• Sarah Handler

    Québec is playing the system. They have over half of the federal budget and STILL complain that they are at a disadvantage

  • romeo celis

    Address to the Canada government please give a job those laid off, the EI are almost done and they cannot find any kind of job especially here in Alberta. Please help those people are laid off they need a job. Please

  • whati ever

    completely disappointed about the disregard to talk the point , renewable energy, also the lies about lowering prices, reality is the opposite

  • Cool Man

    We lost our job does that means the government gonna send us 3000$ every month to pay our mortgage and bills and food until they create jobs , we work in Alberta but live in New Brunswick, where's the jobs for us now that the oil patch is gone , now we're broke and have to beg family to help us where's the government then they need to pay people until they figure it out we are sick tired of listening to lies

  • sarahstories

    If the opposing parties spent more time finding common ground and less time fighting and finger pointing, this country would be MUCH better off. Seriously, it's so disappointing to see political leaders acting like children and wasting time.

  • Brent Stolee

    lol…turds and freeland both wearing their specs and trying to look smart lol… to bad their both as dumb as posts….sigh…

  • Adel Aziz Kech

    Canadians will keep up standing for the criminal state oF israel. At the samE time, Canadians are for a fair deal in the middle east. Does that make any sense????? Oh, I'm sorry, I have to adhere to their values before I get there.

  • Juan Carlos Rodriguez

    The opposition should be more serious and point out the many flaws in the current government without the sarcasm, laughter and one liners. It’s ridiculous and makes them sound so partisan that people will just disregard it as such.

  • chris arsenault

    My question on climate change is when will the Canadian people hold the biggest employer buyer of fossil fuels CO2 emitter accountable!!!!

    What's the government's carbon footprint?
    How are they reducing it?

  • Keith Allsebrook

    I can't stand listening to this drivel. Climate change has totally taken over parliament. No one is going to have the strength of Character to show an opposing scientific knowledge. I actually think from what I see on line Canadians are doing their research like I do. If the solar scientist's are right we may have a long period of cold. Instead we are panicking about false claims about CO2. Dr William happer explains with great eloquence how the effects of CO2 are minimal . The CO2 molecule behaves in very odd manner and doesn't keep building up it's saturation . He explains this far better than I am. The global warming people hate him because he is an expert on atmospheric gases and the physics behind them. If you the media actually did investigative journalism you would do your research . I'm not an expert on any of this but neither are journalists scientists. So buck up and do your job . Yes hard to believe UN scientists would lie to us all but that's exactly what they are doing. If the solar scientists are right about the slowing down and disappearing sunspots than we are preparing for the wrong kind of climate change. Only time will tell but it's a hell of a lot colder with many crops lost under a very early onset of winter.

  • Melissa Porter

    So embarrassed to be a Canadian through this twilight zone we are in right now. I long for the days when citizens at least knew what gender they are. We have children running a G7 nation……..into the ground.

  • Daniel Filion

    Trudeau is a disgrace i dont know why this clown got elected again very poor jugdment globaly ,,the only thing i can think is SAHEAR did not deliver what it took to be prime ministre

  • robearl1983

    We should pull out of NATO seeing the soviet union hasn't existed since 1991. And unless we plan on bombing coal mines in China and India there is no reason why we should de industrialize ourselves and up utility prices to hurt the poor

  • Coop W

    rallied friends around the world, what good does that do are you going to force china to by goods from us. shouldn't have kidnapped the Chinese lady for merican games.

  • jameshenrie

    Of course Quebec wants more money from the federal government even though they have been having a surplus for several years now … why don't they use that money for Health?

  • Spencer Dardon

    4/5 parties yell for more free stuff, more socialism, more free meds, more free food, more free housing. I don't want to live in a socialist country, but they push it closer to that yearly

  • concernedamerican

    The rule of thumb is when the US economy is humming along so does the Canadian economy. When the US economy catches a cold so does the Canadian economy. The US economy is currently on fire and has been since 2016. There are not enough workers to fill the openings so why are the Canadians still posting job losses instead of job gains?

  • Sublunary World

    We don't need job hand outs from the gov and corporations …just let us have access to the land and resources we will make our own jobs..
    90% crown and provincial lands
    6% Agricultural
    3% Corporate owned
    1% for Canadians
    Give us back our land !
    Homeless and unemployed everywhere … 9 million sq km of open unused land held by the government ..hmmm where might our homeless live .. just no room can't think of anywhere.. land prices that equal 2 lifetimes of labor ..Really why … Obviously no need for it when this much land is available .. wake up people .. sheeple ..?

  • Vladimir Lukov

    I do love these guys speaking out free and easy about Canada's problems! I wish we could make such debates in Moscow!

  • Angie Kalas-Caldwell

    Looooool Trudeau saying he cares for indigenous communities AND talks about staying with the pipeline…

    That pipe line has gone right through indigenous communities and Trudeau just gave em a big f-you.

  • thomas young

    Canada must have it's own refinery to process oil independent of USA policy . Pipeline is
    not a solution as climate change on Texas refinery make it a ""sometime " .thing. That is
    not a big challenge for chemical engineers without borders. NAFTA is in flux and
    Canada is suffering badly from neighboring USA divisions it appears. A chemical
    engineer. Poor Columbians would rejoice. Poor Tom

  • Maridith MacDonald

    How are all things going to be paid for….with more and more people out of work and more and more are retiring? Also Trump isn't going to forget. Trudeau just months ago as Trump for help with China and the 2 Michaels then he insults Trump. There are over 300,000 Canadians living in Hong Kong and how will Trudea get those Canadians out if China goes in and decided that Canada is an enemy? Also if NAFTA so good for Canada why hasn't Parliament signed off on it?? Plus in Foreign Media our PM is a joke.

  • Kevin Gallant

    Scheer better take some lessons from Trudeau and Sing on public speaking . Scheer is using his pussyfooting voice and as a result leaves him to be not trustworthy . Not getting my vote yet . Trudeau welcomes Huawei to handle Canadian telecom grid November 2019

  • NL Expat

    Canada has always had and will always have what is known as a Tragedy of the Commons political system.
    As well as an Unrepresentative, Divide and Conquer First Past the Post Electoral System.
    Tommy Douglas Knew it, Joey Smallwood Knew It, Preston Manning Knew it, Steven Harper Knew it Joe Clarke found out the Hard way.
    Equal Senate or WExit

  • Stacey Ellis

    He has no idea about what people who have actually had to do work for a living feel. All he cares about is his image. Maybe instead of trashing Trump so much with the other kids he should have been having a look to see what he was maybe doing right. Because France is having mass protests every weekend; British economy is in tatters and mass violence. Sometimes what makes someone a disgusting human makes them a good leader. I do not like Trump but people being able to hold their heads up high and pull their families out of poverty because they now have a job , is never a bad thing.

  • Random Guy

    When the economy is strong then environmental issues can be meet. Indigenous communities and children being taken to court by leb government. The $40 billion was spent in China to build LNG ships, why can't Canadian works in Canada build the LNG ships?

  • j yetman

    I am embarrassed for anyone who voted for Trudeau… It effects us all… And i'm embarrassed to be a Canadian right now! This is Crazy!!!! We are done.

  • Freedom 1970

    Our Two face or Black face has no business or leadership skills …no way we can last another 4 years of massive debts or money leaving this country ..we people in the 905 to feel some pain cause they have no concept of how bad the country is destroyed…

  • Jin Kim

    is trudeau in some alternate reality???? is he completely winging it? everything , every subject, he's completely wrong. Even Hon. freeland in the back is having a hard time with his pathetic comments. Morneau is totally clueless as usual.

  • Jin Kim


  • Vin Son

    The globalists are sick, satanic, devil worshiping, marxist, homosexual, criminals. I hope law enforcement can start arresting them soon.

  • P Hill

    If you think of Canada as finely crafted watch, with delicate gearing and springs, you can now think of Justine Trudeau as sand.

  • Ashton Mitch

    😆 Climate change is only real because the government is creating and controlling the weather with Chemtrails and the haarp weather machine the world is being deceived BAD

  • Garry Smith

    I notice that he failed to say that the $40B investment is not an investment in Canada and comes at a very high price to Canadians. Apparently it includes an exemption for another country to dump steel into Canada, supply and install modules for building LNG plant with Chinese labour. He couldn't do a better job of destroying Canada if he was smart enough to know what he was doing.

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