnecessary.”

    Thus, while our Second Amendment does indeed stress the ideal that armed citizens be well-trained and remain proficient (this is the precise meaning of the term “well-regulated”), nearly all of our Founding Fathers considered the entire body of armed citizens as the “militia,” and protected their right to keep and bear arms by means of the Second Amendment, an absolute moratorium against any infringement.

    If you believe otherwise, you’ve either been sold a load of manure or are trying to do the same. For further details, please refer to the attached Congressional Report.

    Finally, please stop trying to rewrite history. Doing so is not fact. You cannot rightfully call yourself PolitiFact when you’re peddling falsehoods.


    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” – Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

  • Johnny Johnstone

    And we want everyone to know among the American people there is no pressure at all building among anyone for our great Senator McConnell.

  • Loco Brodie

    Moscow Mitch would do the United States of America justice if he went home and put a shotgun in his big mouth and pulled the trigger!!!!

  • joseph phillips

    Can't get rid of Mitch, can't get get rid of Donald, but you can get rid of your farmers jobs and livelihoods. Can't get rid of your debts, can't get rid of the parasitic polititions but you can get rid of billions of dollars in trade with China. Yep , I'd be looking for the next flight out of the US if I were you.

  • lit sci

    Destroying the Constitution is an "American Thing"? The government isn't there to "keep me safe." You live in a bubble of ignorance and hysteria. Your "polls" are bullsh*t.

  • Matthew J Rantala

    If we could take "career" out of the term "career politician" – a lot of these discussions about alienating the base and the NRAs influence over anyone or anything in Washington would evaporate overnight. Our representatives would see it as an honor to go and represent the people of the United States and would work to serve our best interests, like they always should, for the limited time that they are there. And for that limited time, they would not be driven by re-election concerns or building their war chests – because someone new, unhindered, unchained and un-boughten would be following in their footsteps to pick up where they left off. People would associate a lot less with being a Rep/Dem and more by similar views per issue and that would get us a congress that starts to work again and laws being passed that are representative of the majority of American citizens and not the majority of the wealthy businesses and people that it is now.

  • Mm

    Both of these shooters were leftists…. Spin, spin, spin, spin…. Outlaw fast food. Millions die of heart disease every year. This is just silly! Perhaps we should just make shooting people against the law, that'll stop em…

  • diane whalen

    He also knows if he doesn’t win the next election he will be held responsible for all his crimes before and during his Presidency.He will no longer be protected by the presidency which says you can’t indict a sitting president. He’s heading for a reality check

  • Joe Nooze

    Trump goes for Bolshevik gun bans and pseudo mental diagnosis to go after anyone who has any morals, will end any hope for re-election. Period…

  • Joe Nooze

    How dare yo call Whites Supremests if they want their God Given Rights ,not rights by the Government

    HOW MUCH BLOOD is on the communists HANDS, their people couldn'T FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES

  • Michael RCH

    The only reason that this is even being discussed is because the NRA is broke and can't afford to buy it's agenda anymore. 🤮🤬
    A big reason why 1000s die every year from gun violence is because the NRA has been paying for it to be that way.
    With Russian funding don't forget. 🇷🇺👈

  • The Web Gear

    Gun control is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Focus on getting the guns into the hands of the right people and let the citizen protect ourselves. Do you know what happens when 911 doesn't work? When the law enforcement and military have to choose "their family vs you". The control only takes away from people that have less forcing them to have fewer capabilities to protect themselves. Having a firearm is a right unlike driving a car, drinking alcohol or even having access to life-saving drugs. I agree with background checks and keeping responsible ownership of firearms. That still does not solve the problem of bad people hurting unarmed good people.

  • The Web Gear

    Bashing people for passing bills or having other ideas is non-constructive and drives hate that got us into this mess in the first place. Shame on CNN for pushing the narrative of a shocking media to feed a rating machine….that's not news it is conjecture and hate bating. Shame on people commenting against our elected government for the process that has been in place longer then they have been alive.

  • Luke M1A1981X M

    I see:
    Graham and Trump both wanting more thorough background checks, I don’t see democrats cooperating in this effort, instead they are just pointing fingers…

  • mark dearborn

    Mostly liberal folks and people of color getting shot….maybe if right wingers and neocons were dying perhaps the will to pass gun control would be there.

  • crstl89

    Omg it’s true what the lady in pink said. People are going to die? Sure they want to stall wait for the headlines to cool down. But the sad reality is another mass shooting will occur. So yes they need to do something. How sad that the bare minimum like mandatory background checks can’t get passed. You serious? People applying for a job go through a more rigorous process. Background checks and drug tests. How come buying a gun is easier than getting a job ????

  • Tommy Hayfield

    If the so called journalists on MSNBC did the job of actual journalists we would all be surprised. Why be a journalist when you can be a bournalist as in burn this idea and also that idea. Burn the WHOLE LIST! #Burnalists #Bournalists

  • manifest

    Insofar there has been much talk about white nationalist terrorism, but one question has to be raised which is the possibility of retaliatory mass shootings. We already had this motivated by religious intolerance, and with the rise of withe nationalist terrorism similar concern can be with respect to race. Looks like some people are convinced they are gonna be safe and sound for the time being.

  • Richardo

    So Puerto Ricans were able to rise up and force their elected official but mainland americans cant do anything other than throw names…. if Moscow Mitch is such a threat where are the mass risings/protests to force him out of office?

  • ala ska

    Criminals DO NOT OBEY LAWS.
    Taking guns away from NON CRIMINALS makes no sense at all.
    OBESITY kills 50,000X the number of people than Idiots with firearms.

  • Ernie Hacker

    Doesn't matter if people are pro gun or anti-gun the 2nd Amendment has to be changed in order to do anything that will really make any difference IMO.

  • Tal Moore

    Trump needs the people with the guns, because if he loses the election he needs the gun people to help him stay in power. Google Freikorps.

  • free2express08

    5:15, 6:54 They've run out of leg room to wiggle (trapped) and now, pandering to their base is all they have left. What they didn't count on, was white supremacy extremists killing people – which we Americans don't take too kindly on. Congress is trying to work for the people (bills are waiting to be voted on), and Moscow Mitch is single-handedly stopping that work from being done.

  • Jerry Garner

    The NRA warning to Trump shows that many GOP lawmakers are now concerned about saving Americans lives, but about having power and enriching themselves!!!

  • Ch.Bonnie Baker

    Hey why do you not get your hypocrite Hollywood weirdos like Jamie Curtis – who has made ?$$$$ on GUN VIOLENCE MOVIES to give all that $$$$$ To The victims of all gun violence crimes. Let go of all security personnel from this moment forward. Move out of their high money neighborhoods onto a Mexico border ranch. With not one single self defense weapon. THEN MAYBE JUST MAYBE- if alive this time next year? We might listen. 18,000 violent homicides in Mexico so far this year just over that UNPROTECTED BORDER! Just keep pushing the $$$ Communist paid for propaganda propaganda propaganda

  • Bfedup

    Spread the chant:

  • Judy

    Why is he so scared ???he's older than God and twice as rich…..he can do anything and not have to worry….retirement would be good for him…

  • J M

    Teach AR15 marksmanship to all American first graders as a mandatory part of school curriculum. Abolish all gun control laws. Forcibly deport all gun control advocates. Educate and train all Americans to become elite commandos.
    This will solve the gun control problem once and for all.
    We will be a nation of badass warriors.

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