Progressives, Moderates Can Beat Trump, Says E.J. Dionne | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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Progressives, Moderates Can Beat Trump, Says E.J. Dionne | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  • berdboy


  • Michael *****

    Bernie CAN win as long as he continues to take the fight to DJT by relentlessly reminding Republicans and Independents of Trump's lies, pardons of corrupt politicians and other public figures, scams, civil settlements to avoid prosecution and perhaps worst of all, his tactics that have weakened the American Constitution.

  • Zac Eckstein

    This man is right. And those who don't listen will regret it come November when Trump wins again. Whoever your candidate is in the primary, please vote for the person that wins. Protest votes may be honorable, but practical votes are smart.

  • John Gemhunter

    Although I want Trump to be gone, I'm gonna have to swallow hard if my choice is Sanders and his policies with no explanation of how it will work or Bloomberg, another rich guy from New York that will run the WH the same way Trump has. Unsavory revolution or another guy that thinks he knows best? Does Sanders have a big following? Yes. Can he win if everyone else bails? NO…Just sayin'

  • Tessmage Tessera

    After what happened in 2016, we knew we had to go to war with the Establishment this time around. In 2020, we're gonna WIN. BERNIE 2020

  • Chipmunkscandy

    Bloomberg a Jewish New York city mayor enacting and enforcing the racist assault on 5,6000,00 black innocent unarmed black men women and children by his own private army badged terrorist New York City Police. Imagine a Jewish mayor using Nazi tactics of assault on innocent unarmed black people in America what a racist monster.B1

  • James Horn

    when the pundits, mostly moderates, say ttat Bermie cannot win,they are implyint that they will not vote for him. The pundits need to affirm that they will back whoever is nominated, even if that is Bernie or Warren.

  • Chipmunkscandy

    Mainstream media (MSNBC)has no credibility anymore everything that Bernie Sanders says right now adulteress Mika and Joe and the corporation that they support have everything to lose. By the way whatever happened to the murdered girl found in Joe Scarborough's office. Oh yeah his college friend the governor of Alabama had the same thing happen to him I guess murderers of a feather flock together. B1

  • canuck

    Bloomberg will help the country recover over four years and that is how long he is likely to remain. The Party can then regroup and find another Obama somewhere.
    Bernie is the wrong guy. Biden, Bloomberg , Amy could possibly win against Trump federally.

  • Pwr Mic

    Then let the moderates get behind Bernie because if they steal it from him, progrssives will not back the moderate that has been appointed by the establishment.

  • Jason Forester

    Bernie: "The Democratic establishment is getting nervous"
    MSNBC: "The biggest applause by the crowd was when Bernie attacked the Democratic Party"

    This is why you're losing liberal viewership, MSNBC. Bernie didn't attack the establishment. Well, I guess he did by WINNING every contest thus far, cause we all know that he's a threat to their "business as usual" with corporate America. Yet another disgrace of a segment.

  • Kyle J. Bales

    Bernie wants to give away something he doesn't have or can get. Just Trumpism with a Liberal twist. Bloomberg on the other hand has the actual resources, experience, and organization to get everything progressives want – including defeating Trump in a general election.

  • surferdude44444

    Bernie getting 17k at a rally in Tacoma Washington (one of the darkest blue of the blue states) is no different than Trump getting 17k at a rally in West Virginia. When Bernie starts getting big numbers in Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina and Kentucky, I might start listening. Until then, don't waste my time. I do want Trump any more than you do, but a Bernie nomination is a guaranteed lock for Trump's reelection.

  • Maudie Icrochet

    If it depended on votes all the Dem candidates could win 2020. Remember that the GOP has shown us who they are and that they will do ANYTHING to win. They've given trump permission to do ANYTHING to win. We gotta fight dirty.

  • Babak Kamali

    In fair election Bernie could win. But they would rather assassinate him than letting him become president.
    But Bernie is right to be critical of DNC and mainstresm media.

  • Caroline E

    silly msbnc… won't you ever learn… regular democrats dont see a divide between progressives and moderate candidates.. that divide is all in the MSM

  • 20to1Devotchka

    Jesus, I’m getting dizzy on this carousel of candidates you guys are trying to prop up.. 🤦🏻‍♀️ First Biden, then Kamala, then Biden again, then Buttegieg, Then Klobuchar, now Bloomberg. Nobody wants your moderate corporate shills!!

  • Alicia Taylor

    No more Billionaires Let have someone who cares.Lets have a president who knows and feels the heart of the people not their bank account. We've made one horrible mistake.

  • wel1968

    I want to vote against the trump.
    I refuse to vote for Sanders.
    Berniacs are as insane as trumpanzies, I trust neither.
    Chose wisely… VOTE

  • Rosemarie DeWitt

    Why can't the "people" get a chance at having their guy be the nominee of the DNC. Really tired of the rich and businesses always getting their pick taking the prized position.

  • Benjamin Buckley

    What they really mean by coming together is for progressives to give up what they want, shut their mouths and vote for an establishment candidate.

  • Askal Tesfa

    Yes, you can’t win because your socialist ideology is not goin to make you win the election. Do not try to attack your opponent and give Trump a way to attack the Democrats.

  • BXGUY73

    TRIMP & GLOOM-berg are everything that is wrong with America. They are arrogant $poiled brats who feel they can buy what they want and there is no such thing as dignity, honor and integrity, and because they are wealthy they feel they are above the law and should always be treated special and better than everyone else because of their wealth.

  • Patreon Sage

    Are you kidding me? Binary Code Red/Blue! Only 2 choices? That's how crazy both Republican and Democratic establishment are! Capitalist vs. Socialist. What are you selling? Wrestling tickets. You are why Bernie will win. The American people have had it with Binary Code Red/Blue.

  • mrfuzztone

    Bernie Sanders rally in Tacoma with 15000 people

    Bernie Sanders 2020 – a government that works for the people

  • alienv5

    Progressives and Moderates can unite. As long as it is behind a progressive! Progressives won't fall in line behind the establishment anymore. We are done. it's never helped the working people in this country. The DNC should get behind the candidate that motivates their base. That's Bernie. Sorry moderates. Either fall in line or lose again.

  • Steven Stanley

    Notice how they never compare the character, ethics, consistent voting record of someone like Bernie who has a long consistent record of policy and voting record with an equal record of ethical behavior.

  • Evan Suarez

    Trump is a symptom and so is Bloomberg. Curing the disease with another disease is what’s wrong with DC, MSM and these soulless partisan hacks. Absolutely shameless the fact that we’re considering an authoritarian racist oligarch.

  • TboneLee

    the Establishment argument against Bernie is: He wants what most in the country wants and he doesn't want to wait forever for that to happen. they can't stop trying to sell us the 'kick the can down the road' moderates who won't get anything done because they're beholden to their donors and lobbyists.
    just doesn't seem very patriotic to me.

  • StephBer1

    We got Trump because a lot of Democrats were tired of the old mainstream candidates like Hillary. They went with Trump because he was "a shake-up", different, etc, etc.
    The worst thing the Democratic Party can do is put in a moderate. They talk the talk. If they walk the walk, they'll have Bernie as the contender. Full Stop.
    Bloomberg is so scummy he has switched political parties twice because it was the easier platform at the time. So basically, he has no real convictions on anything except more Bloomberg.

  • james morton

    F D R I love it that they hate me. ( The bankers and Industrialist in the 1930s )
    F D R regulated the wealth that we might PROSPER.
    REAGAN to TRUMP deregulated the wealth and we are SCREWED.

  • Windsor Woman

    Bloomberg's potential candidacy is as shocking and unnerving as Trump's was: A rich businessman buying his way into the race, no need to team up with his party, or obey campaign contribution laws or compete on the same plane. In Bloomberg's case, he ignored Iowa and New Hampshire where traditionally a candidate must place well. Bloomberg must stand down, give it up. We don't need another potentially lawless rich man in the Oval office.

  • Lovely Pariah

    If we're going to have some unity — great, fine. But the Dem "moderates" ought to, at the very least, reject a candidate who is very *un*democratically attempting to buy his way to the White House. That's the antithesis of democracy — of everyone having a fair shot. Plus, Bloomberg has so much else in common with Drumpf. (His record is *horrific*.) Is that what the "moderate" Democrats want for our country, as our legacy — a future with an oligarchy . . . kleptocracy? Autocracy. Have we learned nothing?

  • John Wood

    Bernie is America's hope!!! 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️⚖️⚖️⚖️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    But America, especially corporate America, has to be tamed a bit. And it's gonna be hard because sadly now corporations own everything and they are so greedy, they don't want to give anything up.
    Corporate oligarchies rule in America, and Bernie is the only one to address that.

  • Debra Bashaw

    He has a long way to go. I dont think he should be so angry……….WTF BERNIE BRING THE COUNTRY TOGETHER………..STOP YOU DIVISION

  • Thyalwaysseek

    This is how I know that MSNBC are just controlled opposition, if they were really here to tell you the truth then they'd be warning you that even if Sanders beats Trump the orange Fuhrer is not going to concede. As if you can just vote evil out of office.

  • Sean Patrick

    Progressives want to make real change.
    Establishment wants to talk about the reasons why they cannot make change, but in reality they profit by keeping the status quo, either directly in money or by keeping power.

  • Sean Patrick

    Progressives are not radical left. Please quit pushing this false, fear mongering narrative if you are searching for "unity." Pushing for policies supported by a vast majority of voters is the opposite of radical.
    Might as well as put Fox News at the bottom of the screen the way you push GOP talking points when it is convenient.

  • To Yo

    The gop want to win at all costs. They are turning a blind eye to the rule of law and cheating to control the next election. This could force our country into an autocracy where elections are rigged and people who oppose go to jail. We would never get rid of him. Ever. This is a playbook of Putin and other autocracies where the rich rule over the poor by authoritarian rule. IS THIS AMERICA?

  • bernadette black

    Presidency for Sale . All thanks to the DNC with the help of MSNBC The Democrats who are trying to block Sanders are a company and we should now all be following the money . It's a Disgrace .

  • Donoso Demaistre

    I hope Sanders can stop Bloomberg. Sanders would lose in a landslide to Trump whereas Bloomberg is quite a big threat to Trump.

  • David Romney

    The DNC stank of corruption in 2016 and isn't looking good lately either, with it's changing its rules for that Republican billionaire running for the Democratic nomination. Bloomberg has advocated some progressive policies very recently in his life, but if he takes office he's going to be mostly who he has been for most of his life: a Republican who opposes the minimum wage and advocates authoritarian policies.

  • Regina Clarke

    Bloomberg is not left; he’s a Republican running as a Democrat rather than running as a Republican… let’s not be confused.

  • Max Robespierre

    E.J. Dionne is irrelevant. He has been for a decade or more. Moderates ARE the enemy. They have held the country back by playing footsie with the likes of Moscow Mitch. If the moderates are willing to fall in line and follow the person who has the best chance of booting Trump from the White House, they are welcome. But they need to sit down and shut up and follow orders because they are anathema to progress.

  • elaine goad

    Boomer for Bernie !   Bloomberg is the "Democrat version of trump".    Dem/DNC Establisment ( Tom Peres, Neera Tanden, Emily's List, State Democrat Parties, etc…) is being bought off by Bloomberg.    Bernie is planting seeds for New Generation of Americans and our future.   Time for the Old Crop of Dems to go.

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