Queen approves UK PM’s request to suspend parliament as ‘no deal’ Brexit looms
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Queen approves UK PM’s request to suspend parliament as ‘no deal’ Brexit looms

now brexit is back in the headlines in a
big way British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the suspension of
UK Parliament and it’s going to run all the way through to October 14th and
that’s just over two weeks before Britain is set to leave the European
Union and sharply raises the possibility of a No Deal brexit for more news and
other news from around the world let’s turn to our kim dummy so Tommy tell us
more right mark Johnson said Wednesday he would schedule the Queen’s a speech
for October 14 to launch new legislation during a televised interview he insisted
the decision was made to pushes a domestic agenda including improving the
National Health Service and fighting a violent crime however it’s a widely seen
as an attempt to a block of members of parliament especially those from the
opposition but even as some from within has a conservative party from delaying
the UK’s EU departure with no deal in response and Johnson argued there will
be enough time to debate the EU brexit and all the other issues the Queen
accepted the request so UK Parliament will be shut down from september 12 to
14 and takes Britain close to the edge of a crashing out of the EU on Halloween

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  • X X

    Never had much time for the monarchy but the queen approving the suspension of Parliament is the best thing she's ever done. Love her now ☺

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