• Man Phat

    Is anything built in Canada anymore?
    Where is this country going?
    So-Trudeau Libs and Canadian msm-are the past insults and continuing smears lobbed at Trump worth it (while you hypocrically fawn and shake his hand when face-to-face. The nasty comments come only when he is safely out of ear shot)?
    Why shouldn't Trump put his own country over one that relentlessly criticizes and mocks him?

  • Brian Swanson

    The last thing we need in Ontario and more french,get English in quebec first and not sighns half the size or none at all.

  • Brian Swanson

    There is the turd being asked a direct question to him and he plays with his phone instead,this question was not for the house leader but the turd himself.

  • Hope Da Builder

    Wow Trudeau has same talking points as Ford….Trudeau….Mulroney…same OLD EUROPEAN MONEY!! Vote all the fascists out!!! Bunch of mobsters!!! We're not gonna take it anymore!!!! CHANGE the System!!!!!!!!!!!! 😎👽🐬🌠🌠🐬🌋🐬

  • Hope Da Builder

    Cons and libs can't stop the rich cuZ they work 4 them!!! How can a slave disobey his master? Fascists need to be OVERTHROWN!!!! Judgement Day!!!!

  • Hope Da Builder

    Cons and libs give tax breaKs to the rich and then they leave to create jobs in china. trickle down economics is FRAUD!!

  • Tina S

    When are you going to speak about positive results and accomplishemnts in this country???????You are just pathetic depressed politicians who do not know how to administer this country. One people and one agenda please. Justin Trudeau you are a big disapointment. North Korean are laughing at you. although this is not a laughing matter.

  • Hope Da Builder

    The gvt can give the auto workers money to take over the plants! We don't need the greedy capitalists!!! We can build it ourselves 😂!!!

  • Don Troock

    Pm nitwit and his lap dog "babbling bill" are doing what they do best,,,,,,,oh ya,,,,,,these two havent accomplished anything in their own lives. This is what happens when two clowns are elected. Wake up voters.

  • Lone Pine Forge-Alberta

    As long as government keeps sticking their noses into the industries and businesses of this country, we are all screwed. I mean what the heck our PM could not hold a job or finish any of his schooling… How can he be expected to lead a nation? This country seems to be in the grip of some sort of madness, that proclaims the government to be the supreme problem solver of the universe. Crazy

  • Tina S

    Tell people all these before they move to Canada. It is only fair to them . Many people have much more advantages in their own countries.

  • Louisse Alvarez

    I’m still wondering why the government always bail out big companies like GM and Bombardier and yet couldn’t come up with strong conditions that workers’ jobs security should be protected above everything else. These big companies were being given free-interest loans in huge amounts, lost thousands of jobs, and yet the government have written-off their debts. Totally absurd!

  • Lok Tom

    That's what Canadian gets after decades of abuse of local home grown businesses & investments with plentiful of taxes and arm length of red tapes.
    This is the results of these abuse of local businesses and relies on huge American businesses.

  • Lok Tom

    According to your favorite Canada Prime Minister Brian Bologna (Mulroney) or Mr. Lovable GST this should not be happening for manufacturers and exporters in Canada.
    It's not working fools. Oops, I meant folks

  • don684

    Trudeau, "Our government will always stand behind our Auto Workers." Is that like this government stands behind our Oil Industry workers? Or how this government stands behind our lumber industry, steel industry and aluminium industry."Scary thoughts?"

  • Tacy Geneau

    conservative gabage conservative gabage conservative gabage conservative gabage conservative gabage conservative gabage conservative gabage conservative gabage conservative gabage

  • Lucifer Light

    Are you serious ? Is that all trudea can say is hes disapionted and his thoughts go to the families whos lives will be destroyed .

  • Ken Rogers

    Its certainly a good thing these sessions are called "question" period, and not "answer" period! Can anyone tell me the last time our prime minister, OR any member of the party presently in power actually answered a question???

  • Berks & Oaks

    What a back and forth waste of everyones time.
    Jobs for the sake of jobs is ridiculous and even more of a waste of time. The most successful places in the world aren't worrying about archaic working practices. Technology advancements are moving faster then ever, and unfortunately for many, they're moving faster then the average person can adapt. People need to understand how small Canadas market is. It's not worth a corporations time to pay us to manufacture goods here. Innovation should be top priority. People need to remember nearly every job that exists today didn't exist 100 years ago. Everyone lives life based on how a human perceives time, which is slower then it should be compared with global innovation. To bad it's as fast as biology allows right now.

  • rambo rambo

    This country is full of liberal minded fools.i'm embarrassed to call myself canadian.tax tax tax tax tax !!!!!
    That's all canada is what a joke!
    Typical reply from the sheeple of this country "if you don't like it leave"
    My god what happened to this country

  • rambo rambo

    Look at these fools the lot of them blah blah blah blah!
    Sickening.honest hard working people suffer because of these fools.and every four years the show continues.pathetic

  • Darren Wagner

    Ottawa will announce a financial bail out plan for Oshawa right after the announcement for the oil energy industry in Alberta financial aid…so don’t hold your breath, actually take that back, if you are liberal then please hold your breath

  • Wayne Prest

    I'm sure the Liberal investments in green technology will replace all these good jobs like they have in the Alberta oil patch. Riiiiggggghhhhhhttttttt!


    How is he going to support it?
    One plant multiple companies
    Solar panel plant
    Prefab aluminum house
    Electric car plant
    Aluminum graphite battery
    Co-op program with universities
    Train tracks
    Speed train body
    Car body mixed with hemp

    GM failed because lack of innovation and poor management. They are loosing to Honda and Toyota.

    This debate is between old school VS new school. Trudeau should let GM close, take over and lead the current employees to new industry that will last more years to come. Do not put more money in to the quicksand.

  • Dr. Peter Museberg, LLM

    Get rid of this dishonourable pm. His PMO and the liberal GOV have no idea what they are doing. He is a mannequin for leftists. This trust fund kid is dreaming about his next taxpayer funded vacation. What is the status of the A. Clarkson inquiry? Vote in Scheer next year.

  • david gregory

    You fools are spending billions for that toxic pipeline. Create a green new deal and millions can work. All this nonsense is connected to corporate greed.

  • Canadian patriot

    This all has to do with treadue,and his carbon tax .he doesn't know what he is doing,as prime Minister, myself being a retired gm employee I know how car companies are not happy with carbon tax on citizens

  • Floyd DeBarber

    The plan to help the laid of workers, is to have them cross the border into the USA, throw their ID away, then to re-enter Canada illegally and claim refugee status. Then they will be eligible for up to $50,000 per year for a family of four from the Canadian government.

  • Mike Richardson

    Again I’m surprised that the comments are not disabled WTF a little punishment for voting Wynne out stop buying GM products now and remember this in October 2019


    You guys are not the best workforce ,the best workforce is the one that can do the same work for cheaper. Canada>USA>Mexico> China cheapest Full Automation in progress now.

  • Otto Nomicus

    Here's a crazy idea, use the taxes from Cannabis to help industry, rather than giving millions to law enforcement agencies and opiate treatment. Can't really afford to pay for drug addicts to kick their habit. Kind of common knowledge that opiates are addictive. They volunteered. In fact, I heard the military pays for soldiers to get "medical weed". Why are we paying for other peoples' weed? Pretty sure there are cheaper alternatives. Let's see the accounting for that, just how much of our money did the military spend to buy soldiers weed? Did they buy them medical beer too? It's a sedative, right? Well, better buy em a 6 pack to wash down the weed then.

  • Edward clark

    It was harper that gave gm welfare billions of dollars as he tried making me work till i was 67 it was Trudeau reversed it back to 65. Everytime the the PCs get in they screw over the working guy and the poor so their rich buddies dont have to pay their share of taxes. Look what Dug Ford did to the workers. So as a guy who has been at the same job for 28yrs with 4 to go not 6 Thank you Mr Trudeau.

  • Fireguy97

    With Trudeau's Tax hikes, carbon tax, and making sure that manufacturing in Canada has the most difficult time ig getting product to market. General Motors has no choice but to move out of a country that puts blockages in front of manufacturing.

  • Bob Caygeon

    2500 jobs lost hmm, 100,000, 2500 just numbers right? Believe me I feel your pain but at the same time I wonder has there ever been a union boss set on shutting your production down on your livelihood? Or at the same time a carbon emissions assessment on car factories in Ontario?
    with love, Alberta.

  • Ken Rose

    Canadian taxpayers have simply GIVEN many billions of dollars away to GM and other multinational corporations as corporate handouts, Research and Development Grants and outright giveaways. May I suggest that these taxpayer "giveaways" henceforth be classified as invested shares in the name of the "People" of Canada. Further, if all of these taxpayer handouts were classified as I have suggested, when these corporations decide to pull-up stakes and move out of Canada, all corporate assets should remain in Canada in lue of our tax investments in our own country.

  • mxferro

    Ok..look at the WHOLE situation, its easy!!
    ..Cars currently made at Canada plant are…

    Cadillac XTS (2012-2019)
    Chevrolet Impala (1999–2019)
    Chevrolet Silverado (2018-2019)
    GMC Sierra (2018-2019)

    The current-generation Impala is also sold in the Middle East, China, and South Korea.

    The current impala AND that caddy are based on the GM Epsilon II platform used around the world. Soooo…

    GM is closing a old plant in a more LABOR expensive country..and cause of the tariffs WILL shift production of cars to the GM PLANT in China that already uses the SAME platform!! IN CHINA GM in partnership with Roewe and using the GM Epsilon II PLATFORM)..

    Roewe GM Assembly Lingang, Shanghai, China

    There goes jobs to plant in China facing TARIFF by that bozo in the white house…to lower paid workers and ever growing Chinese market for GM based cars.

    The truck manufacturing will go to other GM plants that already make those same units..as usually not just ONE plant makes only one vehicle.

  • franco monno

    canada should start a new drinking game called "drink with justin" when he says "ah um or and"you take a drink. i bet you would be loaded with in the first 5 mins

  • Lawney Malbrough

    I hate to have to say it my Canafuan cousins but when Iblookvat a car and it says assembled in Canada that's one carvI will noy buy. I know you guys nreed jobs but so do Americans. Make cars in Canada tor Canadians and let us make cars in America for Americans. No meed for anyone to be greedy. You people use tarrifd to protect your jovs do stop complsining when our president does the same. You say tariff arsbad yet you use them to protect your jobs. Stop being hypocrites. It makes you look hideous.

  • Omega Beta

    The only intervention that the Government needs to do now is to buy transit vehicles, not bailing out. Socialized public transit. Ask GM or Ford to make one. If they can make cop-cars, they can make this. Hell, Ford used to build tanks.

  • Meastriser

    those are large investments can you be a little more specific where those billions of dollars went that are supposed to be creating jobs? Or is that money looted from the Canadian economy the same money that's being looted and greased has partnerships are dissolved illegally as the companies leave and Canadians are being sold to globalism. Watch the way these people word things they are very very slick and they are taking all of your assets and they are selling them to foreign interests, wholesale

  • rhythmandacoustics

    WTf is this Volleyball? All they are doing is passing the blame to each other. Politicians suck. If this is so important, why won't they start some business and hire some people. Funny that the conservatives are concerned about jobs, aren't they suppose to be concerned about profits for businesses? Politicians are not problem solvers they problem blamers. NDP's keep on saying "saving jobs" , don't they know how economics and global trade work? Apparently not. Automobile manufacturers are moving because of labour costs. International trade is about competition and Mexico is way cheaper.

  • Private Account

    This should be an opportunity for canada to lead changes in the best interest for Canadians, and invest the money in Canada, build factories in Canada, no bailing out US corporations that will take that money and run away with it… adapt the investments to the current necessity of the consumer since is the consumer that will decide if a product will be a success or not.

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